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Category: Horror, AU
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Pairings: R+Odin, 4+3, 5+Solo, 2x1
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Over all Warnings: Cross-dressing, beheading, incest, blood, death, bad incantations, psychotic men living in a run down shack, attempted rape, murder, cursing, evil animals, laws of Physics thrown out the window, bastardization of all kinds of characters.I bet I just scared about 20 people). But I swear this will have a happy lemon ending! Just bare with me!

Notes: Oy, not the fluffy Disney version. *takes out the tape and smashes it * I am going on 3 things, the original Grimm's Fairy Tales, the movie Snow White: A Tale of Terror, and my own personal touch of evil mischief.

Snow White
Part 8

Riding along the pathway, Robert looked up the large stone castle to notice no light was emitted from it, nor was there any smoke to signify any fires being burned in the rooms or cooking.

Worried now, he taped the horse with the riding crop and hurried closer. The doors were wide open and not a torch could be seen burning in the hallways.

"Your highnesses? Anyone here?"

Working on the concoction of special herbs and poison brews, Relena waved the mirror to see who would be bothering to come to the castle.

"Damn…" she hissed and pulled her skirts closer and began to walk down to the top of the staircase.

As she reached the stony steps edge, the Queen saw the pale blonde locks of the doctor.

"Oh thank God you came, I am so alone. The servants all left! They bleed openly from their mouths and eyes and the smell!"

"The plagues, it hit the town very hard. Is the King alright?"

"Yes, he sleeps a fitful slumber, his arms always open to embrace his son…but…" she began to sniffle as tears poured from her eyes. "He is dying of a broken heart and Heero is out there all alone!" Nearly collapsing, Robert clasped the woman around the waist.

"I will go on search for Malady Heero, don't worry."

The plan all set Relena kissed the tall doctor's thin lips, pressing her tongue for entrance, parting his teeth and slipping a small tablet under his tongue. Falling into the pressures, Robert kissed back greedily, taking the woman's advances.

Pulling away, Relena held a pale hand up to her mouth and blushed deep crimson, "I am so sorry, it has been some time since I have had human contact…I…"

"I understand." Clearing his throat and helping Relena back up, "I will find Heero and bring him home safe. Just sit tight my grace."

As Robert walked away, the deviant smiled cunningly.

"If I had my way, you would be dead too." Turning as she laughed, Relena went back to her room and prepared for the morning, she still had a lot to do.


Heero settled into warm arms as he slept, the soft breath from the taller man made him snuggle further as if he could bury into Duo's chest.

The wonderful feeling of someone close helped through the bad dreams and left him reveling in the arms of the sweet Prince.

Waking first, Solo looked up and smirked at the pair. They did nothing but fight since the boy arrived, but now in a comfortable embrace and wrapped around each other. A small nose press into his collar bone, causing him to smile down at the dark headed boy in his grasp.

"Should we wake them? It would be unjust if we did."

"I know Wu, but they would do the same to us." Solo ran his hands through the thick ruddy mane and began to stand up. His joints began to pop from the movement. "Damn I feel old."

"You are old." Wufei threw a handful of hay at the man as he fell to his knees and attacked the supple lips beneath.

"Old men can't do that." The Irishman smiled down at his lover.

"Yeah, but those with privacy can do more."

They both looked over to where the others were lying, watching with large grins.

"The peep show is over, get your own." Wufei latched onto the larger man's arm and grinned like the cat with the canary.

Heero merely blushed at the thought of being with Duo as the other played, he broke enough of the rules of etiquette as it was.

"So what are we going to do now?" Quatre broke the moment; "We cannot stay here much longer."

"Well, I think after breakfast, we need to get Heero home."

The bundle in his arms shifted as a pair of bright blue eyes looked at him quizzically.

"Home? Really?"

"Yeah, seems that you got yourself beyond lost, won't stay in one place and need to go home more then anything."

The Prince wrapped his thin arms around the man's neck. "Thank you, thank you!" Kissing the soft lips, Heero jumped up and began to dust himself off. "Oh! I need to clean myself off…and oh my!" Jumping back to Duo, he kissed the taller man again in glee.

"Alright then, you can get some water for breakfast."

Heero hopped the steps down the ladder as he grabbed the bucket and went to the tiny stream down the hill. His heart lightened to the aspects of going home to papa, but it frightened him a bit to see his stepmother. There was a feeling in the pit of his stomach that she had something to do with Millardo trying to kill him and was fearful of what happened to the man when he didn't accomplish the deed.

Shaking away the thoughts as he reached the tranquil stream's edge, he immediately stripped off his over dress and began to wash off the soot and dirt that piled up on him during his stay with the miners. The water was cool to the touch, but he got over it as he washed his hair and face and smoothed the water over his bare arms.

Feeling a little more refreshed; he knew that as soon as he walked through the castle gates that a hot bath would be prepared for him.

Now completed with his works on the old burgundy riding dress, he ringed out the excess water and put it on a stick for drying. It felt strange being outside dressed in only his pale white underclothes; they reviled most of his strong legs and arms; more then that any lady should have. But he broke many rules living with the miners, kissing and embracing Duo then sleeping in the warm confines against the powerful chest.

Heero sighed at the wonderful memory but stood quickly running to a nearby tree when he heard footsteps approaching.

Along the stream an old woman walked slowly, her cane tapping the ground harshly as she leaned her weight into it.

"Ey, child. I am just an old woman. You must not hide from me."

He came out from behind the tree, hands clasping his shoulders protectively as he sat back down beside the drying dress. Noting the old woman's appearance, she was far older then anyone he ever seen.

Her skin was wrinkled from many years in the sun as gray hairs peaked out of the large other century pointed hat that was croaked from over use. The large dress hung in tatters as she sat down with a long gasping sigh.

"So my child, you look as if you should be here. No one lives in these woods but Mama."

"Yes there are others. The miners took care of me whist I was lost in the woods. I am going back home to papa, I miss him dearly."

Putting the large cane down, Mama began to dig in her sack, "I never seen them then. Lived in these woods for a hundred springs. Well, my vision and hearing must be going."

"No madam, I think not."

"Such a sweet child." The old woman smiled with her haggard teeth showing, some were yellowed with sharp points and overlapped and curled like he never seen before.

Again digging in her pouch Mama brought out a large apple and sighed happily, all the while looking at Heero's expression. He nearly had forgotten the taste of fruit, for they were out of season in the woods and he was no where near the large supply storage.

"I have two if you want one?" Pulling the crisp red fruit to Heero's gaze, "Such a pretty one too, just waiting to be eaten."

She turned the apple showing off how it glistened in the sun. Oh how the Prince began to fantasize over a simple apple, remembering the way the juices ran down his mouth. Cautiously, Heero reached out for the fruit, mouth watering as he eyed the perfect fruit.

Mama took a large healthy sized bite of her apple, and chewed loudly, waiting for Heero's turn.

He smelled the pure essence and finally opened his mouth to take a large bite. As the chunk loosened from the rest of the fruit, it felt as if it expanded in his throat. Heero clutched at his neck, trying desperately to cough up the offending piece to breathe, but it wouldn't budge.

Consciousness fluttered away like a stray bird as he collapsed to the ground, hearing the harsh cackles of the old woman.


Returning to the castle and bouncing up every step, Relena giggled like a schoolgirl as she approached the mirror, flinging off the filthy offending rags.

"Is it finally finished?" Her eyes were bright with mischief. The queen picked up the swaddled dead baby and rocked it to calm her nerves while registering the mirror's reaction.

"It is done. Heero is dead!"

Tears fell freely from the woman's face as she clutched to the stillborn child in her arms.

"I killed him…finally!" Standing up she danced around the room.

"Now Relena, time for our next task at hand. To give your child life." The sinister voice was thick and began to stir the Queen's mind.

Now clamed down, she looked at the mirror closely, "Tell me please…" She clutched the child and kissed its forehead while listening closely.

"You need the blood of the father to give the child life. To work correctly, you need Odin's body to be suspended as the life force rolls into the child."

Looking down to the cloth bound creature, "I will do it, I will do anything to have him live."


Walking towards the small stream, Duo was whistling a happy tune. His heart was light for the first time in his entire life because of the sweet understanding of one person.

"Heero, you need help with the water?" Approaching the stream he saw the red dress hanging on the tree with no hair or tail of the Prince. "Heero? Are you here?"

As he approached closer, a large flock of small birds flew up at his face uncovering as what he saw was an outstretch body on the forest floor.


Duo fell to the ground beside the limp form and clutched it close to his breast, "Heero, God no! Please wake up!" He smacked the pale face to awaken the boy, but not even a spread of crimson appeared.

Hearing the yelling, Robert tapped the horse to go faster to the running water hearing the name of the missing Prince. As he entered the clearing, the horse jumped the water and touched down panting near Duo and the dead form.

"Your highness! I am a doctor, let me see him." Robert snatched the boy from Duo's grasp and began to listen to his chest. Sighing his stood up and lifted up the arm only to have it fall down without hesitation. The doctor shook his head; "I need to get him to shelter."

"This way, quickly!" Grabbing the dress, Duo ran up the hill as Robert placed Heero on the horse.

They arrived at the abandoned church to everyone's surprise, immediately building up the fire higher to warm the boy's body and try to get some life into him.

"He seems not to be responding, and rigor mortis is setting in. There is nothing to do." Robert stood back as Duo began to surge with anger.

"If your people came for Heero sooner, he wouldn't be dead!"

"I was just sent this morning by the Queen herself! The King was injured during the search for his highness."

Sitting by the small sniffling blonde, Solo looked over to the doctor, "What are you to him anyway?"

"I am his fiancée." The group stood agape and looked over to Duo for a reaction.

"And who says this?" Duo's voice was low with malice.

"Well, one yet but the Queen insists upon it."

"So the King has yet to approve."

"He would have approved, I know it."

"Well, then you may leave, we will give him the proper burial." Duo stood to leave but had his arm grabbed by the doctor.

"I will stay to see that the Prince receives a proper burial."

"He has a name, say it! Not your highness or the Prince! It is Heero!"

The man fell back as the man's bright violet eyes burned holes through his head.

Laid out upon the long table, Heero was lost in a dream world where no one could help him.

"Papa?" The Prince looked around the castle; the walls were bright white, hurting his eyes from the glare. His red riding dress was a beautiful pearly green that shimmered when he walked.

"Papa!" Heero ran to the man talking to an advisor. "Papa! It is me, Heero! Your son!"

The boy kneeled by the King, kissing the large hands and nuzzling the strong fingers. Odin jerked his hand away.

"Son! I have no son. Get this specter from me, my son is dead."

He felt arms lift him from the protective spot by his father. Heero cried, "Please papa! I am alive! Don't let me go! Papa!"

Thrown from the dream, Heero felt his body and people whispering around him. Sounds of crying and the soft feeling of silky hair over his fingers.

'Duo is crying…why?' Heero tried to move from the table without avail. 'No…Duo no!'

"Duo, we have to do it. I'm sorry." Solo grasped the younger man's arm.

"I know. I don't want to bury him…such a waste."

The conversation scared Heero, he tried to scream, but his vocal cords were frozen.

'No! Duo! I'm alive! Duo Please! I'M ALIVE!!!!'

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