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Pairing: Heero and Quatre Friendship
Rating: PG

Sex and Chocolate
by Merith

Quatre read through the letter from Iria twice, and frowned as he folded it up carefully. On the supply platform, he was perched on a crate of winter supplies: wool caps, gloves and thermal underwear, he'd been told. With the sun beating down on the camp, his skin already browned and sweating, the thought of looking at something more fitting for forty below than forty Celsius made his temperature rise that much more.

"Better 'n sex."

He jerked up, looking at the man taking a seat next to him. "Excuse me, Sgt Yuy?" He had to be hallucinating.

The Sgt jerked his chin at the open box at Quatre's feet. "Those chocolates. I hear it's better than sex."

Afraid his blush would permanently stain, Quatre refused to look at the man. "I wouldn't know."

"Never have them before?" Sgt lifted a bottle and drank his beer deeply. "Course they'd be better if they weren't melted." His grin was short lived as his gaze turned back to scouting the perimeter.

"Yeah, I guess so." Quatre leaned forward and plucked the box of candy from his care package. He offered it to the Sgt with a half smile. "My sister Iria still thinks a Hershey bar will make me happy." From the oil soaked into the cardboard, he added, "and obviously doesn't realize it's summer here."

The Sgt pushed the box back. "Share 'em with your squad." He jerked his chin at the large tent in the center of camp. "Barter with the cook for a few minutes of ice time first."

Quatre stared off at the tent, recalling one item after another he could offer in trade. He gave a brief thought as to what Duo might have, and decided to hunt his friend up.

"We move out at o-five hundred," the Sgt said quietly. "Write your letters now, and get your gear in order." Tossing the bottle in the waste barrel, the Sgt slid off the platform.

"Sgt Yuy," Quatre called. When the man turned back, he added, "Thanks." The Sgt nodded and walked on, passing the word.


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