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Pairing: Heero/Duo
Warnings: Language, implied sex, sexual situation, dialog fic
Notes: Written for Sharon for her request for song #121 on my playlist, which happened to be Lonestar's All the Way. Please be aware that this is a dialog fic.

Author note: This is the first of sixteen such fics.

All the Way
by Merith

"Hey, nearly done there?"

"Just a moment. The tender's being a bitch and won't lite."

"Heh, and this from the pyrotech king who could blow up anything with common household products."

"Yeah, I managed to create a few fireworks through the years, haven't I?"

"Mmmm, no complaints from me on that."

"Good, cause we have plans and I'd hate to usurp them just to prove you wrong."

"I wouldn't mind..."

"Of course not. Fire's going, did you bring the champagne..."

"Here take this, hook your arm - like that."

"Oooh, fancy are we?"

"What else are you supposed to do on a romantic anniversary weekend?"

"Ah, the good stuff."

"I don't think you're supposed to down the glass in one swallow... or smack your lips like that."

"I don't think I was meant for 'the finer sensibilities'."

"You don't have to smirk about it."

"What's on the music disk? Want more of this 'hooch'?"

"Hooch, Duo? ...just half a glass for me. I want to keep my faculties clear for later."

"Oh? Have something in mind?"

"Always where you're concerned."

"Good. Hate to think you were hanging around for someone else after all this time."

"As if anyone else would still be breathing..."

"Damn straight! What is this music you're playing?"

"Uh... A compilation of the 'Best One-Thousand Love Songs of the Past Six Hundred Years'."

"Huh... by whose standards I'd like to know. Sorry, Heero, but that shit has got to go."

"Shit? Should have known you and romance cannot share air space."

"You want romance? I'll show you romance. Just let me switch disks..."

"Oh, this is...mmmm... much better."

"Like dancing do you?"

"With you? Since day one."

"How many dances has there been?"

"Not enough..."

"Let's see... sixteen years together and at least a dance a month..."

"You're tickling my ear."

"Heh... how's that?"


"Never satisfied, are you?"


"Less than two hundred? That doesn't sound right..."

"Numbers don't count. This does."

"Wanna sit this one out?"

"Tired alread- Hey! Bruising isn't encouraged on anniversary get-aways."

"By whose rules?"

"You want bruises? I'll give you bruises!"

"Heero! No fair, man! Ummph... you gaining weight?"

"Tell me how much you like to bottom and I'll let you up."

"I love it when you bottom..."

"No! You bottom."

"Like I said, I like it when you... Ah! Heero! That's definitely no fair! And definitely not romantic grabbing me there while pinned."

"Just proving a point... ummm, weren't we supposed to be snuggling in front of the fire?"

"This could count as snuggling. Though you might wanna let up on my wrist there..."

"How's this?"

"This is nice."

"Are you wearing my cologne?"

"Mmmm, I like the way it smells on you."

"I rather like how it smells on you too."

"More cham-pang-na?"

"Pfft, how 'bout I just sip from yours?"

"And share germs? I'm not so sure...hmmmprf!"

"Don't seem to mind so much now."

"Nope. Share a little more?"

"Hmmm, getting warm in here to you?"

"Let me take off your sweater. Better?"


"I agree... your skin looks great in the firelight."

"...is that a compliment?"

"Shut up. You know what I meant."

"Such a romantic."

"Didn't we already discuss that?"

"Kiss me again to show me."



"Good... and there..."

"Think maybe these pants might be getting a little warm, too."

"Yes, take them off for me... what's wrong?"

"You're wearing my underwear."

"I didn't think you'd mind."

"They're my Jimmy Unitus specials."

"Trust me, Duo, they do not enhance the package."

"They're shaping yours just fine... and looks like someone's aroused."

"And you're not?"

"Mmmm, never said I wasn't. But-"

"AH! Duo!"

"Like that? How 'bout when I do..."

"Oh God, yes... more..."

"You bring the... good."


"Nuh huh...that's not the romantic way."

"Fuck the romance!"

"I'd rather fuck you."

"Then get on with ~ it."

"Hit the spot there?"


"Demanding are we? I can do that... see? Damn you look so fucking sexy like that."


"Don't move... not ~ yet..."

"Duo... now! God, now!"

"Impatient demanding bastard."

"Arrogant prick."

"You love this prick."

"Mmmm, just like that... again..."

"Who likes to bottom?"


"Oh. OH! God-fucking-damn! Heero!"


"Yeah, hmmm, snuggling in front of the fireplace."

"Don't move yet."

"Okay, just hooking my shirt for..."

"'k, thanks."

"Hmmm, you taste good."

"Heh... you're tickling again. Shift over."

"How's this?"


"Hey, don't be falling asleep."

"Not sleepin'..."

"No? Then why are your eyes closed? ...huh? What was that? Not sure I understand slumber-mumble."


"Heh, but you love this prick."

"And that one."

"More champagne? I think there's a little left."

"Don't want to move."

"You're so pliant after sex. Bet I could get you to agree to a new car..."

"What's wrong with the one you're driving now?"

"I guess not."

"Duo, what's wrong with your car?"

"Nothing, just wondering how far I could..."

"Nothing? Is that why we drove mine up here?"

"No, we drove yours because you wanted to drive. Controlling bastard."

"Damn straight. Now give me another kiss."

"Roger that. ...meet specifications?"


"We done with this romantic in front of the fire shit now?"

"Hell, Duo. I'll make a note that there's to be no more romantic..."

"This is good!"

"...get-aways in the future."

"I just want to check out the game console... they have Chronis Fighter IV, and..."

"I'm Jax'Pal."

"HA! Shar'cotan will kick his ass! 'specially with me on the controls."

All the Way lyrics

Hey, we're walkin' through this together
And I'm holdin' onto you
Nothin' can separate
This little twist of fate
You're the one my heart belongs to
Nothin's quite as sweet as the journey
So let's go around the world
Takin' in everything no matter what life brings
We're gonna be chasin' forever

All the way
To the end
All my life
And back again
Every day
I'll be here
Loving you
All through the years
And it's true
There's so much freedom in knowin'
How sure we are that we're goin'
All the way

People ask me think y'all can make it
And I tell them honestly
This ain't no fleeting thing
We're not imagining
This is it, we know it's meant to be
'Cause I love you, love you completely
I've never felt like this
I don't want nothin' but
Something that's passionate 'Cause the only way I know how to love is

All the way
To the end
All my life
And back again
Every day
I'll be here
Loving you
All through the years
And it's true
There's so much freedom in knowin'
How sure we are that we're goin'
All the way

All the way
There's so much freedom in knowin'
How sure we are that we're goin'
All the way


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