Disclaimer: About the same as always, I'm out of my head, and know not what I do.

Pairing: Zechs/Noin
Rating: NC-17 most likely
Warning: Adult situations, masturbation, het

Caught in the Moment
by Merith

Eyes met, blue to blue. A simple twist of lips, a raised brow and sparks ignited. Hands in hair; short black caught in his long fingered clutch. Long blond strands wrapped in delicate hands, battle callused. Mouths collided, tongues thrust, slid and retreated. Buttons snapped and flew. Papers scattered, disregarded.

Unzipped, pants dropped to the floor. A lift and set on the hard smooth surface, legs spread wide, Shirt and bra pushed up, exposing flesh. Nipples hard and jutting; tongue licked, teeth nipped, mouth sucked. Head thrown back, eyes closed, voice called out in a silence scream.

Fingers petted, back arched, hips jerked. Fly parted, cock stroked, bodies joined. Eyes closed, lips separated, breath panting. Pelvis flexed, entered, retreated and back again. Booted feet scrambled for purchase. Knees pulled over shoulders; thrust, withdraw. Nails scratched, fingers clawed, fabric bunched.

Explosion! Bodies spasmed, relaxed, holding each other. Sight returned, breathing resumed. A tender caress over cheek, a fond smile. A frown, nose twitched. Siren sounded. Faces turned as smoke curled across the floor. Clothing straightened in haste, feet ran, commands issued. Troops flooded the MS hanger, fire hoses dragged into place. Damage control initiated. Injured treated.

Pillow talk delayed for another day.

In the control room, the floor rocked again; the riveting boom a muted sound. Shocked, deep, blue eyes turned from the surveillance monitor to his companion.

"Duo! What did you do?" he cried, sliding black shorts back over naked hips, ignoring the hard on he'd been pumping a moment before.

Abashed, the long haired youth wiped at the sticky fluid in his hand, over his opened fly. He dropped the now useless remote switch and adjusted his pants. "I got excited and... uh..." He shrugged, hurrying to make their escape before discovery.


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