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Pairing: 1+2
Rating: PG-13
Written as a request for a scene from this universe between Heero and Duo that takes place in the future

A Warm Wind Blowing: In the Future
by Merith

Heero stood on the court alone, ball in hand. He bounced it on the blacktop, peered up to the basket, bounced the ball again, and shot the ball through air. Perfect landing through the hoop, dropping back to the blacktop. Heero caught it before it rolled away.

A car pulled into the parking lot behind him, and even though he listened, he continued to bounce the ball, continued to stalk the basket. The door slammed, and sneakers on concrete ran. His name was called, and Heero made another basket. It wasn't until he had the ball back in hand that he turned. Acknowledged the one trotting onto the court.

"Hey, sorry I'm late," Duo was saying, holding out his hands for the ball. "Had a last minute meeting and you know how traffic can be on a Friday night."

Nodding, Heero tossed the ball and toed the line, putting himself into a defensive position. "I would have waited for you." And he smiled at Duo's look, used it to his advantage, stealing the ball and cornering around Duo and charging the basket.

"Foul!" But Duo was laughing, his arms came up to circle Heero's waist as Heero caught the ball. "I'm glad you called."

Heero turned his head and gave Duo a quick kiss. "I'm glad I did too." He kissed him again, pulling away from Duo's embrace. "I really did want to see you tonight."


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