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Category: Horror, AU
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: R+Odin, 4+3, 5+Solo, 2x1
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Over all Warnings: Cross-dressing, beheading, incest, blood, death, bad incantations, psychotic men living in a run down shack, attempted rape, murder, cursing, evil animals, laws of Physics thrown out the window, bastardization of all kinds of characters.I bet I just scared about 20 people). But I swear this will have a happy lemon ending! Just bare with me!

Notes: Oy, not the fluffy Disney version. *takes out the tape and smashes it * I am going on 3 things, the original Grimm's Fairy Tales, the movie Snow White: A Tale of Terror, and my own personal touch of evil mischief.

Snow White
Part 5

Walking home from the mines through the heavy downpour of rain, Jay, Gee, Duo, Solo, Wufei, Quatre, Trowa, and Alex rushed past the doorway and caught their breath. The sudden chill in the air had them by surprise and the storm rushing by was not created by Mother Nature, but by something more dangerous.

"Last time you let the short one lead us home." An old man shook away leaves and water from his graying hair. "Thought we never get home."

The blonde shrugged, "Then don't ask me next time."

"Shut up the likes of you. Someone's in here." A taller man with red hair looked to where the brown wolf was growling.

"Ay? Where they be Solo?"

"Up in the loft."

"Then go see!"

"I'm not gong up there. If hound don't go then I stay back."

Duo watched as the wolf climbed the ladder and head up to the loft. "Hound went in."

"Shut up." Solo ruffled up his red hair and went after his pet.

The group waited till they saw the okay sign and went after their comrade. "I think it be that murderer chap that mute guy was looking for."

All eight men looked at the sleeping form of the youth. Duo took out his knife and held it over Heero's throat as he clasped his hand over the mouth.

Feeling that something was holding him down, Heero flashed his eyes open, looking around at the dirty ragged group surrounding him. Struggling for a second against his captor, he saw the glint off the blade against his throat, surrendering with a small whimper.

"So who you be?" A man with strange hair escaping his hat questioned. Letting go of the soft mouth, Duo never let the knife wonder from the pale throat.

Eyes dancing around the room from face to pale and dirty face, the youth choked out: "I am Heero Yuy Lowe. Son of King Odin Lowe."

The room went up in a howl of laughter.

"So, we got us a prized pig!" The elder man tapped Heero's shoulder, "And to think it was a murderer."

"I am not a pig!" The Prince spat out.

"Oy! Maybe we could hold him for ransom. A pretty thing like him could get us a pretty pound." Alex leered, licking his lips and holding the shiny gold locket on Heero's bodice.

"Ay, let us discuss it in the 'morn. To damn tired to think and we canna' do nothin in the rain." The smaller blonde spoke up and stretched his arms around Trowa.

"Fine with me." Duo sheathed his dagger back into his hip belt and watched as the boy's eyes began to dart to the ladder and back to him.

"You're not going anywhere. Hound, watch him. If he moves..." Duo looked closer to Heero and grinned wickedly, "well, you won't be moving after much."

Heero saw the old wolf stalk him and settle with its large yellow eyes fixed on him. The others went to there respective sleeping areas and settled down.

Now too frightened of what would happen to him, the prince began to mentally kick himself for not staying in the tunnel.


Sitting in her room, Relena brushed the soft waves of hair and waited for her brother. Impatience formed a scowl in her face, as the brush strokes became harsher and harsher to her pale long locks. "Where is that pathetic-"

A loud knock interrupted her thoughts as she grinned. The door swung open to a trussed Millardo holding a small chest in his hand and a large bag over his shoulder.

"A present for me?" The large blue eyes lit up as she opened her hands to the box as of a child opening a Christmas present.

Letting go of the parcel, the large man sighed out, hoping what she would find would soothe her malicious soul.

The tiny wooden box opened to her delight, inside contained the bound piece of long brown hair still bathed in the boy's light scent of forever autumn and fresh cut flowers. Appeased by the offering she looked under the hair to see the still heart wrapped in a silk handkerchief to help hold in the rest of the life's flow.

"You did well my brother. Very good. Take the body to the kitchen and chop it up. Put it in tonight supper pot. Tonight I sup on my son's bones."

The laugh crackled like the thunders racing across the heavens as Millardo scampered away from the cruel heart and to the belly of the castle. He feared what would happen, if Relena found out that he killed a wild pig in the forest and claimed it was the boy. But she would never know; Heero was too far-gone into the forest. Even Millardo had a hard time finding his way through the dark woodlands.

Sitting at the large dinner table, Odin looked about the room. He was nervous and heart torn. "Where is Heero? He never is late."

"I saw him riding to the meadows, probably feel asleep under a tree." Relena inhaled the spicy aroma of the meal set before her. Breaking a piece of bread and scooping a chunk of meat, she savored the texture feeling it renew her dark spirit.

"Heero has a fear of lightening, he wouldn't be out in this."

"I am sure he is fine dear. Eat now, you should try it." Her eyebrows went up and eyes flashed dangerously as she watched his spoon dally around the plate and be thrown down.

"I cannot eat till I know my son is safe!" Odin raked his hands through the thick mane and lowered his eyes down and sighed.

Sighing, Relena renewed her spoon and continued to eat till a loud thump was heard in the next room.

"Your grace!" The footsteps came closer as the doctor fell down on his knees.

"Robert my boy, what brings you like a stag during a hunt?"

"It is Heero, he never met me in the stables, and his horse was caught in the forest!"

Standing to his feet and knocking over the wine goblet, Odin flared up, "Then get my horse and all my men! We must find him."

Relena sat in her chair as if to faint, holding her hand over her head. "My dear boy! Pray for his safty!"

Smiling inwardly, the Queen waited till all the men and servants were out on search for the missing child to go up to her room. Locking the door behind her she opened the small chest and laid the rope of hair on the silver tray that held all her precious goods.

Taking out the heart she laughed with glee that she won at last the heart of the castle, taking Heero out of the picture, she was now the fairer one. The heart began to dribble bits of blood as Relena gripped it, and began to bath herself in the crimson drops and spun around her room.

"You know that is not Heero's heart do you not?"

Stopping in place, Relena looked at the mirror as the lady's image sat smiling.

"He lives."

Squeezing the muscle in her hands and ripping it apart with her nails, Relena screamed throwing the bits onto the old walls.

"I have a traitor! Traitor!"

"What are you going to do about it?" The glass rippled as the image smiled on.

Walking to the caged bird the Queen flung the large cover off, frightening the animal. With a small click of the door, she opened it and put her hand in petting the black beast.

"Come out my dear, you are my only hope. Find the boy with hair of the old window frame and lips as red as blood! Claw your way across the night sky! Go!"

Lifting her arm in the air the large raven screeched and flew out the window, all the while Relena was watching through its large red eyes of the trees below and a small decayed church.

The party looking for the lost Prince came home in defeat. Odin's horse slipped in the mud and fell over onto its master's leg, crushing the bones of his arm and leg. The old man cried in pain; not for himself, but for his lost son all alone in the deep dark wilderness with no way home.

Sitting ever faithful by her husband, Relena petted the man's soft blonde hair as he whimpered and sobbed. But her mind was to other troubles, killing Heero and now her only kin.


Sitting in a lone booth at the old Tavern, Millardo kept a weary eye open for something he couldn't see. His mind raced with apprehension as his body became cold to the touch and hard to keep the trembling down.

The alcohol helped only little, the gin ripping down his throat and warming for a few seconds till the chill came back.

Looking back around the bar, his eyes caught a hold of something familiar; but as he turned to look, it disappeared as it came. Gripping the mug tighter for security, he felt a large hand grab his shoulder and pull him off the stool.

Jumping up to see who did this to him, Millardo saw nothing. No one was close to him or even saw the incident. With a belly full of fear, he began to walk out of the Tavern and through the empty streets.

"You have deceived me." A familiar voice growled.

Looking at all directions, the tall blonde began to whimper in panic. "You have deceived me!" Again appeared the figure all dressed in black with a large hood covering the fiend's face.

Millardo knew who it was and began to back up, tripping over a loose cobblestone and falling onto his backside. Doing a crabwalk as the black body came closer reeking of death, the pale blonde began to mouth his side of the story trying to save his live.

In the figure's hand was the small dagger that was sitting in his hip belt only moments ago in the bar. Helplessness fell over him as he saw the empty face of his mother as she fell forward, piercing his heart and slitting his throat to revile the soft red trails onto the pale cobblestones.

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