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Pairing: Heero/Duo
Warnings: M/M, masturbation, crossdressing, language - but, one would assume you'd all know that given the heading. Hee! enjoy!

Author's Note: for some reason (maybe because she's been assigned the mentor with bear paws who's giving her mother a job at Tulane) [ jade_sage ] wanted skirt!pr0n ... and I remembered there was one scene from the series of short stories for - Stages of Love I I really wanted to write. ...so, here it is.

Come With Me
by Merith

"I've something special for you," Heero whispered.

Duo was in the library, cramming for finals when his boyfriend dressed as a girl leaned over his shoulder. "It's a surprise, but you have to come now."

Surprises from Heero were rare; Duo's books and notes were shoved back in his bag in no time and he followed Heero down the hall. Today's skirt was shorter than he normally wore, hitting his leg just above the knee. As always to complete his disguise, Heero wore a loose sweater, and this time it was over a white button-up blouse. Too busy watching how the pleats fell as Heero walked, Duo ran into the back of him when he stopped in front of a professor's office door. Instead of the elbow he expected, Heero smirked and raised a brow.

"You have to be quiet," Heero was saying as he closed the door behind them. Duo heard the lock click in place and relaxed a little more. "Tomlinson's out for the rest of the day, but Aikman's lecture ends in a few minutes."

Duo looked around, dropping his backpack to the floor. He hadn't been in this professor's office before, but it resembled a few he had visited. "So, what's the surprise?" he asked, turning back to Heero.

Instead of answering, Heero pulled out the desk chair and patted the seat. Duo sat and reached for him, getting a hand smacked. "Not now." He was told. Heero removed his sweater, pulling it off over his head and shaking his hair out. He balled it and tossed it by Duo's bag.

"Next month, I'll be graduating," Heero was saying, even as he slid backwards up on the desk. "I was offered a job."

"Hey! That's great!" Duo started to get up, but a sock covered foot in the middle of his chest stopped him. Duo hadn't a clue as to when Heero had taken off his shoes. Eyes flicking from foot to face, Duo asked, "Heero?"

"Wait." He left his foot where it was, but brought his other leg up, resting its foot on the desk's edge. "The job's in Albany." Duo's smile disappeared and he all but fell back in the chair. "And I'd start two weeks after graduation."

"But..." He had no words, and wished now, he'd stayed in the library.

"This university has one of the best engineering programs in the country," Heero said, his fingers went to the buttons on his blouse, and as he continued to speak, he undid them, one at a time. "However, Albany has a private campus with a program that's been highly rated." He trailed his fingers up his abdomen and chest to the collar of his blouse, and slid the garment off, down his arms and dropped it to the floor.

Duo licked parched lips and gripped the arms of his chair. "Are you..." he nearly choked as a finger slipped under the waist band of his skirt. "Are you suggesting I ...come with you?" Heero pointed his toe and drew it down the length of Duo's body. He looked at Duo and nudged the slight bulge hidden behind the denim.

"Your coming with me has always been a pleasure of mine." Heero brought his leg back, drawing his knee up, with his foot on the desk as well.

Heero's skirt spilled into his lap, giving Duo an unobstructed view. Duo groaned and made to rise again. Heero's foot was back on his chest.

"Stay there," he was instructed. "Today, it's show and tell you show me yours, I show you mine and you tell me your answer."

He stopped breathing. This was a surprise. Heero's hands were already adjusting his skirt, flipping it out of his way. Duo shook his head and inhaled sharply. He swallowed and reached for his fly. This was a surprise he liked, and this sort of game, he liked better.

Unable to take his eyes from Heero's hands, he watched as they glided down inner thigh, one on each leg. Heero spread his legs farther apart, and worked a finger under a leg band. Since Duo'd first had the chance to see them, Heero had always worn simple, white cotton panties. These were blue. With dainty lace trimmed edges.

His jeans were opened and half shoved down his thighs, his cock erect and hard. Duo licked his palm, never looking at what he was doing. Heero had slid the crotch of his panties to the side, his balls were in his fingers and he was squeezing them. The fingers of Heero's other hand were tracing the outline of a very prominent mound.

"Let me see it," Duo commanded. He was breathing rapidly, feeling the blood flow in a rush through his veins. "Show me, Heero." His palm ground into his own erection, and he cupped his balls, squeezing them.

Leaning back almost flat and raising his hips up off the desk by his heels, Heero slowly rotated his pelvis, sliding the blue cotton from his groin and down his legs.

"Oh fuck me..." Duo moaned, and wrapped eager fingers around his cock. Heero toed off his panties, and flicked them at Duo. They landed high on his chest, and Duo snatched them up, crumpled them to his face and breathed in deeply.

Heero rose up, his lips parted and his gaze jumped from Duo's lap to where his hand held the underwear at his nose. He pulled on his skirt, moved it out of the way, and reached for his own cock. Beginning with light touches, the pads of his fingers barely skimmed his skin. But hearing Duo's moans, he encircled his cock with his hand and started to stroke.

"Heero," Duo gasped. "I'm going to come... come with me."

His strokes sped up, Heero was arched up on his toes, and peering over his knees to watch Duo. The swirling coil was quickening; he was close. His thumb brushed over the head, and his hand slipped back down. Duo was gasping, his breathing harsh and loud. Heero groaned. So close.

Duo stood abruptly, his position right before his lover, his hand never slowing his pumping. "Faster, Heero," Duo commanded. His other hand stroked the back of Heero's thigh, caressed a cheek and dipped into the crevice of his ass. "Come... with me..." Duo's hips were jerking now, fucking his own hand as he stroked. Heero's hips rose off the desk to meet each thrust.

"Now!" he cried, his body froze in that instant. Hot, milky liquid spilled out and over his hand, his eyes closed, his mouth opened in silent cry. He felt Duo's release, heat in pulsing waves against his thighs, and he drew air into his lungs in a gasping rush.

"Oh, fuck me," Duo managed and leaned forward, a hand planted to Heero's side. He kissed the side of Heero's neck, found his chin and made it to his lips. Heero's mouth was still open panting for breath, but wrapped his arm around Duo's neck as they kissed.

It was the come chilling on his legs that made Heero pull away. "We should go now," he said in a near whisper. Aikman should be returning to his office any time now." But he let Duo kiss him again and then pushed him away.

Duo was grinning, and he pulled tissues from the box on a filing cabinet. "Show and tell, remember?" He had little to clean, but handed more tissue to Heero, and enjoyed watching.

Heero grunted, and frowned at the wet spot on his skirt. "Do you want to come with me?" he asked, dabbing at his skirt. Duo surprised him with a kiss on his cheek, and he looked up to see him smile.

"Always, babe, always."


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