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Over all Warnings: Cross-dressing, beheading, incest, blood, death, bad incantations, psychotic men living in a run down shack, attempted rape, murder, cursing, evil animals, laws of Physics thrown out the window, bastardization of all kinds of characters.I bet I just scared about 20 people). But I swear this will have a happy lemon ending! Just bare with me!

Notes: Oy, not the fluffy Disney version. *takes out the tape and smashes it * I am going on 3 things, the original Grimm's Fairy Tales, the movie Snow White: A Tale of Terror, and my own personal touch of evil mischief.

More Notes: So we come to a close…Lemony-Ever After.

Extra notes: Been working on this since the beginning of the series and finally finished due to muse torturing techniques taught to me by the best. There is a lemon in here, if you can access it from all the flowery terms and little secondary stories, I applaud you.

Snow White
Part 11

Awaking to a pair of large warm arms around him, Heero froze in fear. Looking up to his husband face, he noticed a slight smile and content that showered over him.

Duo awoke and found himself wrapped in silken embrace whilst something soft was nuzzling his chest.

"I thought it was all a dream."

Holding on tighter, he kissed the soft messy locks of hair from the Prince’s face.

"Duo…" Long sigh escaped the slender throat as the word bubbled up.

The longhaired man smiled down upon his love’s face, but looked concerned from the small bit of fear that arose back at him.

"What is wrong Heero?"

"I am afraid."

"Of me?" Duo sat up and pulled the slender body up closer.

"No…of what you want."

Now confused by the question, he blinked a few times and shook his head. "You are afraid of me loving you?"

"A bit yes." Heero held his hands against his mouth, "I am afraid of the conception of love." He looked away as if ashamed.

Taking the tiny fingers from their master’s mouth, Duo kissed each one in reassurance.

"I would never hurt you. You have my heart and soul, hurting you would kill me."

His eyes reassured the Prince and fell heart first into a soft tentative kiss. Just as their first, it was soft and needy, but grew to more heated as each grew stronger and explorative.

Tongues dueled for rightful space causing each to smile and wrap their arms around each other, falling down in a tangle of blankets. Duo uncovered his love’s face and kissed it causing Heero to giggle in response. Feeling that the fear was leaving the youth beneath him, he began to explore what he could with nimble fingers.

Brushing his hands across the smooth graceful neck, Duo began to kiss his way down and gently licked around the Adams apple that began to bob up and down as Heero gasped. Feeling downwards, he began to untie the soft nightgown and flitted his tongue into the depths of the sharp collarbone, causing the boy to rise up moaning.

"More…please!" Heero grabbed onto thick mane of hair and pulled Duo closer to his exposed skin.

Every little touch was virginal to Heero’s body and a temple to Duo. He lavished attention to each little spot that cause some vocal insistence to go on. The longhaired man pulled down the nightshirt and began to nibble on the pale pink nipples, rolling them on his tongue and gently biting, forcing a hiss from the Prince’s teeth. Lifting his head, he kisses the reddened flesh and gave the over bump of flesh the same treatment as he began to push the shirt further down till heard a sharp exhale as engorged muscle became exposed to the air.

"Still afraid?"

Voice leaving the boy, he wildly shook his head from side to side and arched up as Duo’s hands began to roam down close to his erection.

Still moving down the sweet body, Duo smiled in surprise to see the defined stomach muscles that quivered under his hot breath. He traced the outline of each with his kisses as his bangs painted a trail, pricking the tiny hairs that laid the way to the special treasures that the Prince hid.

Heero’s eyes were locked onto Duo’s actions and inhaled sharply as he saw what was about to happen next. Lips separated into a bow shape as he felt his entire being swept away in a single motion, warm tunnel embracing his manhood as the slick tongue swept across the small slit forcing the prince to buck up. As silent witness to the youth’s breakdown, Duo just smiled around the thick muscle that proudly stood in his mouth. His hands kneaded the pale thighs, rubbing back and forth the long limbs before settling at the joint that began to flex in and out. Callous thumbs began to stroke and massage the base of Heero’s cock while petting the rough pubic hair causing faint murmurs to pour from his husband’s red lips.

The air filled with the soft fragrance of opening morning glories that grew along the newly joined couple’s room and the mewling appreciation of one royal child. Filling Duo’s ears, he pulled up slowly to allow the tip to graze the roof of his mouth and dip back down, rubbing his nose in the heady fragrance that was al la Heero Yuy. Heat transferred from his mouth up through the Price’s body, boiling his blood till it could not get any higher.

A firestorm of lights flew though Heero’s head as he arched up and arms clinched outstretched as if he was going to fly through the lightening storm of emotions and feelings. But as it began it slowly faded off to the sun shining morning that was surrounded by the beautiful dawning of deep cobalt eyes.


Leaning up the sweaty body, the longhaired man kissed the dampened cheek and savored the saltiness of his lover’s essence and the trickle of sweat that he caught on his tongue.

"Yes my love?" Letting his tongue roam to the berry blood lips, Duo tasted and gorged himself on his husband as if it would be his last, but as momentous as the first. His hands slid down to caress an exposed rib, stroking it with feather soft touches as he rubbed his precome slicked cock across the fluttering ring of Heero buttocks.

"There is more…" Arching like a cat in heat as his eyes glazed over. The total wanton display caused the elder man to groan as he began to run his length along the renewing muscle of his lover. "Oh so much more."

He created a monster of desire as Heero pulled him up for a breath-taking kiss. Pressing hard at the creature above him and moving his tongue for entrance of the honey sweet cavern. The cavern was protected by a wild serpent which lashed out, nipping along the intruder’s stomach and sides as it furthered its journey. Licking along the roof of Duo’s mouth, Heero felt the slight groove and put as much attention to it as possible.

Feeling the ticklish nerves being stroked and prodded, Duo grabbed his beloved and pressed him further into the bed.

"Not scared anymore?" He panted hard; his dear heart was picking up very fast on pleasuring.

The Prince shook his head, opening his lips as the ruby tongue licked along the outside, inviting the monster for another play on play.

Lifting his face away with a manic grin, Duo blew his hot breath over that panting mouth, enjoying the tortures he was providing.

"What do you want?" He bent down and licked the pert nose forcing a squeak from his captive. "I didn’t hear you…" Duo rubbed more on the youth’s opening, feeling the Prince squirm more until his mind flooded with waves of desire that nearly drowned him in lust. Duo’s ministrations were too much for the virgin boy as he clung to the massive waves of hair that swayed, framing the elven man’s face.

"You! I want you please!" His face was flushed; hair clinging to the wet forehead as soft gasping sounds could be heard. It was all beautiful.

Reaching over to the small velvet bag that Quatre gave him, the contents rattled and clunked together. Tiny bottles of oils, all savory mixtures of flowers and musk that pleased the senses as well as the physical being looked up from the opening of he tiny bag. Duo took out one of the vials and opened to relish in the scent it created. It was a heady aroma, old as time but sweat and new.

Pouring the slick oil onto his fingers, Duo stretched out beside his love, careful with his free hand to lightly stroke the naked flesh before him, enjoying the flutter of muscles and the sharp intakes of breath. Lips opened, inviting as the pink tongue waved like a small flag.

Resistance is futile, the long haired man bent down, taking, tasting, feeling while his tongue wrapped its mate, luxuriating in the feel of his one and only beneath him.

Fingers searching out between the creamy white globes for the puckered entrance into heaven. A jerking shake of a gasp and the low rumbling purr that followed caused Duo to go further in his adventure, pressing deeper with his slender finger, twisting so to memorize his trek through the heated tunnel. Adding a second to the exploration, he stopped as the inner walls contracted, holding them captive, but slowly testing them, teasing them to move. A devious grin wrapped around Duo’s lips as he sent in his third helper in the search for the buried treasure, a tiny jewel that found, sent Heero into a mewling state that bucked wildly for that sensation again only to feel the emptiness as the left with their knowledge.

A soft whimper caught Duo’s ears as he smiled inwardly, knowing his husband was ready for what was to come, the real union of marriage.

He let go of the heated creature to pour more oil onto his member, slicking the angry red muscle and massaging it a little only to force a hiss between his teeth.

Taking the searching hips and pushing them down onto the goose down comforter as he kissed the upward knees while positioning himself for the last time over the quaking entrance, the air heated up to were he couldn’t breath the humidity. Going forward, Duo felt the slight resistance of the tight ring around the crown of his oil slick cock. Pressure ran through his body as he pushed on, feeling the resistance then the vacuum of Heero as he pressed down on the invading force in his body.

Pure magic, forced up inside his body and forming a base around his loins as he slide into the tight confines of the sweat silk body. Instincts took control, animalistic growls and pants of the wolf as he buried his muzzle in the sheep, feeling his fur on wool, teeth gnashing in the air as he howled of taking his prize.

The frenzied rhythm, delicious friction, taking, controlling, marking, mastering; this was his, Heero was his and no one could have him. A mantra of ‘mine’ filled with every slip of skin as his crown pierced through the Prince’s body to hit the throbbing prostate leaving a whirlwind of nerves twitching and aching for release, the final page, the completion.

Duo slowed down the pace to pull all the way out and slam back in, hitting the treasure cove hard in Heero’s body, forcing him to arch up while thrusting his unattended cock wildly in the air as breaths hitched up and letting out soul inspire moans.

No longer to hold back, the longhaired man reached his hand around the base of his beloved's weeping member. Softly taking it in his hand once then with a firmer grasp pumping it with the thrust of his hips causing Heero to open his eyes wide with shock as he body clinched hard while juts of essence burst from the small slit, covering his chest and the fey man’s hand that milked him further to prolong the invigorating pleasure with salty cream.

The world crashed upon Duo as he felt the vise around his cock rippling and squeezing the over sensitized flesh. Lightening crashed around his eyes, blinding him of vision and quickening his heart as he filled his Heero, his beloved with seed marking him forever.

All Duo could do from falling and crushing the heaving boy beneath him was force his hand from the velvet hip and beside shuddering shoulder. Bright blue eyes looked up at him as his head dipped down low with lethargy of lovemaking, the chemical of peace and serenity.

Tasting of the flush lips, Duo’s other hand came up to caress the reddened flesh and lavish in the heat meant only for him. Pulses rushing as one, beating to the same heart and soul.

"I love you so much." Kissing the dampened forehead covered in brown lace hair, Duo nuzzled the sharp nose and enjoyed the gentle purr and teeth snatching his lower lip down as slender arms intertwined around the blanket of burnt umber locks.

"And I will love and adore you forever and a day my husband, my only."

"My one and only."

Laying their heads down for a much needed rest, Snow White and his Prince Charming clung to each other as dreamscape took them away but closer together.

And they lived, happily ever after.


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