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Heero/Duo, especially written for [ sarolynne ] (with a side assist to [ miyun ] and [ djynn ], cause they kink about it too). It can be as simple as a kiss.

Special "kink" Drabble #8
by Merith

It happened on a Friday night, one of those times we'd gotten together after football practice. We'd just been sitting around eating pizza, watching movies and talking about shit we normally wouldn't - except when it's just us.

Asking my best friend if he'd at least gotten to first base with his supposed girlfriend wasn't what I wanted to know. Being asked if I'd gotten to first base with anyone wasn't a question I wanted to answer. The fact that I hadn't still caused my face to flame. I guess giving Heero shit about not knowing how, despite the fact he had someone and had been dating for quite some time made me sound pretty stupid.

And now Heero was out to prove just how wrong I was - using my lips no less.

Like we were in some kind of chick flick, Heero's hand was suddenly in my face. He was so close, I could feel the heat radiating off him. His eyes were staring right at me, and for a moment there, I wasn't sure what the hell he was going to do. All that happened was him playing with my bangs, brushing them back out of my eyes. He did this thing with his hand, like he was cradling an egg or a baby something in it. I could feel his fingers on my ear and sort of wanted to shake my head, it tickled. And then his thumb rubbed over my lips.

I wasn't expecting that. It was like I'd stuck my tongue on a nine volt battery and I shivered. His other hand dropped on my shoulder and just about scared the shit out of me. I almost jumped up off the couch.

"Relax," he said, with his pepperoni smelling breath. Relax, and all I could think about was the fact I was about to have my first kiss, with my best friend no less - my best guy friend - and it was going to be pizza flavored!

Heero shifted closer, definitely making me pay attention to him. With him practically in my lap, I didn't know where to look. I mean, every time I looked into his eyes - like some love-sick girly type - I'd go a little cross-eyed. And looking at his mouth made that battery thing happen. He grabbed the back of my neck and I grabbed the front of his shirt, wondering if I had enough leverage to flip him off me. He smiled one of his rare funny smiles and moved even closer.

"I'm only going to kiss you." His whisper was lost to me. For some reason, I could hear the surf so loud in my ears and nothing else, despite that we lived at least a hundred miles from the ocean.

His tongue came out and I watched it wet his lower lip. He mashed both lips together, spreading the saliva. Even though I was watching, it surprised me when he made contact. My eyes still opened, I saw his widen and then narrow. For a kiss, I wasn't sure what to expect. Guy lips I thought would be rough, chapped or something, but his weren't. They were... soft. They gave way to the pressure he used on mine. And they were warm.

I turned my face away just enough so our lips no longer met. "Oh," was all I could say at that point. OH SHIT, in big capital letters was what I wanted to say.

Damn, he felt good.

His fingers dug into the back of my neck, and he practically laid on me, pushing me back against the arm of the couch. Again with the lips, only this time it wasn't just pressure. They moved in a tiny, little nibble sort of way, and mine did the same thing back. I didn't even know what the hell I was doing. It just felt good.

I stopped watching him, for some reason my eyes closed and all I could think was - don't stop. Stuck between wanting to imitate a porno movie I saw once and that up-against-the-wall kiss Al Pacino laid on some chick, it blew me away when he stuck his tongue in my mouth. I opened my eyes, but his were closed, and his hand was doing this weird sort of caressing thing in my hair. What the hell. It wasn't like I hadn't ever traded spit with the guy. I mean, he used to backwash in my soda all the time.

Touching tongues with him wasn't a nine volt shock. I'd have to remember to ask his mom if he'd ever stuck a key in an outlet as a kid - it felt like he still carried the charge.

It must have been ebb tide, 'cause suddenly I could hear Heero. He was making these noises like my aunt Jean does when someone gives her Godiva chocolates, and for some reason, that made me shiver again.

His mouth was working over mine, opening wider when he'd slide his tongue in down my throat, almost closing when he'd pull it back. It was a rhythm, playing scrimmage ball and he was offense. I got what he was doing, and imitated him. Those moaning sounds made me think of the porno, and I was making noises of my own.

Some time later, a minute or five, I'm not sure which, he stopped kissing me. I couldn't lift my head off the couch cushion, and we were both panting like we'd just ran sprints. His face was pressed against mine, but that was okay. For some reason, what they did in chick movies made sense.

I vaguely wondered how one of my hands got in his hair, and the other down the back of his pants. Without opening my eyes, I had to say it, "So, that's how you kiss."

Heero pushed off the back of the couch, and I let go of his hair, opening my eyes. He was sitting in my lap, kind of sprawled across it. "No," he said. And I did this blinking thing, not sure where my brain went. "That's how I kiss girls." He smiled another one of his funny smiles, and his hand did that holding-a-baby-bunny thing again. Then he was touching my face.

"This is how I kiss you." And he proved he knew how to do that, too.


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