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Notes: This is from a long conversation and then pushing to which one of us will write this strange food fic-damn it I always lose!

To: Kwycksylver…you mind goes beyond mine, and that scares me. Hehe.
‘__’ Heero’s dirty little thoughts

Twinkies Aren’t Just a Snack Anymore
by Lady Tora

"You and me baby are nothin’ but mammals, So lets do it like they do on the Discovery channel…" Bloodhound Gang

A low moaning chant came from the large velvet couch, "Duo bored," a channel would click, "Duo bored," then another turn.

Heero walked into a wondrous sight that both confused him and very much appealed to him. The long leggy American pilot outstretched between the crimson red cushions dressed in simple black boxers and black socks. T’was a beautiful sight indeed and ‘little’ Yuy wanted to poke his head out for a look as well.

Coughing and tugging the long green shirt to conceal his obvious attraction even though his oblivious mind tried to think of something to kill it.

"You bored Duo?" He sat down on the end of the couch, hugging closely to the large wooden arm for some sort of protection that he knew was useless.

The violet eyed youth stretched out his arms over his head making the sinewy fibers of muscles stretch and lifting the slight defined pectorals. Duo kicked out a foot and tapped frozen body on the arm of the couch- giving a slight glimpse of downy pubic hair incased testicle.

‘I will not, I cannot…’ Heero squeak and looked over at the television as the satellite guide did a run through of all the useless brain rioting matter that caught the poor sapless souls into watching.

Duo rolled over onto his stomach, pert rear in the air as he nuzzled against the pillow and had outstretched arm out changing the channels.

The Japanese teen was on the verge of melting into a puddle as he watched his comrade struggle for comfort and entertainment and seemed to loose at both battles.

"You think with over five hundred damn channels there would be at least something half fucking descent."

‘Fucking descent? Bad Yuy, think unhappy thoughts…baseball- damn ball! Um…aw damn it. I’m going to hell on a Shinigami shaped boat.’ His head went down as Duo’s weight lifted from the couch as he found something worth watching in the upright position.

‘I hope like hell it isn’t porn.’

What it was, was something entirely different, "A nature special?" Heero felt a bit relieved, he could watch that and get his mind off very hard dripping pressing matters.

"Yeah, something on the mating habits of the bat." Duo nestled into the large pillows and set his legs onto the glass coffee table. "I wonder how they do it upside down?"

‘I would love to show you six ways till Sunday if I could…arrogant little bastard. Oh I shall get even with who ever made you,’ Heero openly growled startling himself in the process.

"Well, if you didn’t want to watch I can change it." He lifted up the pale arm grasping the black universal RCA remote that looked too suspiciously like a medium sized black dildo with glowing buttons.

Shaking the vision from his head, "No, this is fine…had something in my throat."

Duo arched an eyebrow at the huddled mass, "Sure Yuy, I know a ‘Aw fuck’ growl when I hear it."

‘Well, he is damn close.’

They watched the special that had too much for the Zero pilot to handle. Every scene made him want to jump Duo and show him how it was ‘really’ done upside down. Things went at a grueling pace, it was almost over and then he could just excuse himself for bed or a nice whack off session in the bathroom- again.

A small crinkling sound caught his sharp ears, like a plastic wrapper that was slowly being stripped off. He looked over and saw the American youth tearing open something with his teeth, then spitting out the piece of plastic in his mouth.

"Damn Twinkie wrapper…adult proof junk food…" Finally free of the wrapper, Duo inhaled the scent of the strange little yellow cake and looked over, "yah want one?"

Not thinking, Heero shook his head yes like a small child. He scooted over next to the warm body and took the small wrapper offering out of the deft fingers.

With a smile, Duo took a bite of the cake causing some of the gooey cream filling to come out of the end, making a mess on the taught stomach.

‘Not again, can he do anything that isn’t suggestive?’ Heero sunk into the couch fiddling with the wrapper just watching Duo clean up the mess he created.

A slow finger dipped in the creamy pile, smearing a bit and gathering some on the index finger. He took it to his mouth and savored it, crimson tongue wrapping around the digit lovingly.

‘I wonder if you can die of a hard on?’

The longhaired imp took another bite, smaller this time to avoid another spill. He let his tongue wonder out of its warm cavern, lapping up the bit of creamy center of the Twinkie. Enjoying the treat, Duo looked over towards Heero to see if he liked his Twinkie…only it looked as he was hyperventilating, red as a beet and sweating profusely. "Heero? You okay?"

Afraid to hear his own voice but know it would shut the teen up, "I think I’m allergic."

Again with the thin etched eyebrow going up, "You didn’t even open it and I am sure you are not allergic to plastic. Tell me what’s up?" Duo stuffed the yellow cake in his mouth and sucked the sugary cream off his fingers. "C’mon, I won’t laugh."

Shaking his head frantically, Heero was so far over the edge he was almost willing to tell the walking talking wet dream.

‘Can’t tell him! Mustn’t tell! Damn I’m so horny!"

He put the Twinkie down on the table and leaned over to look at the soft-worried eyes. Worried over him, even though ‘HE’ was the one that orchestrated the evil crafted attempt to kill him. Giving up on all thoughts and psychological approaches to understand this wicked thing called ‘hormones’, Heero pressed his hip against Duo’s and bent in for a kiss only to have a hand pressed against his forehead.

"What are you doing Yuy?" The voice was not mad, just a twinge of cynical with a twist of question.


"What, now c’mon. You should know words Heero, I heard you talk before.."

On a near growl, "I- Duo you…evil!"

Confusion and humor marred the shapely chiseled face, "You trying to blame me? You tried to kiss me yah perv!" Duo got up and laughed softly.

"You seduced me! Wearing next to nothing and then that damn mating special and then you top it off with that damn radioactive junk food, you never dropped cream on you before why start now?" He was near hysterical when he put his words together slowly; "You don’t make things easy to live when someone thinks they love you." He dropped his head only to feel something soft on his shoulder. Looking over it was Duo’s head resting perfectly next to the nape of his neck then followed a pair of arms that strangled his waist.

"That’s all you have to say instead of acting like a total spastic nut.." Duo pushed the ridged body straight onto the couch. A smile graced his cream smeared lips as he gave a gentle wink of his cobalt eye.

Heero sniffed in a little of the soft scent that was his own friend, comrade and soon to be pet humping weasel. Lifting his face to the American pilot, he let his tongue glide along the edge of Duo’s mouth; cleaning up the bit of cream and crumbs from the cake and awaiting the slick monster inside to come out and play. His wish came true as Duo opened his mouth and sucked the probing tongue in, letting it mingle with his own. Pressing back against the couch, the longhaired teen grabbed his partners hands, lifting them above his head as he took control, licking the inside of his mouth with the thick pink monster; savoring every morsel and whimper for more.

Duo lifted his head up and looked at the love hazed eyes. He chortled a little and nuzzled the long throat. "You know, it took you long enough. Hard headed Japanese."

Trying to move his hands which were in the ‘Maxwell Death Grip’, he instead moved his hips upward to gain some ground. "I’ll show you hard headed!" Heero lifted his legs straight up in the air and pulled his body upward to a handstand and let himself fall on Duo’s back, pinning him on the couch.

"Wait! No fair!" The Deathscythe pilot squirmed. He stopped when he heard the crinkle of a plastic wrapper and then the cold Twinkie and warm hands on his back. Heero took the yellow cake and smeared it along his comrade’s back, grinning at the sight of the shuddering muscles from the touch.

He bent down and began to slowly clean up the area, starting at the waistband of the black boxers. He suckled areas where the cream seemed to embed itself in the oh so soft skin.

Duo arched and moaned as his pinned body was stimulated and his awakened erection was pinned between the couch cushions. He tried to calculate a way out of the strong grip and lightweight on his back…but he wasn’t impartial to letting the Japanese youth to finish his snack. He wasn’t a total sadist after all.

Enjoying each little section of Duo’s back, Heero nipped areas that seemed to get a nice reaction. Shoulder blades, the spinal column and then the nape of the neck, which he savored. The rising heat beneath him and the smell of rising pheromones could keep him up for a month alone. The Asian pilot cleaned up the last crumb and decided to prolong the experience by suckling on Duo’s ear only to feel gravity to knock him over onto the floor with the violet-eyed teen in tow.

Now wedged between the coffee table and the floor, Heero had no way out as Duo grinned like a maniac. "I think that is check mate." Leaning down he kissed the shell pink lips that uttered a moaning ‘yes’. Slipping his hands underneath the long tank top and scratched his nails lightly, drawing a hiss and Goosebumps along the mocha colored flesh. Slowly, the longhaired youth slipped off the article of clothing and slipped his long fingers around the stainless steel button on the old dingy jeans. Every click of the zipper teeth was like drawing your first breath when you are born.

New World, new life.

Gently, he pulled apart the pieces of denim fabric and inhaled the rich scent that was of Heero’s arousal. As Duo inched down the pants, he let his tongue graze the surface of the reddened head.

Heero gasped out loud and lifted his hips for more contact, more of that out of this world feeling. Duo complied by taking the entire crown in his mouth; suckling softly, rolling it around and finally letting it pop out. He never felt greedy for something, always sharing with others, but this was his. His alone. No one could have him.

Duo let a low growl and traveled back up to Heero’s open mouth, kissing the flushed cheek, opening his mouth a bit to let his tongue deftly taste the salty skin beneath. Heero was all his favorite things, salty, sweet, hard and soft. Yielding and demanding.

With the last of his strength, the Zero pilot let his arms embrace the angelic demon above him, letting his hands roam down and slip his worn fingers into the waist band of Duo’s boxers. He began to pull down to expose the lily-white buttocks and knead the warm flesh in his cold hands. He felt Duo back up a little, wiggling into his touch.

Lifting each knee to remove the boxers, the Deathscythe pilot put one hand to the floor and the other to his partner’s chest, feeling the heavy heartbeat beneath his fingertips.

"Do you want me to go on?" Kissing softly on pert nipple, probing it with his tongue to a painful nub.

"Yes!" His voice heavy with need, it came out like a soft but urgent sigh.

Duo got up on his hands and knees and felt under the couch for a small bottle that was haphazardly left by someone who forgot it during a ‘special session’. He pulled up with lube in hand and a grin on his face as Heero arched a wirey eyebrow.

"So I won’t kill you and you come back and kill me."

Still not impressed, but no time to argue as Duo lifted one of his legs over his shoulder and the other close to his waist. Heero watched as the fey youth between his legs poured a generous amount of the slick liquid on his fingers. He let his fingers trail on the outside of the Japanese teen’s opening, circling and waiting for the ring to flex and let him enter. Pressing two fingers at once, Heero bowed his back, gasping for air as he was prodded inside out. The fingers inside of him turned and flexed, stroking his cavity with the long digits. He began to buck and thrust against the hand, wringing himself with pleasure and pain.

Feeling that his comrade was ready, he pulled his fingers back only to have an iron grip on his hand. Duo looked down to Heero’s flushed face. Eyes blaring a dark hazy blue as he held onto his hand. "I got something better…just let go." Nodding his head he slipped his wrist from the grasp and laid it down on a dark hip.

The American youth stroked the tender thigh as he pressed his hardened arousal forward into the awaiting entrance. The crown slipped through the shivering ring of flesh only to have Heero gasp and tighten his muscles. Duo gasped a bit in pain, "Relax, your killing me…" He hissed out and began to feel the tawny body beneath him release slowly. Taking in a deep breath, the longhaired teen slowly moved his hips forward listening to every breath and gasp that musically filtered through the air. The further he moved into Heero’s body, the more at home he felt. The shivering velvet exterior spasmed in caressing waves, and he wanted more. More of the feelings around him, the heat embracing him, the smell of intoxicating mix of love, lust and need.

Duo pulled up on the leg around his waist and let it instinctively flex and grasp his hips as he felt the top of his balls touch the bottom of Heero’s ass. He stayed there for a minute, catching his breath and composure. If he died in that position, he would have been happy, but only missing one thing. With pale sweaty hands on dark shapely hips, Duo pulled out and with short thrust came back buried to the hilt.

Feeling his lower back in the air and his shoulder blades being pushed into the floor, it was nothing to what was being done to the lower half of his body. Above him were the angel and the devil, wrapped up in one exquisite human being that was slowly driving him mad with the rhythm of his cock in his ass. Whimpers and gasps only made them become longer and more forceful, but when he screamed and squeezed his legs around the sadistic beauty did it smile back and pressed his body into the floor and began to go faster and harder.

Pulse pounding beats, sweat glistening in the dull light of the television set and the murmuring pants of lovers embraced made the atmosphere thick and fogged over. Duo tried to make it last, but his knees being burned by the carpet and the dull ache in this lower back and left nut was giving him a second opinion. Twisting a bit to push his cock upwards, he hit a small spot that caused Heero’s passion spent chants to halt and his body to freeze up. The longhaired youth hit it again harder causing his lover to arch up and scream loudly as he came hard. The pools of white musky cream exited his manhood, falling on his chest and the scratchy carpet.

Heero’s body thrived and convulsed beneath him, jerking and milking his own body of the orgasm that felt better then any single handed motion by himself. Duo bit his lip as he fell slightly forward, on hand on his lover’s hip and the other clutching the floor for stability. Breath was short as he gasped, a small trickle of sweat beaded down his forehead and dripped of the end of his sharp nose. He gave a small smile and bent slowly down to kiss the panting open mouth as he felt the legs clutching his waist and shoulder drop down onto the floor.

"Never took you for a screamer…always the quiet ones."

Heero tried to glare, but it didn’t come out with passion clouded eyes and his hair plastered to the sides of his face from perspiration. "Is it always that good?" He finally croaked.

"No." The fey youth grinned slightly and nuzzled the heaving chest; "It gets better…guess we practice then." He heard the body beneath him snort with a short laugh.

"Practice makes perfect." Heero reached up and tapped the coffee table and grasped the crinkling wrapper. Duo looked up for a moment and smiled as his lover put half the yellow cake in his mouth and motioned for Duo to left up and take the other half in a kiss. He never once savored the treat, but he would remember that one Twinkie for a long time.


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