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Pairings: 1X2X1
Warnings: yaoi, lemon, very sappy at times, Heero's POV

Coming Home to You
Part 3
by Mara

...My cock throbbed in anticipation at the expression on Duo's face; I could tell that he was going to explore and tease every inch of my body before we were finally joined as one, and I planned to do just the same to him.

Duo straddled my legs on the couch and leaned down to kiss me again as I laid back. I thrust my tongue past his lips, demanding entrance to the mouth that had me captivated. I felt the wet heat of Duo's tongue suddenly stroking mine in answer, and I couldn't surpress a moan. My hands came up to pull the black priest shirt from Duo's pants and unbutton it, and then I slid my fingers along his hot skin, across both his stomach and back, marveling at the feel of the chiseled muscles beneath his velvety skin.

My fingertips rubbed against Duo's nipples, and his following gasp made me smile into our kiss and press a bit harder, teasing the hardening nubs by rubbing the edges of my thumbs in slow circles. He pulled his lips away from mine to gasp again, and I cried out when his tongue began to tease the entire column of my throat. Duo first concentrated on the side of my neck, kissing and lightly brushing his tongue just near the throbbing beat of my pulse. The contact of his tongue against my skin was something I could never describe. It turned me on so much that I felt like the surface of my neck had suddenly become a thousand times more sensitive, and each hot touch created outward waves of pleasure that grew more intense by the moment. Lost in sensation already, I let my hands drift lower to cup his perfect ass through his black pants, and I drew him down against me, grinding my hips to show him how good I felt already, how hard I was for him.

He moaned lightly but continued on, letting the edge of his tongue drag in a slow pattern down the side of my throat, driving me wild with feeling and also with the anticipation of how that tongue would feel sliding up and down my aching arousal. I didn't have to imagine that too hard; the next thing Duo did caught me completely off guard, but supplied me with a thousand mental images.

"Mmm, Heero," he moaned, pausing for a moment to run his tongue around my earlobe. The tone of his voice had changed: it was low, almost a whisper, and definitely the sexiest thing I'd ever heard.

"Heero... Soon I'm going to strip that spandex off you and make love to you with my mouth."

I moaned his name and moved my hips in circles, finally lining up our erections, each inside our confining clothes.

I could feel Duo's moist lips smiling slightly against my skin, and then he continued.

"I'm going to caress every inch of your cock with my tongue, Heero." He delivered another heated kiss to my sensitive throat in emphasis. "Is that what you want?"

"Ahh.. mmm, yes, Duo. Please..."

I was panting now, running my hands over every part of Duo I could reach, still thrusting up against him desperately.

Finally his sensuous lips came down to my collarbone, and Duo stopped there, pushing himself up on his hands. He sat back, his tight ass pressing against my legs. I watched through pleasure fogged eyes as he started to pull down my spandex. Duo went so slow that it was almost agonizing. My rock hard length received slight friction from the fabric as he pulled ever so slowly, further increasing my need for Duo to take me into his hands, his mouth, and his gorgeous, tight body.

Duo was watching me so intently that when I looked up, I almost felt shy under the openly lustful and passionate path of his gaze. I raised my hips slightly, and he gave one last tug. The spandex was bunched around my thighs, exposing my very, very aroused body to Duo. Now his gaze was hungry, and he gave a gentle pull on my tank top without taking his eyes off my arousal. I got the hint and quickly removed the garment.

I moved my right hand down to caress my hard length, gripping it and slowly stroking a few times as I shifted my eyes up to Duo. He moaned loudly, the lust in his expression increasing more than I could have thought.

"Let me see you, Duo," I whispered in a husky tone, letting go of my cock to pull gently on his riding pants. Duo raised himself up and stood beside the couch, locking his gaze with mine. Both of his hands strayed to the zipper of his pants and he slowly unzipped them. He pushed the pants very slowly down his slim hips, and I saw that he wore black boxers underneath, tented by his arousal. Just as slowly, he lowered the boxers, revealing his amazing body to me inch by inch. I moaned when I could fully see his hard length, and like me, he reached a hand down to briefly caress himself. The sight of the erotic boy- *my* boy, my mind supplied possesively- touching himself in so seductive a manner nearly drove me insane. A low growl rose from my throat. "Duo, come here. I need to touch you."

He seemed to like the tone of my voice, and moved back to straddle me on the couch. Duo glanced down again, and he looked pleased to see the teardrop of milky fluid that had gathered at the tip of my cock. I reached out to touch him then, but he stopped me with his voice.

"Wait... this will feel good."

I watched as he reached out a finger to remove the pre-come from my cock and swirl it against the sensitive skin around the head. I gasped at the sensation, but Duo wasn't done yet. There was a similar drop of moisture on his own arousal, and he took this and rubbed it against the same place on himself, lubricating the area around the head of his cock. Grinning evily, Duo leaned down against me, lining up our cocks and rubbing against me so that the most sensitive, now lubed areas were sliding hotly against one another. I threw back my head and cried out, lost in a hot wash of passion.

"You like that, Heero?" Duo whispered in my ear as he moved back and forth, now taking both our cocks in his hands and stroking them together. I couldn't reply; my whole body was on fire, hardly able to comprehend the intense pleasure. I was turned on a thousand times more than I had been while touching myself in the early hours of the morning. My cock was so hard that it hurt, and the sensations were so great that I wondered how I wasn't coming in Duo's hand already.

I moaned brokenly in response to Duo's words, finally reaching up to grab his tight ass and feel the incredible muscles moving beneath my fingertips. He bent down to kiss me again, and I thrust my tongue into his mouth, trying to show him how much I wanted to do the same with my cock. When the kiss ended, he grinned to say that he understood and abruptly climbed off me and offered a hand to help me stand. I did, wondering what he was going to do now.

Duo stripped off his shirt, the last article of clothing on either of us, and he looked absolutely incredible. His body was smaller than mine but well muscled and evenly tanned. I doubted if there was an ounce of fat on his body, because I could see the beautiful lines of muscles at every curve of his form, tempting me to touch him everywhere. Duo's shining hair was cascading all around him flowing well past his ass, and I suddenly wondered how I could have gotten so lucky; who could look at this boy and *not* want him?

This was all an amazing sight to my eyes, not to mention that fact that Duo was just as hard as I was, and seeing his glistening arousal caused my hand to stray lower on my own body to brush against my burning length.

Duo grinned again and approached me, getting down on his knees. "No, no, Heero," he scolded playfully. "Let me be the one to give you pleasure." And as I shivered at the words, he grasped the base of my cock and brought his mouth closer, licking careful lines around the head.

"Ahh...ah! Duo!" I whimpered, trying to thrust forward. "More..."

His tongue dipped lower, licking from the base to the tip before suddenly engulfing my entire length in his sweet, hot mouth. He held my hips firmly in place to keep them from thrusting violently, but his mouth was creating so much delicious friction that I didn't have to. I felt one of his hands touching my sac, and the other stroking the base of my cock while- as promised- he ran his tongue over every inch of my hard shaft, bathing it in warmth. Looking down at this sight was amazing; Duo's sensuous mouth wrapped around my cock looked almost as good as it felt.

He increased the pace and bobbed his head back and forth to take me in fully every time. Then one of his hands left my cock and reached up to toy with a nipple, twisting and rubbing the nubs of flesh in turn until they were both hard.

"Duo," I gasped, feeling with every passing moment that I was coming violently close to climax. I wanted to release myself in his mouth, but the thought of coming inside his tight body, of being one with the boy I now knew I loved, was too great to ignore.

"Duo, stop... unhh. I'm going to come. I want to come inside you..."

He stroked me a few more times with his amazing mouth before stopping. We were both gasping, faces flushed and bodies now demanding release. I had been teased enough. Now I only wanted to take Duo and make him mine.

Never taking my eyes from him, I went back to the couch and sat back, spread eagle, beckoning him.

"Duo, come here. Ride me," I growled, and even I was surprised at how hoarse and lustful my voice had become.

He also looked surprised, and moaned in response. In a flash Duo was against me, straddling my lap and grinding our arousals together one last time. He kissed me hard, and I returned the passion filled embrace.

Duo had a thoughtful look on his face when he released his lips from mine, and he stood up again.

"We need something to make this easier," he announced, and darted from the room. I hardly had time to wonder what Duo was talking about, because he reappeared very quickly. He held a bottle of lotion, and I thought I understood what he wanted to do with it.

"You need to stretch me first," he explained, uncapping the lotion and squeezing some on his palm. "If we don't, I might, um... bleed."

Concern wiped away some of the cloudy passion in my eyes at this announcement. There was no way I wanted to do this if it would hurt Duo, so I was ready to do whatever he asked to keep that from happening.

"Show me, Duo," I said gently, holding my arms for him.

He sat back on the other side of the couch and transferred the glob of lotion from his hand to mine.

"Have you ever done this before?" I asked suddenly.

"No," he admitted, blushing a little. "But I've read about it. It shouldn't hurt if we do this first. I'm pretty sure it won't."

I felt strangely glad that this was Duo's first time. Obviously it was mine as well, and he was in fact the first person I'd ever kissed. I knew that when I took him, it would be a symbol of the fact that Duo belonged to me and no one else. Ever.

"I take it this is your first time too, huh?" Duo smiled.

"Yes. You're the only one I've ever been attracted to," I said honestly.

"Ohh, Heero." There was an expression of unbridled joy on Duo's face at this admission. Duo grabbed my hand and kissed each of my fingertips. The touch was simple, but easily told me how much he cared. But the affectionate gesture turned back to sexual when Duo realized that I was hovering over him on the couch. He rubbed his hard length against my thigh, and I bit back a moan.

"Cover one of your fingers in lotion," he directed with returning lust in his eyes, "and slide it inside me."

I did just that, and he squirmed at the touch, looking uncomfortable for a brief moment before he smiled at me again. I slid the finger in and out, feeling Duo's body relax more as he got used to the sensation. Sensing what I was supposed to do next, I coated another finger and slid it inside him to join the first. He squirmed again and gasped, but did not look to be in pain.

"Duo...?" I asked, just to be sure.

"Don't stop, Heero. It's good." He was panting shallowly, and I ached to take him, but waited until he told me he was ready.

"One more finger," Duo gasped out, and I complied. As I pushed my fingers in his channel again, they brushed something slightly firm. Duo cried out and arched his back, and I was alarmed.

"Did I hurt you?" I asked, already fearfully pulling my fingers out.

"No... oh, Heero, do that again. It felt incredible."

I found the spot again and pushed down on it slightly. Duo moaned loudly and his hard cock pulsed, evidence that touching him there felt just as good as he'd said.

"Heero, take me! I'm ready. Mmm, I'm going to come if you keep doing that."

I withdrew my fingers and he whimpered with what sounded like loss, so I leaned forward to kiss him. "Don't worry, I'll touch that spot again."

He shivered and pushed me forward so that I was sitting up again. I spread my legs immediately and Duo reached for the bottle of lotion. He squeezed out more and began rubbing it over every inch of my cock. I urged him to hurry because the added friction was bringing me dangerously close to the edge again.

Duo straddled my lap and grinned down at me. "I believe you wanted me to ride you...?"

I moaned and nodded, and Duo was suddenly touching my face with both his hands, the love I had first seen on his face that morning now completely evident in those captivating violet eyes. He moved closer without taking his hands from me, adjusting until I felt my arousal pressing against his opening. I reached out to touch his face as well, savoring that moment in which neither of us moved. It was the greatest feeling of love- of being in love- that I had known in my life, and even if I get so old that I no longer remember my name, I know will still remember what that felt like. Duo remained there, just about to impale himself on my hardness, and we were on the brink of giving ourselves to each other in body as we'd already done in love. It was about to happen, and yet in my mind, it had already happened. Now I realized that Duo and I were really like one perfect being, and also that I'd known this fact from the moment I'd first laid eyes on Duo. No,... probably from the moment I'd first drawn breath in this world, but had been unfortunate enough to live without my other half for fifteen long years. But now it was real, and we were on the edge of the most important thing that would ever happen to us.

"I love you," Duo said, and he pulled me close to meet his lips with mine as I felt my lubed cock begin to slide inside him.

I heard myself panting and moaning Duo's name against his lips as he continued down. The velvet walls of his body grasped every inch of my cock, creating impossible friction. It was incredible, better than anything I could have imagined.

And, strangely, at the moment when he was fully impaled on me, I thought of what it was like to be lonely, to be sad. These were emotions I'd experienced practically everyday of my life- sometimes hidden behind the emotional walls I'd built for myself- and what I was feeling right now was exactly the opposite of all that. Duo was mine, and I was his.

"Duo..." I moaned, breaking from his lips to look him straight in the eye. "This feels like coming home." I started thrusting shallowly into him, moving my hips in small circles. "Love you," I panted, grasping him by the shoulders.

"Love you," Duo repeated. He pulled himself up slightly and slid back down on my cock, and I threw my head back to cry out. Duo continued raising his body and filling himself with my length. I felt my hands come up and slide around to cup his tight ass, bringing him down to meet my thrusts as the pace increased.

"Ahh, Heero! Harder! Feels so good... Heeeero..." Duo sobbed.. I changed my angle slightly, searching for the spot that had given Duo pleasure before. I knew I'd hit it when he screamed and arched his back, panting uncontrollably. I grinned and focused on hitting that place with every stroke possible.

"Yes! Right there! Harder, Heero!" Duo's words became meaningless cries as I continued pressing my cock against the firm spot inside him.

I knew then that I'd never be able to get enough. It was only my first time, but I could already tell that I was going to be insatiable for doing this to Duo's body. I was fucking him, feeling his muscles clench around my slick cock, seeing his sensuous mouth slightly open and moaning my name, and it was all too much to comprehend at once. My entire erection was engulfed in Duo's tight, slippery heat, and I couldn't stop myself from pounding into him, relishing his cries for more.

Without realizing I'd started to do it, I reached down and grabbed Duo's gleaming erection, stroking it in time with my thrusts into his perfect body.

"Come for me, Duo," I whispered, almost there myself. "Come for me, let me see you..."

I pumped into him faster, waiting for him to fall over the edge before I'd allow myself to.

Duo came then, jets of liquid desire coating my fingers and my stomach, and he screamed my name. Then I felt his already tight muscles clamp down on me, and all I could see were white spots, a cloud of pleasure obscuring all else.

I cried his name and felt my own passion fill his body, marking him forever as mine.

The moment seemed to drag on forever, but my vision started to return and I suddenly felt Duo stir against me.

It was over; we had given ourselves to each other, and I had never felt better in my life. I gathered Duo in my arms and felt him envelope me in his. With a contented sigh, I pulled us both down to lay on the couch. I was exhausted, and by the dwindling flame in Duo's eyes, I could see he felt the same way.

"That was... amazing," he sighed contentedly.

"It was," I agreed. When I drew him closer, I felt the slightly sticky sensation of Duo's passion on my stomach and realized that I was a mess.

"I'll take care of that," Duo volunteered, guessing my thought. In an instant he had moved to begin licking the milky fluid from my skin. I gasped, already feeling my arousal return. Duo chuckled when he saw this and he quickly finished cleaning my stomach with his tongue to come back into my embrace.

"Later," he promised, making himself comfortable in the circle of my arms. "You look exhausted, and I'm pretty tired myself."

I nodded. "I want to be fully awake when we make love again," I told him, kissing the top of his head.

"Heero..." Duo began in a hesitant voice. "Next time-"

"Next time, you are going to take me," I informed him. I knew that was what he wanted to say, and I was all too willing to try it the other way. "I have made you mine," I said, smiling. "And next time, you are going to make me yours." Then I remembered something. "And you tortured me with your mouth and hands, but I didn't get to touch you enough this time." I grinned evily. "You are getting the full torture after our nap."

He raised his eyebrows, smiling happily at me. "Sounds more like pleasure than torture."

"Oh, it will be," I promised.

Duo reached to touch my cheek again, his slightly callused fingertips trailing down from my right temple to the tip of my chin. I smiled against the touch and leaned forward to show him I liked it. Duo ran a finger along my bottom lip, and I kissed it.

"I love you," I said quietly, my eyes already sliding peacefully closed.

"I love you too, Hee-chan."

He chuckled when I stiffened in surprise at the nickname, then I kissed his forehead and felt myself fall into a most blisfful sleep.

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