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Pairings: Hilde/Relena
Warnings: yuri (F/F), ungraphic sex, shoujo ai

Summary: Relena hides it better than most.

A Life Less Hidden
by Merith

She was standing at the window, watching him again. Hilde paused just inside the doorway, her eyes focused on Relena. She wanted nothing more than to pull her away, show her there was more in the world than a dark haired boy who barely acknowledged her presence.

"It's starting to get cold outside," she said walking briskly forward. "I gave up on the guys – they can keep their masochistic tendencies."

Relena had spun around at the first sounds of her voice. As her face settled into that oh-too-polite expression Hilde hated, the girl moved from the window toward the fireplace. "It'll be dinner soon. I should insist they come inside."

Hesitating for only a moment, Hilde crossed the room to stand next to the girl. "What you should do is give it up, you know." Relena turned startled eyes upon her, ready to speak, to deny the implied accusation. Placing a finger on her lips, Hilde continued softly, "He doesn't know you, not for who you are."

"You don't know that," Relena said around her finger, raising her hand to grab her wrist. "You don't know what you're talking about." Her words were strong, but her voice was threaded with sadness.

"But I do know what I'm talking about. I live it everyday." Hilde let her hand drop away, a golden strand between her fingers; she knew Relena had seen the truth.

Relena turned away – to hide her knowledge, to keep the truth at bay a little longer – Hilde didn't know, but her heart ached at seeing those strong shoulders hunch as if expecting a blow. Without thought, she stepped up behind the girl and encased her in her own arms.

Anticipating rejection, the sudden stiffening wasn't unexpected; Relena leaning against her chest, letting Hilde support her was. "Sometimes, I wish..." the girl whispered to the floor, "I wish that something, or someone, would drive it away."

Rare was ever Relena's neck exposed, but in her simple sweater with its vee-neck and her hair swept up in a ribbon, Hilde was quick to take advantage. Her lips trembled as they touched skin, her hands tightened, pulling her closer instinctively.

"Someone, Relena?" she whispered just below the girl's ear. Closing her eyes, she let her hands wander, gliding in a caressing pattern over cashmere and silk. She pressed her mouth to the nape of the girl's neck, suckled lightly and released her hold. "There are times I watch you, and I see you resist." Her palm swept over a breast, her fingers teased its nipple. "And I want nothing more than to drive the truth home to you."

"Like now?" Her breath came at a pant.

Relena hadn't resisted, hadn't stopped her. Hilde's hand made another pass over her breast, cupping it through the sweater and bra underneath. "If you want me to stop, tell me." Her voice was soft, but raw. Harsh in its restrained desire.

Without saying a word, Relena shook her head but raised her hand to cover Hilde's, and squeezed. Hilde let out a long shuddering breath, and kissed again at the exposed shoulder. She closed her thumb and finger over the erect nipple, pinching it gently, gauging Relena's responses to her touch. The quivering jolt emboldened her wandering hand and she slid it south, fingers leading pressing hard enough to telegraph her intention.

Cream on cream silk slacks offered little as a barrier; Hilde knead her pubic mound through the thin material. Her thumb brushed the edge of the panty line, and she kissed the girl's neck again – Relena's panties were trimmed with lace. The two middle fingers of her hand dipped deeper, and the heel of her palm pushed down. Relena's head fell back on Hilde's shoulder, a stifled cry on her lips.

"Tell me, sweet," Hilde coaxed on exhaled breath. "Tell me what you want. What you like."

Relena turned her face to meet hers, her eyes wide but sloeful. Her lower lip trembled and Hilde felt her fingers entwine themselves with hers; together they massaged her breast. Blue eyes darkened deeper, and Hilde crushed her mouth to Relena's. Tender, soft, sweet, the girl parted her lips uncertainly, her eyes already closed.

Her hand and fingers increased their rhythm, the entwined fingers rubbed, pinched and soothed. And Hilde found a pleasure she knew was there, but had yet to experience. Mouths parted, and tongues gave a lingering caress. Breath quickened, harsh pants mixed. Relena flushed; heat, lust, and acceptance.

"We–we shouldn't do this," she protested mildly, her unoccupied hand circling up to hold Hilde's head.

Hilde only gave her a long, lingering kiss, and increased the pressure of her rub. "But you want to..." She nuzzled her nose along the girl's jaw line.

The answering "yes," was in a slow hiss. Relena gave a soft cry, arching her back in a gentle thrust. The carefully manicured nails dug into the back of Hilde's neck. "What if..." Relena attempted to speak, "what if someone were to..." she ended with a drawn out series of ohs.

"The danger," Hilde murmured, lips trailing a line of dry quick kisses down her throat. "The excitement of getting caught. Forbidden passion." Relena buckled, seeming to melt in her arms. "Isn't that what you want?"

"I want it to be normal," Relena breathed, her lips barely shaping the words. Dazed eyes opened and the tiny full mouth curved into a smile. "Show me that again?"


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