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Category: Horror, AU
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Pairings: R+Odin, 4+3, 5+Solo, 2x1
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Over all Warnings: Cross-dressing, beheading, incest, blood, death, bad incantations, psychotic men living in a run down shack, attempted rape, murder, cursing, evil animals, laws of Physics thrown out the window, bastardization of all kinds of characters.I bet I just scared about 20 people). But I swear this will have a happy lemon ending! Just bare with me!

Notes: Oy, not the fluffy Disney version. *takes out the tape and smashes it * I am going on 3 things, the original Grimm's Fairy Tales, the movie Snow White: A Tale of Terror, and my own personal touch of evil mischief.

Snow White
Part 6

Upon awakening, Heero found his way down the rickety ladder and to a small corner where he could watch the group of men closely. Each had a characteristic of their own, some were old, others young, then some with long jagged scars and those that looked over worked and tired.

Peering around the corner and swooping down onto Heero, Alex intimidated the Prince, causing him to fall backwards.

"Aw, did I scare you? Only meant to give you some breakfast." Alex sneered as he looked over his shoulder to the glares of the few still eating the crusty bread and cheese.

Taking the offering slowly, it was snatched back from his hands. Heero looked up shocked and slapped the tan face, causing a large red stain to caress Alex's cheek.

"Why did you do that for you stupid bitch?" The large hand came up and smashed into Heero's stomach, knocking the wind out of his lungs.

Proceeding with the onslaught, the young man lifted up the Prince's skirts while he kicked the intruder and punching wildly.

"I won't hurt you…to badly." The dark eyes flickered with malice that reminded Heero of his stepmother.

Before the young Prince could scream for help, the burden was lifted and thrown as far from his body as possible.

Solo growled when he saw that their companion was taking advantage of the poor frightened creature in the corner and charged into the limber body causing Alex to crash up against the wall with a loud thud. Holding his fists in the air, the Irishman dared the youth to challenge him.

"I never lost a fight. And I plan not too anytime soon."

"Fuck you Solo! Fuck all of you! I hope that damn mine falls on your asses and kills all you fucking bitches. And I will be standing over the damn thing laughing my ass off."

Duo snarled and let a hard right into the other's nose, causing him to double over in pain and holding back the stream of blood with bits of bone. "If I catch you on this side of the river, I will not be so nice." The venom ran through the lithe boy's voice as he glared to the retreating figure.

"You alright Heero?" The small boy's voice was as equal with his size and full of sincerity.

Heero looked up and shook his head as the others crowded around him. The man with long hair looked at him strangely and walked away. At gazing up at the boy more closely and in the light, Heero stood up and tried to remember where he saw him before.

The elfin child still held onto Heero's hands and smiled. "My name is Quatre and the one with the weird hair is Trowa." Leaning in to whisper in the Prince's ear, "Just don't ask him why it is like that, he gets very irritated." The gentle smile lightened up the boy's features as small pale blonde eyebrows peeked out of the dusky black hair.

"You speak well, did you have schooling?"

"They all did." The elder man with long gray hair spoke up, "Gee and I taught them. We were doctors in the Crusades."

"Oh, I see. Why are you here?" Heero's curiosity was peeking again.

"Because we are outcastes from society. I was a knight in the war, I did what was told of me and then people hated me because of it. No one understands."

"You are Solo?"

A curt nod was his reply.

"And Duo and who is the other one?"

"That is Wu. When he gets agitated he only says Fei, so we call him Wufei."

The black eyes of Wufei narrowed as he snorted.

Heero looked at the wild features that reminded him a bit of his mother, but she was softer and kinder looking.

"I was a slave."

"What?" Heero blinked.

"You were going to ask sooner or later what I am, I was a slave in Turkey when Solo found me near death."

Nodding his head slowly and looking down in embarrassment for staring, "I am sorry. I was only looking because my mother has- had eyes like yours."

"Forgiven." Wufei went to burnt bench and grabbed a large satchel.

The others took lead and began to pack up tools and strange looking equipment.

"Stay here Heero." Duo stated flatly, "You couldn't do anything but get in the way.

Nodding the Prince sat back into his corner and wrapped the small woolen shawl over his shoulders as Hound rested by his feet.

As the crew left for a far off mine, Heero began to hear strange noises he wasn't used to. Loud cracking and groaning as if someone was in pain. The ever present swishing of trees tossing their leaves to the wind.

Standing up and shuddering inwardly, Heero was afraid that Alex might come back or that his uncle would find him all alone with no one to protect him.

"Hound, find the others." His eyes pleaded with the large creature as it stood up on its toes and stretched, readjusting his fur.

Hound took the Prince through a large system of pathways till he could hear the soft conversation of the traveling group.

"Looks as if someone don't follow orders too well." Jay smiled over to Heero who was hopping from rock to rock down a small hill.

Duo just scowled as he reached the mouth of the mine and began to climb down into the cavern inside.


Sitting beneath a large cypress tree, Relena cradled something small in her arms as she sung a soft lullaby.

"Now my little one. Hold still whilst I finish something important." She smiled as she placed the swaddled bundle down onto a small wooden cradle.

Standing up and approaching a large stump left of an ancient tree, the Queen placed a large hourglass filled with sand down upon it and taking out a small cage. The small straw bars showed a tiny chickadee that bounced from side to side anxiously for the latch to open so it would be granted freedom.

The blonde woman smiled all the while she reached into the cage and grabbed the struggling bird and put it quickly into the open hourglass, slamming the lid as the tiny creature scratched the slick glass and fluttered frantically.

"Now my little bird, are you afraid? Do you feel that you are being slowly crushed?"

Flipping over the hourglass so that the sands began to dribbled a thin stream onto the chickadee as it chirped madly wanting freedom.

"Do you feel the air leaving your chest as the rocks slowly crush you? Do you feel death's cold hands on your throat?"

Laughing hysterically, Relena bent down to pick up her child as she rocked it in her arms, watching the poor animal surrender to the inevitable death.


Surprised that the royal child would help them gather gold in the mines, the stood back a bit and watched Heero take up large heavy pails of rocks and lift them over his head. The first few times he dropped the buckets full of stones, nearly maiming Wufei; but Duo would stoop down and pick up the stones and take them up to the top level of the pit to heavy duty cart to take to the river.

Heero felt blush rise to his cheeks when he messed up in front of the others and tried harder learning working songs and carrying the heavy buckets up to Duo.

In the middle of the tunnel, Trowa began with his pickaxe looking for veins of gemstones or gold, but finding nothing. Getting tired, he slammed the large steelhead one more time in the earth and stopped when he felt the ground rumbling beneath his feet.

"Cave in! Run!" He threw down the pick and snatched Wufei by the ponytail and grabbed his waist to get out and to the safer spots.

Feeling the air become harder to breath, Quatre looked up at the ceiling and saw the roots from the trees above shaking lightly then heard his companion screaming as he ran with the Asian boy in tow.

Jay began to push Heero up the ladder then the other boys till the floor gave out with a groan, knocking them all down.

Gee grabbed Solo's hand and pulled him up onto a sturdy root as Quatre tangled himself and covered his head from the falling rocks above him afraid to look for Trowa.

Heero whimpered as he held onto the ladder while stones and dirt rapidly hit his body, bruising on contact. The only assuring thing was Jay's arms around him protecting the Prince from falling into the now mile deep pit.

Duo wrapped long ropes to the entrance bars and began to throw them down to his companions. He looked down and saw Jay slipping more and more from the ladder as he threw the rope out to him.

Taking the heavy twine in his aged hands, Jay wrapped the rope around Heero as the ladder broke, taking him with it as Duo pulled up only one person. "Jay! No!" The youth's wide eyes burned sorrowful blue as he reached for the slipping figure that disappeared into the darkness.

The earthquake stopped as briefly as it began. Duo looked down with tears in his eyes as he watched the others crawl up into the first layer cavity in the hillside.

The Irishman rushed and grabbed Wufei and held him close while brushing his hair back from his bleeding face as Trowa touched the smaller boy's shoulder and looked into the mouth of the cave.

"Is everyone okay?" Duo looked at the elder man as he kneeled to the ground panting softly.

"Yes, seems we should have heeded Alex's wrath."

Kneading the edge of the dirty dress and staring down the now dark pit of the tunnel, Heero began to cry out.

"Hey! It is not your fault." Duo touched the smaller frame only to have it jerk back in his hands.

"Yes it is! She found me!"

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