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Heero/Duo, especially written for [ windandwater ] and her love of tentacle kink. Written with my own twist, hope you enjoy and Merry Christmas!

Special "kink" Drabble #1
by Merith

He rose like a god from the sea, wind blowing through already tousled hair, water running in rivulets over his shoulders, down his chest and off his multiple appendages.

The sacrifice let out a terrified shout, pulling in vain on his restraints. The being before him drew closer, almost slithering across the sand in unconscious grace. His crime did not warrant this - his being held spread-eagle and nude between two stout poles sunk deep into the beach. His wrists ached, bleeding from his struggles; his ankles fared none better.

The face of the demon was almost beautiful, masculine and strong, its expression calculating and determined. The victim's shout lost momentum, halting abruptly as he was caught in the being's gaze. He swallowed, breath coming in pants. Willing his body to resist even as flesh colored tentacles reached for him. Unable to close them, his eyes remained locked on the boy-god's face.

Tentacles glided over skin, wrapping around his arms and legs in a tender but firm grasp. His body was adjusted, and he looked down, wondering when his ankle restraints had been removed. He suddenly realized how exposed, vulnerable he now was. His eyes grew round and he choked; the creatures phallus shaped tentacle neared his body, large and continuing to swell, it headed in one direction.

An arm wrapped about his waist, a hand splayed itself on his abdomen. Warm caressing breath teased his skin.

"I'm going to have to take you back to the motel room where you can tell me in private what it is about the octopus tank that's making you so hard," Heero whispered in Duo's ear.


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