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Pairing: 1x2
Warnings: Sap, cookie abuse, man/man loving (fast quick and unbeta'd! Sorry...)

A/N: A belated little birthday something for [info]duoneko... inspired by some late-night silliness at #gw_yaoi, and [info]mookiegatto's inkblot mind. Anyway, happy birthday!

Cookie Lessons
by Merith

Duo wasn't in bed. Hardly an unusual event, but this made it the third time this week. I confirmed he'd recently risen, his side of the bed still held his warmth. Tossing the covers aside, I went in search of my husband.

The only light in our darkened house came from the kitchen. I might have known. Even as I approached, I heard him admonishing the dog, feeding him to keep him quiet. Standing in the shadow at the edge of the doorway, I watched him. The kitchen was lit by the light over the stove; he wasn't taking any chances of being found. Percy stood at his feet, nose in his bowl, noisily inhaling whatever Duo'd given him. And my husband, the man I trusted and loved, sat at the table with a glass of milk, and plate full of Oreo cookies.

My Oreos.

And he was eating them wrong.

The whole cookie - in the milk! Dunking them in and out, in and out, soaking up the liquid. Watching Duo slide it between his lips, holding it there to suck on it, though, gave me other ideas. His eyes closed, and his mouth working, sucking the sweet, creamy goodness blending with the chocolate wafer. A low moan, and he drew in a deep breath. His eyes opened to slits, he ran his tongue over his lips, biting on them to catch the least bit of residue. Positively post coital. I'd seen that same expression on his face enough.

I was on him in moments, pushing his chair back from the table and startling both him and the dog. Straddling the chair, I sat in his lap, and plied my lips to his. Our mouths opened, locked together, mine sucking the sugary taste from him; the cookie only added to the flavor. We broke apart, staring at one another, breathing deeply. Duo grinned and flashed a guilty look at the plate still on the table.

"You're eating them wrong," I informed him, reaching out to pluck one up without looking.

His brow raised in amusement. "Oh? And just how is someone supposed to eat an Oreo?"

"Like this." I leaned back, and his arms tightened about my waist. Holding the cookie on both sides, I gave it a deft twist. "First you twist them apart." His lips quirked in time with his brows. "And then you lick it… like this." I deliberately dropped the tone of my voice, low and husky… the one he calls "just sex please". Laying my tongue flat on my bottom lip, I ran the cookie over it, crème side down, leaving a white trail behind.

Duo lost the smirk. A hand clamped down on the back of my head, and suddenly he was kissing me, sucking on my tongue, sharing the cookie flavor. His hips thrust upward, nearly dislodging us both to the floor. I grabbed the back of the chair, dropping the remainder of the cookie. The hand on my back slid down to my ass, clutching and groping it. His hips thrust again, and I chuckled into his mouth.

Keeping my voice low, I told him, "Let's continue the lesson in the bedroom, and you can show how much you've learned how to twist and lick."

He smirked. "I could always show you how I like to dunk and suck." Laughing, I stood, and pulled him up from the chair.

"Combine the two and I won't say anything about you eating my Oreos."

Almost to the point of sputtering his innocence, Duo nodded. Heading for the door, he hooked his fingers in the waistband of his boxers, and tugged them off. At the entrance he paused and looked over his shoulder at me. "Last one to bed has to clean up the dog barf from cookie eating." And he was off running.

He so knows how to romance me. "If you do, Percival, find one of Duo's shoes first." And I left our dog in the dark, trailing after my naked husband.


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