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Pairing: 1+2
Rating: PG
Warnings: None, really - a little shounen ai
Challenge: timing
Word Count: 441

A/N: Written for the GW500 challenge, this is a short ficlet. The next to last in the "Good in the Little Things" series, this is but a very short slice of life as told by Duo - a small chunk of dark chocolate.

As Each Day Comes
by Merith

God was right. Knowledge is evil.

I glared at the tablet in front of me, unable to clear its blankness. The restless spirit in my head wouldn't give voice to the emotions that raged. After I'd written his name in the header, I quickly discovered Heero's way of sorting and organizing thoughts was not mine.

Though he'd left it alone, he knew this new knowledge plagued me. And despite the medication I'd been given to relieve my broken arm, sleep wouldn't come. Heero hadn't changed. He acted as he always had, going about his days as though he hadn't confirmed what he'd written.

Had I changed so much that the knowing he shared how I felt for him disturbed me?

Sleepless nights became restless days. A week had passed, and still I could not fathom this new nugget of information. My routine, my way of life as it'd stood a few short days before, would never be again. Every time he looked at me now, it would hit me. The little things I'd always taken for granted that he did, held special meaning now.

There was an itch under my skin I could not scratch. I wanted to be with him; I couldn't be near him. My back porch sanctuary offered no peace, my corner of his fueled my thoughts.

It's said that confession is good for the soul, but working up to it wreaks havoc on the sanity.

Shoving the paper away, my forehead met the table with a groan. I couldn't do it. Inside, those locked-down emotions were tangible things, almost breathing a life of their own. Outside, they appeared feeble, uncertain and lacking.

A touch brushed across the back of my neck and I turned my head. Heero already had his back to me, the refrigerator door opened while he hunted down a bottle of water. Just watching him, I wondered why I agonized. He was the same, steady, calming, caring.

Heero sat across from me, and I gave him a smile. Granted, it was a watery run-down shadow of my former ones, and I think I blushed. But the one he returned soothed the itch, quenched the burning fever.

"Whenever you're ready," he'd said over the phone that night.

When had my life done a one-eighty? I'd always been the one assured in where I was, how I felt. Without the knowledge Heero'd handed me, I'd still be drifting in my peaceful, if somewhat frustrated, heaven.

Watching him smile at me, I knew. My mind might not be ready for his confession, but the rest of me was.

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