Disclaimers: Not Mine

Pairing: Quatre R Winner / Dorothy Catalonia
Rating: NC-17
Word count: 419
Warnings: language, masturbation, AU, sexual situation

And There She Was
by Merith

He was laying on a lounge chair poolside when she walked into his life. Half-heartedly working on a tan and reading a required work for English lit for his first semester, he barely glanced up from the book on hearing Relena’s voice. But the soft yellow swish caught his attention. For a moment, the world became a narrow corridor of him and her.

"...and daddy said I could bring someone along for the rest of the summer, since you plan on abandoning me after the Fourth of July dance." Relena was still talking, dipping a toe into the water and shaking it off.

Quatre was standing, dropping his book and whipping off his sunglasses. "I’m Quatre," he said, holding out a hand, wanting to smile with a mouth that refused to move.

Her hand was warm, dry and barely touched his. With the slightest twist of her lips, and a lift of an eyebrow, she looked him over from sun lotion slicked chest to nylon hugging trunks. "Dorothy," she said, giving him another appraisal, "Dorothy Catalonia."

The rest of the afternoon was lost to him, though he knew he spoke, knew he swam. Dinner was served on the deck table, and by then Dorothy had donned her sundress again, covering the startlingly white bikini. Even as Relena was telling him about her roommate from boarding school, Quatre was only half listening. He was formulating a plan on how to back out of leaving the lake house early and not returning home for a month of working for his father prior to college.

It was approaching midnight when he walked the girls across the back lawn to Relena’s family summer home. He agreed to meet up with them the following morning, for sailing, lunch and an afternoon swim. Dorothy was wearing that smile, making him feel as though he was twelve and his voice was cracking at every other word. The hand she drew down the inside of his arm made him believe he was fifteen and was popping a boner at every pretty girl who walked by.

That night he jerked off to visions of her - a cupped handful of water she dribbled over her chest, wetting her top and showing a hint of darkened, erect nipple. The white of her suit in stark contrast to her tanned skin and her hair long and straight and bleached almost white from the sun.

His breathing slowed and heated flesh cooled. Plans were going to change; something worth pursuing came along.


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