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Request: Heero/Duo - anything, she says...

Drabble #1
by Merith

"That doesn't mean anything and you know it," Duo said as he entered his apartment. He tossed his keys on the counter and slipped off his jacket.

Heero shut the door, and frowned in his general direction. "It does when it's a fact." He picked up Duo's jacket and hung it on the peg next to the door. "I only told you a side-show hypnotist wouldn't be able to coerce me into doing something like that."

"He didn't have to coerce." Duo headed in the direction of the kitchen. "You responded of your own free will. You want that Columbian or Special Dark?"

Following behind, "French Dark this time," Heero commented leaning against the table. "That's impossible, Duo. In order for something of that nature to succeed, there has to be some sort of initiator, a trigger I will respond to." He watched as Duo went about making the coffee. "As part of my training..."

"Yeah, yeah, you told me already," Duo interrupted. "But I was there. I watched you acting that way." He set the carafe on the counter and leaned closer, his body less than an inch from Heero's, his mouth just behind the man's ear. "You meowed, Heero."

Heero jerked and turned his head carefully. "Again, that's impossible. It is not something I would do."

His hand soothing on Heero's hip, Duo flashed a grin. "You might think so, but you did it anyway." A quick brush of lips to cheek, he backed away. "Meow, baby, that's what I'm talking about."

"Meow," Heero repeated slowly, his eyes lighting. He waited until the start button was button and sprang, aligning his body along the back of Duo's. "Maybe I did meow..." he gave his neck a lick. "Want to hear me purr?"


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