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Pairing: 1x2, hints of others here and there.
Warnings: Kidnapping, action types stuff, Relena and Duo are twins. *holds ears from people shrieking.*
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Notes: No one gave me good reason why Duo should be Pluto, that would be overly OCC even for me. Pluto is the God of the Underworld; Mors is the God of Death... think that is overlooked when reading myths. Pluto is sullen, much like some other G-boy. Hope you will give this thought and like it. This is based on the story of Hades and Proserpina- just have my twist in it. I have somewhere in my room a yummy piccy of Hades...need to make a Heero version.

Undying Love
Part 1

During a time of great famine, the goddess of agriculture was in great grief. She spent her days alone working the earth, twisting untwistible vines to grow and plants that suffered to flourish. But so much was her task that she wished it upon herself to have a helper, one with kindness and beauty and one to touch the ground and have flowers grow.

On the ninth full moon she gave birth to twins, children so different in appearance it would be said they would be different in mind set. For as the girl was fair-haired her brother was dark. One had eyes as soft as an ocean wave that shined in the light of the sun, the other had eyes of the velvet cloak of night that shown with its stars. The fair vixen had lips that were brushed with the petals of the spring orchard trees; the dark fey lips were reddened with the sweet fruits of the land. Each was different as night and day, but they both had the gift, one of the flowers and one of the trees.

Growing up, the girl named Relena was gentle natured and enjoyed the light of the sun and skipped to the sound of the birds chirping, but her brother Duo would hide himself from the fingers of the light and enjoyed the peace of quiet.

During their vacation on the green plains of Enna, Relena was dancing around her mother Noin while placing dainty gifts of flower wreaths upon her head. She tried to put one on Duo, but he merely batted her away saying he didn't want her to mess up his long plait of hair.

Shrugging off her bother's want to be alone, she handed him a long veil of blossoms and went to play with the nymphs at the crest of the hill. Laughter rained down as they sang and danced giving each other gifts of the fragrant bouquets.

"Duo come dance with us, you look so lonely."

"Come play master Duo! It would do your heart a deal of good!" The nymphs would crowd around him and pull on his limbs, but he refused.

"Let me be, I rather sit and gaze at the clouds. Off with you." As he pushed the last girl from him as loud scream pierced the still afternoon air. Turning quickly he saw a large beast come from the sky, golden wings pierced the blue sky casting shadows as it latched onto the frightened girl.

"Relena!" Duo jumped up from his spot as he chased after the Harpy only to be out of reach and not fast enough. The nymphs gathered around him weeping large tears for their friend as she fought the large talons holding her arms.


Flying into the deep underground, the cold air prickled Relena's sun golden skin. She whimpered continuously as she was placed in a large hollowed out room incrusted with rubies and diamonds creating a warm atmosphere in the darkness.

The Harpy proud of her mission tucked in her wings and sprinted towards her Master's throne room. A bit out of breath from the journey on foot, the woman demon smiled with long fangs towards the man in the darkness.

"Heero sire, I have brought the one you longed for."

"Have you Dorothy?" Standing into the light, the god showed himself. Incased in black leather from the neck down, it creaked as he stepped down off the large stand. A heavy dark stained metal chest and back plate shown with a dull light as did his skull helmet covering his face. The only colors exhibited were the deep glassy blue eyes and the billowing crimson cape that looked as if it was dipped in the battlefield blood.

The blonde Harpy licked her lips at the thought of the rich river that flowed but came too when the sound of hard boots approached in front of her.

"Take me to see the brightness in the dark."

Dorothy could barely contain herself, she knew that her master would be so happy that he would let her torture some human souls in the Tartarus. She nearly skipped but instead loped down the dimly lit hallway, talons tapping on the hard black marble floors.

Upon reaching the destination, the young god was ready to see his bride, ready to see the longhaired child that enamoured him since its birth. But what he saw angered him, instead of the fawn haired boy with large wide night eyes; he was graced with the view of the flaxen haired child of the sun, the sister.

Enraged that his infallible servant made the mistake of catching the wrong person, but thought that he would go for the blonde creature mournfully singing while clutching at her robes in tears.

'Now he would hate me for taking his sister... what to do.'

Grunting in disapproval, he grabbed at the demon woman's hair and lifted her up to look inside the peephole.

"Does this look like the creature I have longed for from afar? Is this the one I asked you to bring to me? This girl?"

"Sire? I did what you said, bring me the child of Noin, for they are to be my bride!"

"You do not think well, I wanted the son, the pale skinned, ruby lipped, smiling dark eyed boy!" Pushing her away, he left to go back to his throne to talk to Meiran, the goddess of justice always knew what to do in these situations.


Months passed and Noin was sick in tears for her daughter. She hid from the world in a large cave, the only plants that grew was from her salty river of tears, but then would begin to die from the lack of light.

A slim outline awakened her from her sobbing, "My dear Duo, come to me." Wiping her eyes with the long sash she held the body of her son close as he embraced her.

"I will get her back mother, if I have to kill what ever took her." His eyes burned with revenge as he let go of the broken goddess. "I promise you, Relena will be returned."

Walking out of the mouth of the cave, Duo noted the destruction of his mother's sadness on the world. Civilization began to break apart, feuds and wars broke out over nothing. People starved from lack of food, field barren or used as mass graves. It was all the fault of the one that owned the Harpy, the one that took his mother's heart and it was up to him to save the world from her grief.

Ne... I know, Heero all covered up like that. Hehe. Plus I don't like doing what people want, I just don't see things as others do...that makes things original. ^_^;;;

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