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Over all Warnings: Cross-dressing, beheading, incest, blood, death, bad incantations, psychotic men living in a run down shack, attempted rape, murder, cursing, evil animals, laws of Physics thrown out the window, bastardization of all kinds of characters.I bet I just scared about 20 people). But I swear this will have a happy lemon ending! Just bare with me!

Notes: Oy, not the fluffy Disney version. *takes out the tape and smashes it * I am going on 3 things, the original Grimm's Fairy Tales, the movie Snow White: A Tale of Terror, and my own personal touch of evil mischief.

Snow White
Part 10

Warmth, an eternal feeling when you are brought up in a cold world that disowned you from the beginning. The overlaying of sweet emotions building up and spilling over to a rich new self was too much to take all at once.

Physically the earthly ties to the center of existence were important and greatly needed; all that was left was to figure out when it was going to happen and bloody how!

Nuzzling closer to his lover Quatre peered one lazy eye open while giving kittenish yawn. Lifting his head a bit higher he looked up to see the large swash of hair draped lightly atop his head.

"Erm... Trowa dear. Up, now... "

A low grunt was heard as he rolled back over onto his back. "I’m up... ow." Popping his shoulders he rubbed the sleep from his eyes peering over to the small blonde. "What did we do last night?"

"What part of last night?"

Looking about the decorated room for any tell tale signs of why they felt bad. Clothing was strung about in an unorganized fashion on the large backed chair; the fireplace was never lit giving reason why it was so cold.

The heavy oak door flung open along with the bright light forcing Quatre to hiss and throw the pillow over his pale head and Trowa make some erping sound while massaging his temples.

Walking in and settling in the large chair Solo noted his friends’ state of drunken stupor and laughed inwardly.

"Top of tha Mornin’ love birds, would have knocked but what is the fun in that now?

Quatre omitted a long growl as Trowa patted the little beast’s head.

"What did we do last night?"

Solo tapped the golden hilt of his sword idly as he thought of a smart assed answer, "Well for starters, you guys cannot drink, and second the concert was more of a comedy then anythin’."

Now he remembered and the churning of his brain hurt.

"Damn..." Quatre groaned and wiggled further in the goose down covers.

The celebration was of restoring the castle to its bustling self, new servants and guards arrived bringing in a new sense of prosperity and hope of renewal for the kingdom. Trowa and Quatre were the musicians singing and playing the harpsichord, and something that stuck out the most was that Solo remarked something about the musicians being better while drinking.

As Odin laughed till he was blue in the face, Duo on one side and Heero sitting at the other would wait for the old man to duck his head to gather back his wind to throw fleeting glances at each other and the snatching of kisses in the air.

Solo took charge to being head of Heero’s personal guard and began the task of forming an armed musket guard. Poor Wufei was caught head over heels literally by every handmaiden and servant girl, the boldest would snatch him by the plait of black hair and kiss him in the shadows then pushing him out stumbling as he muttered something about crazy women. All was happy again besides the fact that Duo and Heero were not allowed to do anything rash before they got married but made Wufei the special mail carrier to make sure the special love notes were received and each enjoying tormenting the messenger.

"Everyone is crazy but me!" Wufei would walk back to his and Solo’s room rubbing the warm saliva from his cheek.

The Irishman enjoyed the little torment that happened with his dear lover. The fact that the young man complained about it and would not stop till Solo would give him attention with a breath-stealing kiss or a soft embrace warmed his heart knowing that Wufei was forever his love as so was he.

"How many was it today little one?"

Muttering something in Chinese and then looking up scrunching his brow, "three crazy women and Duo snagged me with that blasted braid."

"Oh, my dear exotic treat, losin’ your touch?" Taking the youth in his arms he gave a silent kiss that left him gasping and moaning in the back of his mind for more. "There, five."

"How about six?"

"I can go for some six."


Since Odin was still using a cane to walk and hid his broken wing under his cloak, Duo found it necessary to tend to him at all times and gather his good graces in hope to marry or at least see the dear Prince. The king knew it was in the young man’s best intentions to be as of much help, but his own needs were overlooked.

Looking across the wide meadows and seeing the wild flowers blooming in colors never imagined by human eyes, a smile lit the old man’s features while he watch Heero and the group of friends picked flowers and berries as they laughed. They seemed to enjoy the light air around them, but something was missing from the picture.

Turning slowly as not to flare his bum leg, Odin watched as Duo set up the old chessboard and was ready to play another mind-bending game.

"I say Duo, why don’t you take a small break. You look a bit wan from being with my old bones. Go to the meadow where you friends are and relax. We can play tomorrow."

"I can assure you sire, I am not tired at all."

Scrunching the heavy brow and letting a small sigh out, "Fine, I order you to go to the meadow and have fun."

Blinking back the sudden command, Duo merely nodded and left the room, only turning to see the old man sit by the window with a large satisfied smile on his face.

The sounds of laughter filled the new spring air as Duo traveled down the old warn path past the tall grasses. A small chuckle warmed through his long throat as he saw Quatre put bunches of flowers in his lover’s hair while Trowa made a face of distaste. Wufei was laid back on Solo’s chest as they watched the large fluffy clouds roll by and point to those that looked like something else.

"That is a sheep."

"Getting blind old man, that is definitely a lion."

"Old? I am only five your senior!"

"That is right, old man."

Solo snorted and looked up to see someone approaching. "Wasn’t old last night..."

"Duo! Long time no see!"

Trowa batted the winding trail of petals from his hair while his lover giggled and tried to make a new rope.

"Ay, the King ordered me to go to the meadow... so here I am." Sitting down and crossing his legs in front of himself, the longhaired man inhaled deeply and enjoyed the playful sunlight on his face.

Hiding in the long strands of heather, Heero looked out of his hiding spot to see his beloved sitting mere inches in front of him. Months had passed from the last time they simply touched fingers not alone had kissed.

Crouching on his hands and knees, the Prince sprung and toppled the lithe body in front of him. Duo let a yelp of surprise, but grabbed the blessed creature and held onto him close when finding the identity of his attacker.

"Heero! I have missed you so much."

The youth’s hair began to reach its original fullness, thickened with strands of bouncy curls. He wore a small milking maid’s uniform that hung to his shapely curves and showing off a vast amount of creamy skin.

"And I sit among the corners watching you. Has father treated you well? He tends to be demanding of everyone when they are tending to him."

"I’m fine, just missed you."

Running his fingers through Heero’s silky locks he tussled them a bit and watched as the sun fall through the fine tendrils. Leaning into the loving hand, the Prince kissed the wondering thumb on his cheek. A smirk replaced the gentle smile as he bent low and pressed his lips onto the longhaired man’s.

Warm oblivion with the hint of honey and the eternal feeling of love and sweet warmth as they began to search each other for more of the intoxicating mix.

Feeling the fingers of air depravation squeeze his lungs, Heero lifted up and ran his nose the length of Duo’s throat. "I can never get enough of you." Bent down in another kiss, the Prince grabbed the long braid of hair and wound it around his wrist. "Love you." His voice was breathless in Duo’s ear making him long for the day of their union.

The longhaired man sat up slowly minding the chain around the dainty wrist of his cherished Heero.

They sat together enjoying the warm Spring day drifting through their spirits. Every now and then Heero would begin to weave some flowers in the crown of Duo’s thick mass of burnt umber locks and kiss each one before letting his lips travel down.

The others enjoyed the slight reunion of each other, so long since they were all together in spirit and body enjoying simple quiets of the day that let way to the gentle song of the birds mingling with the soft dripping fragrances of the meadow wildflowers.

Just as the feeling of the blessed afternoon would last forever, Solo stood with a grumbling Wufei in tow.

"I’m sorry Heero, it is time to return."

A pout formed on the Prince’s face making it next to impossible to resist. "Can we stay just a bit more?"

"No, orders by the King to have you by Dinner."

Duo just smiled and brushed the playful bangs off of the pristine blue eyes, "It is fine Heero, you should get to dinner. Don’t want you to starve on me now." Winking he stood up and helped the youth to his feet and gazed at the delicate curses and paths of Heero’s erect body.

Letting his hand roam as much as possible, he smoothed over the back of the dress and softy brushed off the hugging grass from Heero’s seat. They strolled hand in hand up to the large stone castle that soaked up the last rays of sunlight turning it from a pale gray to blood red with hints of shadows.

As they gathered into the entranceway, Solo looked up and noted the King’s Head Knight stared down at him from the top of the steps. He respected the man and nodded in acknowledgment of his presence.

"The King wishes to see you all in the throne room this instant." A coy smile played on Zechs’s lips as he uncrossed his arms and moved from his position. The medal gear groaned and clanked with each step causing Heero to hold on tighter to Duo’s white knuckled hand.

The long dark hallway opened up to a large room filled with colors of different flags of all the counties and providence’s in the large kingdom and standing above the flags as if on pedestals a huge balcony was set with the Knights and their families above the respected coat of arms. The entire scene made Duo’s head spin but Heero trudged on till Zechs stopped and bowed before the standing King, the ivory cascade of hair flipped over and flung back, pillowing over his shoulders as if the cloud didn’t move at all.

Moving further into the overpowering room, the longhaired man squeaked when he saw the large blonde King standing not on his usual cane, but a large shiny sword that glinted in the soft lights of the dying sun and hundreds of torches.

Mouth now becoming dry Duo looked over to see Heero nod and give a little reassuring smile as he let go of the sweating hand and walk behind the large guards. His small dress became even smaller as he approached the throne and laid his right hand down on the velvet left arm.

"Duo, come he boy." The tone was gruff and sounded like he was about to receive punishment. Gulping down the thought of that large sword coming down hard across his slender neck and breaking through the sinewy flesh and slicing the thick bones made Duo want to fall over in faint. But trudging on he looked so small and frail as he approached Odin’s scowling face. Not missing a step, he made a low bow and folding his hand gracefully at his chest, he noted the feeling of hundreds of eyes bearing down at him and inspecting his soul.

"Kneel boy." The tone never changed, but electricity crackled through Duo’s body as he heard the heavy sword scrap across the large stone floor and rise up above his head. Not even thinking of moving a heavy weight pressed onto his shoulder.

Glancing over to his right he saw the swift blade as it rested and go over his head again and rest on his left then return to the safe rest of its owner.

"Duo Maxwell, I honorably declare you an honorary knight of the House of Lowe."

Holding back on the tears ready to flow, Duo stood up and bowed. Looking at the King’s face he saw the sheer happiness of the moment. Heero was smiling in sheer delight and clapped his hands loudly bringing the rest of the room to join the applause.

Holding his hand in the air the room returned to silence.

"Now Sir Duo, what is the one thing you want the most?"

Duo could hear everyone lean in just to hear what he had to say; it was rather unnerving.

"What do I want?"

"Yes." Odin stood as straight as his injuries would allow.

"The thing I want the most?" Duo had to get things processed, here was the King awaiting his answer and Heero…Heero! "I would like to ask Heero to be my bride…if it is okay with you sire." Duo blushed and began to hang his head waiting for the King to fall over laughing at the mere thought.

"Heero? Is this what you wish?"

Stunned into silence, Heero locked eyes with his father and mutely shook his head repeatedly afraid of what his voice would sound like.

Taking in a large proud breath, the King tapped the sword down twice, "Then let it be known! Duo Maxwell is the wed my son Heero Yuy Lowe tomorrow!" The crowd gasped and stood applauding the plan of the union.

Heero unfortunately couldn’t handle so much good news in one day passed out, falling into the arms of his guard.

Seeing the his sweet angel plunge to the ground Duo ran up the large stone steps, slipping on the huge red carpet and took up the still form.

"Heero!" Duo held onto the slim boy while fanning him with the end of his braid. "Don’t scare me like that!"

Odin looked over Solo’s shoulder; "Well it was a good idea when I thought of it."


Sitting at his dressing mirror still flushed from the news.

"Tomorrow..." The scene repeated over and over in his head, he was going to be with Duo and nothing would stand in his way. A large grin spread on his face as he fell over in the chair arms stretched out as if he could fly. "Tomorrow!"

A slight knock came at his door as his handmaiden looked in. "Um, your grace. Are you okay?"

Looking up from the floor and his hair flung out all ways Heero just laughed and nodded. "I’m fine, come in Hilde."

A sliver of a woman came in, dressed in all black with a fluff of deep violet hair coming out of her bonnet. "I brought in your dress with the special augmentations. I hope you like it." She bowed and stood shyly in the corner.

"I love it!" He jumped up and hugged the girl scaring a smile on her face.

"Um... thank you. I put on some extra pearls on the neckline."

Heero lifted up the dress and examined the wonderful detail.

"Absolutely perfect. I think you should become my regular semesters, you know your way around this all."

That is what broke Hilde’s fear for good, the genuine smile brightened her face. "Yes your highness!"

"Call me Heero, please." Nodding approval the girl skipped out the door and ran all the way to the servants wing too giddy to think.

Pulling the dress over his chest and looking in the large mirror, everything began to fit into place, so perfect.


Duo was nervous, nothing could prepare him for it. Not even the scare of getting his head chopped off could compare to the endless ball of nervous energy beating in his temples. Pacing worked, but for only a little bit of time and then his tights would bunch up. Doing the natural thing he pulled from the crotch only to be batted by Quatre with his little fan.

"Stop that!" The blonde hissed.

"Can’t help it, their tight... used to my old baggy scratchy clothes."

Now playing with the end of his braid, Duo watched as Wufei skidded down the hallway and nearly tripped on the carpet as he panted.

"Crazy women!"

At the end of the hallway two young women dressed in the higher servants uniforms looked back giggling and fanning themselves. One stood tall with her deep blue hair hanging in the front of her face as the other has medium length blonde hair twisted to match her personality. The women both waved as they went back into the main halls laughing.

"All of them! Crazy!" Looking over to his friends, Wufei growled as he so none of them giving him sympathy for surviving the traumatic torture of Lucrezia and Sally, the demon women.

The small blonde shook his head and followed his lover to their places and gathered their instruments.

Duo was feeling faint, no turning back now. The music began, soft melody of flute and mandolin filled the air. No turning back now. His legs moved beneath him as he approached the large altar covered in a large red embroidered cloth. The beat carried his nervous body forward as all eyes were upon him again.

The tune slowed down a bit and changed keys as Quatre began to sing a soft song of the beauty of love and forever. His eyes scanned the crowd and back to his dear heart keeping things together pace by pace.

Sighing and standing next to the priest, Duo looked out and his jaw dropped. The young Prince looked as if he stepped of the cloud at level 9 and floated to his arms. The slender frame was incased in white satin with a below normal low cut that flaunted off the sweet curse of Heero’s collarbone and defined pectoral muscles. It was seamed perfectly around his waist that bowed out and opened to revel the stocking incased legs and soft woolen pants toped off with a pair of calf high boots. Looking back up to see closer that the flimsy veil lifted a bit with every step to show the warming smile and bright blue eyes.

Nerves tingled everywhere as Heero looked up through the blinding fabric, the purpose of it confused it but it was tradition. Finally making out his Duo’s body, he put on the best smile he could which wasn’t hard because his was dressed in deep blues that hinted purple and embroidered with silver, black under shirt that stuck out of the puffy sleeves and long legs incased in the black leggings. His knee high boots twitched together in nervousness, but he was still exquisite, ever beautiful and graceful as he took off the blue hat with a long plume and gave the inspiring Maxwell grin.

They latched onto each others hands for comfort and knelled down on the large carpeted steps. Duo rubbed the tiny digits in his hand, soothing away any trembling that appeared in the fine body.

Towering over the couple in their own little world of pure happiness, the priest began speak in a low monotone voice the prayers in Latin as he sprinkled holy water onto both of them and lit a small silver chalice with incense anointing them both in the smoky fragrance.

"Give me your left hands please." The priest bent down and took both slender wrist and bound them together with the long red sash embroidered with shining gold and small brass bells at the ends.

"This is a symbol of your unity together, as I cannot break this nor can anything break your seal to each other." Bowing his balding head he held onto Duo and Heero’s hand, "Thou these thy two servants, Duo Maxwell and Heero Yuy who love each other with a love of the spirit, and have desired to come into thy holy church, and grant unto them hope, unashamed faithfulness and true love. May they grow together, sow together and love together in your eyes without envy or temptation all the days of their lives. With that Peace be with both of you."

Pulling at bit at the binding cloth, they stood receiving a small kiss on the cheek from the priest. "Further your union to each other."

With his free right hand, Duo picked up the featherweight veil and looked upon his sharp angled face. The slanted eyes blinked open brushing soft waves of eyelashes upon Heero’s cheeks.

The moment was so tender and sweet, standing on the threshold of a New Hope and beginning together hand and hand. A small tear slipped down Duo’s face only to have the slender Prince catch it with his right hand and lift it to his lips taking of the fragile offering. Bending down, the longhaired man felt the deep blue orbs pull him down into the last offering of the marriage…the kiss.

It felt like flying, pure beats of pure memories twisting around them creating them into a heaving mass of the future and eternity.

The priest placed atop the pairs’ head a crown of olive leaves and lifted his hands up to show to the world the now eternal pairing under the stars of Duo Maxwell and Heero Yuy.

What happened next was all a blur, exhausting, but a blur all the while. They were escorted to the large balcony to wave down on the kingdom and throw our flowers and petals upon the cheering crowd. They seemed to be pleased with the choice of the future king and hoped better for the new monarchs’ choices down the road.

After that they were ushered into the banquet hall to enjoy the night and being allowed to sit together even though Odin got used to having Duo on his right and Heero on his left. But his Heero was grown now with new decisions and all the threats The King could think of to protect his child were already enforced and the trust that the longhaired man would take better care of Heero then did.

The sun was ready to rise again as the party began to dissipate into further sections of the castle and both newlyweds were falling asleep back to back by the time Odin pushed them to go rest up for the next night.

Heero felt euphoria tug at his eyelids and bring his limbs down to crash onto the floor, but he had a tiny angel of Hilde to help him into the large bed. The small girl shock her head and go off to find Duo because she couldn’t lift Heero to the bed.

Standing in the corridor, Duo listened to Quatre as he gave him a small satchel and instructions. He wasn’t sure Duo heard everything while leaning against the wall with his eyes closed. Giving up entirely, the blonde noticed the Heero’s handmade snap Duo’s tights causing him to jump up and squeal.

"Heero is out cold and I cannot pick him up." She pouted only because she couldn’t help her new employer.

"It’s okay Hilde, should of," he yawned, shook his head and began again. "For me to take him."

Looking into their newly adjoined room, he saw the most precious image of Heero asleep in his chair with a hairbrush in his hand. Picking up the lightweight, Duo placed him onto the bed and smoothed over the long nightshirt that bunched up around his hip and giving a luscious view of the normally hidden ass. Too tired to even think of what he was supposed to think of at that moment, Duo went to the wardrobe and pulled out his nightshirt. Sighing in relief that the binding clothing was off his body and was in something light and movable. He wished he could live in it all the time.

Sliding gently in the bed to not disturb the slumbering prince, Duo pulled up the large comforter and felt something wrap around his chest and sigh. A soft smile graced Duo’s lips as he caught the scent of his love’s soft hair and lingering perfumes of the incense. A gentle breeze sauntered through the windows and danced around the sleeping pairs’ head as they embraced each other in peace and quiet.

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