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Pairing: Heero and Duo
Rating: PG-13 for language
Warning: shounen-ai

by Merith

His shovel bit into the dirt, still heavy with the recent rain. "Here she comes just a walkin..." The shovel rose, and the dirt was piled along the edge of his hole. "..snapping her fingers and shufflin' her feet..." Another shovelful pulled from the ground.

"Maxwell, if you have energy to sing, double-time it," the gruff command came from above his position.

Pausing only long enough to throw a glare over his shoulder, Duo bent to his task once more. Night was about to land, and the holes had to be finished. Their slight hill had barely been considered defendable. But there'd been no where else.

As he had for the past month, Duo wished Quatre were there and in the same breath, he was glad his friend wasn't. From the Sgt, he'd heard Quatre had been in bad shape when he was rescued. Though it wasn't believed his injuries were enough to send him home. And he'd probably be reassigned to a new platoon. That sucked the big one.

The mosquitoes began to swarm as he packed the last shovel of dirt around his edge. The dense foliage and rice paddies were breeding grounds for all sorts of insects. Duo shuddered to think of some of those things sleeping with him. But that couldn't be helped, and best not thought about.

A deliberate noise on his right flank let him know to expect company; he wasn't too surprised when the Sgt dropped on him. Duo nodded and accepted the ration can.

"Whadda ya think, Sgt? We gonna see some action tonight?" his question quiet, his spoon in hand, already scooping the semi-warm meal into his mouth.

The Sgt scanned the front line before turning. "Not tonight. Tomorrow." He shrugged. "The next day. It'll be soon." Sgt leaned against his hole, rifle nestled in his arms as he watched the horizon darken. "We rotate out next. Word is, we're moving down to Nha Trang."

Duo nodded, his eyes on the now empty can he held. "I always wanted to see the ocean." Squatting low, he dug a shallow hole and closed the can inside, burying it. "Think mail will catch up to us there?" He stayed in place, squinting up at the Sgt.

"If I know that much, then I Corp would." A quick glance was directed at him. "Duo..." his name was whisper soft.

He shook his head sharply. "Don't." Duo stood and stepped close, shoulder to shoulder. He leaned in even closer and said under his breath, "you know better'n I what happens if anyone suspects, Heero." In the failing light, they stared at one another. "Just make it out of here. That's all I ask."

Heero nodded in agreement. "You too," he mouthed.

A muted shout down the line pulled both of their attention. Heero gave the nearest arm a squeeze and started to roll out of Duo's hole.

"Thanks for dinner, man." The Sgt gave a short nod, and ran at a crouch to answer the call.

Duo settled in for a night of half sleep, keeping an eye on the horizon, and an ear open for noise.


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