Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing…damn it.

Category: Humor
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Wing Gundam + Deathscythe Hell Custom + Wing Zero Custom
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Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing…damn it.
Warnings: I am not sure…but the pairing is enough to scare the hell out of people.

Notes: : I have no idea still why I am doing this…I think my muse is smoking what Howard has. This takes place right at Endless Waltz, but still trying to figure out what the heck happened to Wing Gundam…and this wouldn't be fun without Altron, so don't hate me for putting her on the rock with the others.

Strangest of All 1X2's

Oh the air was hot in the shuttle…and the poor Gundams knew it.

"I am too hot!" Coughed Sandrock, "Won't they put us in an environment more suitable to gundamium!"

Heavyarms just glared, "You bitch too much."

"I do not!"

"Do too!"

"Do not!"

"Oh shut up!" Altron's wired veins throbbed. "I am trying to watch the show!"

Zero and Wing glared each other down as Deathscythe looked nervously between the two.

"Um, can't we just be friends?" The silence was broken between the evil glares between the twin Gundams.

"You know how lonely I was?" Wing looked pitiful, "I mean, I almost missed Sandrock and Heavyarms belittling each other, and then Altron bitching constantly. Then I missed you, but seems you took no time in replacing me." He hung his heavy head down and crossed his arms.

"Not my fault Heero left you with that blonde nut with the forked eyebrows."

"Heero has forked eyebrows." Wing poked Zero, protecting his formal pilot.

"Will you two shut up!" Deathscythe Hell popped both of the Mobil Suits on the back of the head. "I'll tell you guys this, Wing, you're my first love and I still have a thing for you. Zero, you came to me when I was so lonely for Wing. So either of you be nice or neither of you get me." The black Gundam stormed out of the holding area and went back into the large coffin-like containment unit.

Altron fell over, "Damn, better then a soap opera. Wish I had popcorn."

"Wish I had a mouth." Sandrock sighed.

"I am so glad you don't."

"You want a piece of me!" The desert Gundam threw down his hands.

"Bring it on Rainbow Bright!"

The Chinese suit huffed, "Oh how do I survive?" She threw out her dragonheads to punch Heavyarms and Sandrock square in the hard head. "There, all quiet."

**Outside of the Mariemaia's Compound**

Duo and Deathscythe Hell screamed at the top of their lungs for their lovers' safety. Both watched in horror as Zero blew apart and plummeted to the earth in a smoking heap. Hitting the afterburners, Duo went to the scene as quickly as possible, hoping that Heero survived the devastating blast.

Crawling out of the broken MS, Heero looked up to see Duo jumping out of the kneeling Gundam and running towards him as break neck speed.

"Heero! Stay still! I'm coming!"

Looking at the scrap heap, DS sniffled a little and whispered, "I'll miss you."

A long groan came out; "Life goes on." The pieces stopped sparking and went still.

Peace finally found itself on Earth and throughout the colonies due the bravery of the pilots, but no one bothered to congratulate the Gundams for putting up with it all.

The oversized suits lined up for the last time, ready to be disposed of. Heero put the last bits of Zero in and around Wing Gundam to have the last of the diagnostics and the system to be destroyed.

"Well guys, looks like it is time to kiss the sky one last time." Deathscythe said mournfully.

"I guess this is good bye then, huh?" Heavyarms patted Altron on the back.

"Sure looks like it. Our time has come."

"I will miss the good times we had."

"I am sorry me and Zero fought, but you are worth it DS."

"Aw guys, don't make me start blubbering!" Deathscythe said before the self-destruct button was pushed from a distance.

All the Gundams glowed in their final moments and then blew up in a thousand pieces, laying on the ground in heavy thuds.

"Well, looks like that's that." Duo turned around when he heard something moving through the wreckage. "What tha?" His eyes blinked, then he rubbed them to blink again.

"I don't believe it!"

The pieces melded together to form a chibi form of each Gundam. The Deathscythe Hells looked at each other and made a high pitch giggle as the Altrons ran around screaming injustice. All the Heavyarms gave a lopsided grin to the Sandrocks and chased them up the hills, threatening to show off their cute guns and flashing open their chest compartment with a tiny missile in each.

Zeros and Wings looked at the multitude of Deathscythes and glomped the one they wanted.

Trowa looked over at the others, shrugged and walked away with Quatre being dragged off. Duo stared at his chibi sized Gundams and was in shock that it was getting more then him. "Heero?"

"No we are not taking them home!"

"They are so cute!"

"They are not pets!"

"Please kiobito!"


"Then could we send them to Relena?"

A smile crossed the devilish lips.

The End...or is it?

Oh, after I got back from the store to finish this…I saw models of Chibi Mobil Suits. I couldn't really tell which series they all came from…either from Turn a Gundam or the V series…but they were so cute! That is how I got the ending. Now I need about 30 bucks to get the little cuties. *giggles *


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