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Pairings: 1+2, 3x4, 2x2
Warnings : yaoi, AU, slight angst, sappy...?

Authors notes: This is my first AU fic, and it will be quite long, chock full of romance, and probably a lemon. I got the idea for this in my college fiction workshop class for this semester. We are doing the "Exquisite Corpse" (don't let the title fool you- it has nothing to do with human corpses!) project just like I describe in the story, and as soon as my professor told us about it, my brain started racing with the thought of how cool the concept could be when applied to a 1x2x1 story. I hope you enjoy!

Love Before First Sight
by Mara
Part 3

Duo was spending more time with Quatre and his boyfriend Trowa, whom he had grown to like. Trowa's personality and sense of humor were more subdued than Quatre's, and exactly the opposite of Duo's naturally cheerful and outgoing attitude. Still, Duo thought Trowa seemed very self confident, and it didn't long for him to realize that the green eyed boy was extremely intelligent. He found himself eating meals in the school cafeteria with the two boys, and sometimes going out to do things with them. Well, he went out with them when they weren't on a serious date, anyway. Trowa and Quatre couldn't seem to get enough of each other, and Duo often had to turn his face away in embarrasment or crack a joke when they couldn't keep from kissing, even in public.

It was sweet, and he told them that, but Duo was also slightly jealous.

'No,' he had to tell himself after Trowa showed up at their dorm room door *very* early that Thursday morning with a bouquet of flowers for Quatre. 'I am not slightly jealous of those two... I'm crazy with jealousy.'

Duo watched as Quatre blushed and kissed Trowa in thanks for the flowers. Duo scowled jokingly at them and threw his pillow, which landed near their feet.

"No kissing so early in the morning," he said around a yawn. "My stomach can't take it."

"Should we go in the bathroom and continue this?" Quatre teased, already dragging Trowa towards the bathroom door.

"Wha-?" Duo sat straight up, surprised.

"Just kidding. Sorry, Duo. You can go back to sleep."

Duo buried his head in his blankets. They were so... sappy together, but he couldn't help wishing that someone would care enough to wake up at the crack of dawn to bring him a silly bouquet of flowers. What would it be like to be loved like that? It was certainly not a requirement on Trowa's part to do such nice things for his boyfriend, and Duo knew from talking to Trowa that he the green eyed boy hated getting up in the morning, but there he was. Just as the sun was coming up, he was doing something out of love.

'Is *that* love?' Duo wondered as he tried to fall back asleep. 'You do things that you don't usually do... maybe things you hate, because you want to make the other person happy. That sounds like love to me.'

Duo's heart gave a slight pang of pain when he remembered that his life wasn't like that. Probably, no one he knew would risk being uncomfortable to do something nice for him. And Duo knew with a sinking feeling just how easily he could want to do that for someone else. If he were in love, it would only seem obvious to do anything possible to make his partner happy. He would do that for anyone; Duo knew he cared enough about Quatre and Trowa to put himself in an uncomfortable or dangerous spot to protect his new friends' happiness if need be. It just didn't seem fair; Duo was willing to put himself at risk for others, but was he just setting himself up to be hurt if others couldn't look past his attractive face, and never wanted to know him as a person?

Duo started to feel groggy, and almost without meaning to, he thought of his unknown partner for the Exquisite project before he drifted off again.

He woke up a few hours later to get ready for class, and smiled to see that Quatre had placed the colorful flowers in a plastic pitcher. The blond boy was gone, and Duo assumed he and Trowa were having breakfast together as usual.

Through the morning on Thursday, Duo began to feel extremely tense and worried about what he'd written to his partner in the photography class. It was taking a huge chance to declare his interest to the other boy, but he knew he would have felt just as anxious and unsure if he decided to write anything but his true feelings. It felt good to be so open with his unknown partner, but the worry that his feelings would not be returned made Duo's stomach clench in a knot.

One thing did reassure him completely, and that was the photo of his partner smiling. Duo stuck it in his folder before class that morning, and when his two classes were over, he found himself staring at it all the way back to his dorm. He was so engrossed in the multiple images that he nearly knocked over a number of students who passed him on the way.

He returned to find the room empty, but expected that. Quatre had class until almost dinner time that day, so Duo knew he'd have time to himself for quite awhile yet.

He sat down on his bed and continued to stare at the various images of his partner's lips. He let his eyes wander to each individual shot, memorizing the curve of the lips, the progression they made from a faint smile to a full laugh.

"Beautiful..." Duo heard himself whisper.

Damn... his partner was not only beautiful, he was sexy. Duo didn't have to see any more of the face to realize that the rest would look just as good as this small fragment. And without thinking about the other boy for very long, Duo felt himself get hard. He was amazed that he was sexually reacting to another person, because this kind of attraction had never really happened for him before. And, truthfully, Duo had not completely known until that moment that he could be attracted to boys. It seemed ridiculous that a simple fragment of a person's face could inspire sexual need, but Duo found himself unable to stop. The sensation of focusing on someone and becoming aroused was simply incredible. Once Duo started imaginig things, he could not stop the hardness in his jeans from increasing until he had to unzip them.

What would it feel like to have those perfect lips trailing down his neck? Duo's hand strayed down into his opened jeans to grasp his erection through his boxers. He rubbed lightly, already whimpering with need. What would those lips feel like if they were teasing his nipples, if they were lavishing kisses all down the front of his body?

Duo gasped in pleasure and stood for a moment to push his pants and boxers down. He lay back on the bed and spread his legs, grasping himself fully and holding the picture of the boy's smile where he could still focus on it.

He stroked slowly at first, caressing the sensitive head of his arousal as often as possible. The minutes went by as Duo's mind drifted to picture any and all erotic situations he could dream up. He sometimes closed his eyes and imagined the gorgeous lips teasing his sensitive body, and sometimes opened them to rememorize the look of the sexy mouth.

Finally, Duo's mind surrendered to the inevitable:

What would those lips feel like wrapped around his cock? He pumped his shaft faster and rubbed the tear of pre cum into a partial lubrication along his hot skin. How would it feel to have the other boy hovering over him, taking his arousal in rapid thrusts of his mouth? Duo moaned brokenly and felt his cock pulse in his hand. He was getting closer, but wanted to prolong the pleasurable fantasy as long as possible.

He allowed himself to finish the thought, and imagined himself involved in the ultimate act of love and desire. Suddenly, nothing was more erotic to Duo than the mental image of being impaled on the other boy's hard length while those perfect lips whispered heated words of love in Duo's ear. He had no idea what the boy's face or body might look like, but his mind provided the picture of a thin yet muscled boy with dark hair, his arms flexing powerfully as he made love to Duo's sensitive, trembling body. The dream was clouded, but Duo saw sculpted chest and stomach muscles clenching as his imagined lover thrust forward into him. He saw the outline of a beautiful masculine face, and could almost hear a dark and sexy voice chanting his name in rhythm with their sex.

Duo's hand was moving quickly over his arousal, and he bit his lip as the pleasure seemed to double with every instant. He opened his eyes to take one last glance at the images of his partner's smile and lost his mind immediatley. Waves of pleasure coursed from his cock as his seed spilled over his stomach and hand. Duo was gasping violently for breath, and felt as though his entire world was exploding with an image of the other boy's lips in the center of it all.

"Nnn, ahh," he cried helplessly as the pleasure continued on. "Need..."

The words tapered off as reality began to come back. Duo closed his eyes and took several deep breaths, calming himself. This was the most intense climax he'd ever reached, and he didn't know how to feel about the fact that imagining another person caused him to have it. (1)

'You better enjoy this while you can,' he warned himself. 'What are the chances this guy won't be disgusted by the fact that another guy wants to kiss him?'

The pleasure of Duo's climax turned bittersweet, and he finally had to tear his eyes away from the other boy's picture.

~~~~~~~~~~Thursday afternoon, photo class

Heero physically lost his vision for a moment when he read his partner's response. He remembered sitting at his desk in the photo classroom, and everything seemed to fuzz out in an instant. There were no words in his mind when this blackout happened, but he could hear the pounding beat of his heart in the background.

In a wash on unexpected color, the room appeared around Heero once more, and he blinked in shock.

'It said *he.* My partner is a guy. He... he wants to kiss me too.'

Heero obviously had no idea what the guy looked like, but that was the last thing on his mind. The confirmation that the faceless someone he'd been developing a friendship with wanted him in another way sent electricity bolting through Heero's body. Even though he was in class, he couldn't help imagining how his first meeting with the unknown boy would be, and the thought quickly made him harden.

'Wait a second! This is ridiculous; you feel physical desire for someone because you're attracted to their physical features, right? I have no idea what my partner looks like. Maybe I've even seen him on campus before and just didn't know it. And since I haven't been attracted to any of the guys I've seen at this school, it could mean that already I've rejected him without realizing it.'

And yet Heero found that despite any misgivings he could come up with, the possibility of not being attracted to the boy in the writing class seemed impossible. The longer Heero thought about meeting him, the harder his arousal became, and the more he had to shift around to keep it from being visible. There was no mistaking this; Heero reasoned that the only cause for his burst of sexual desire was the fact that through any means possible, he wanted to possess and be possessed by the boy he could not see. In a few short weeks they had begun to share their favorite parts of themselves and explore each other's personalities- there was so much more to learn!- and Heero could not deny the perfection he already perceived in the other boy. It only seemed natural that his body should want to take part in understanding the person he was already mentally attracted to.

But would he have to wait until the end of the semester until they could meet? True, there was so much yet they could learn about each other- Heero had a large stack of photos on his desk that he wanted his partner to see- but it still seemed unfair to not be able to look at the other boy if he wanted to. The thought of a kiss was just so unbelievably perfect...

Heero almost groaned out loud and had to catch himself when he remembered where he was. He excused himself from class, holding the Exquisite Project folder over the bulge of his half hard cock as he walked behind several other students. He went to the dark room to develop some new photos and think about what his response would be like. It was obvious to Heero that he needed some photo which would assure his partner. A kiss was exactly what they both wanted, and he had to make his intentions crystal clear in the next picture.

And he noticed something else which made his heart leap; his partner had not left the picture of his many smiles in the Exquisite project folder. That could only mean he was keeping the photo, and this further evidence of the other boy's interest made Heero even more elated.

As he reached the dark room door, Heero realized that he had already taken the perfect photo for his nex response. In a special folder Heero kept on his computer, there were a number of photos that he loved very much, but was too embarressed to show anyone else. There was one of these photos in particular which he knew his unknown partner would appreciate. In this one instance, Heero decided he would be able to open that secret folder on his computer and show someone else the contents without feeling unsure of himself.

~~~~~~~~~~Thursday evening

It was ten o'clock at night, and the kids in martial arts club were just dispersing from their late practice when Duo heard Wufei's voice above the crowd. Duo smiled weakly at the Chinese boy, almost too tired to complete the gesture. He was totally exhausted. For the past three hours he'd endured at the club's practice, and Wufei spared them no mercy the whole time. Duo wasn't sure which sounded better to him now: eating a big meal, or falling asleep right on the spot.

"Hey, Duo!" Wufei called again. Duo stopped and waited for the other boy to walk over to him.

"Thanks for working so hard today," he continued a moment later. "You set a good example for everyone else."

Duo grinned. "No problem."

"My roommate and I are going out to get some pizza now. Want to come with?"

Duo considered the offer, especially since the school's cafeteria would have closed dinner service long ago. But even as he stood there his eyelids started to flutter closed, so he had to decline.

"Thanks Wufei, but I really need some sleep. Otherwise, I definitely would come."

Duo waved good bye and trudged off to his room. Luckily, he was so tired that it was hard to concentrate on the fact that tomorrow he would find out whether the boy he had a crush on returned his feelings. He had been running similar moments of acceptance and rejection through his mind all day, and it only added to the exhaustion of the long club practice.

He took the elevator up to the fourth floor of his dorm building, and almost broke into a run to get into the room and lay down on his bed.

But when Duo pushed open the door, he couldn't believe the sight before him.

Trowa was laying back on the bed, totally naked. An equally naked Quatre was on top of him, impaled on his erection. Quatre's own arousal was all too visible, and he was stroking it while Trowa thrust into him. Both boys were panting and moaning. At least, they were until they saw Duo come through the door.

Duo closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

"Ok," he said calmly. "I'm going to count to ten and open my eyes... I'll realize it was all a dream, and I won't see two guys having sex... on -MY- bed!"

He counted softly and opened his eyes. Quatre and Trowa were still there, still just as hard, and though they weren't going at it with the same vigor, Trowa was still moving his hips slightly to keep up the friction.

"Nope," Duo sighed. "It wasn't a dream."

Quatre was flushed, and looked like he was trying not to whimper from Trowa's ministrations.

"We're sorry, Duo," he managed. "But Trowa thought your bed would be a better angle for the camera."

"CAMERA!?!" Duo shouted. He finally noticed what was in front of the two boys. Trowa had set up his camera on a tripod, and it was focused on the two of them. He must have set it to automatically take a picture every few seconds, because it was clicking methodically away.

"Dare I ask WHY you're taking pictures of yourselves having sex?"

"It's artistic," Trowa smirked. "I want to capture the beauty of Quatre's passion."

Duo made a face. "Somehow, that sounds... no."

"Ok, would you believe it's for my photo class?" Trowa asked, giving Duo a rare grin.

Duo snapped to attention, momentarily forgetting he was tired. "You're in a photo class? With who?"

"Professor Solway."

The braided boy's mind raced at this information. Could his partner possibly be Trowa? But then he remembered the picture of his unknown partner's lips, and looked at Trowa's face.

Nope, definitely not the same. Duo could tell immediately that it wasn't Trowa. The line of his smile was not the same, and his lips weren't the same enticing shade of pink as the photos.

Duo stopped his moment of reverie at the realization that he was still standing before two naked boys who were rather occupied at the moment.

"Aggh, you guys!" Duo marched across the room to his section of the closet and rummaged around for something to wear to bed. "I'm sleeping in Trowa's room tonight." He saw the key to Trowa's room sitting on Quatre's desk and snatched it up. Trowa had a smaller room two floors below theirs, and he didn't have a roommate.

"You owe me for shocking me when I'm totally and completely exhausted," he said with a half smile to show he wasn't really angry. Duo started to walk out of the room, but Quatre's voice stopped him.

"Look," Quatre giggled. He pointed at the front of Duo's tight pants, which revealed the bulge of his half hard cock.

The blond boy smiled. "I knew Duo liked boys. He likes to watch us. See, Trowa?"

"Quatre!" Duo yelped in embarrassment. He scowled and cursed under his breath as he left the room, locking the door behind him. Duo let out a breath he didn't know he'd been holding and willed the arousal away. He hadn't actually been thinking that he liked the sight of Quatre and Trowa together, but his body responded automatically to the unclothed boys. After the time Duo had spent that morning masturbating and unexpectedly thinking of a boy while he did it, he could no longer deny that he was only interested in guys. The fact that his body immediately wanted release at the sight of two boys giving each other pleasure only confirmed this.

But it was more than that. Duo was developing an unfamiliar desire to possess and be possessed by someone- and his mind quickly supplied the image of his unknown partner's lips at the word 'someone'- in a sexual way. That kind of enticing struggle for places of dominance and submission just didn't seem possible with a woman. The thought of surrendering his body to another boy turned Duo on incredibly, and he started to get hard again as he walked down to Trowa's room.

Halfway there, he accidentally brushed a hand against the front of his pants as he reached for the stairway's hand rail. Duo bit his lip in frustration. He was too tired to masturbate again and really enjoy it, but thoughts of his partner would not go away once he started on them.

Duo rubbed himself lightly through the fabric as the elevator- empty, of course- took him down. What had happened to make him lose self control so quickly?

In story notes:

(1)I think Heero would have gone WILD to see Duo touching himself while looking at the picture of his smile, don't you? ^_^

to be continued

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