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Over all Warnings: Cross-dressing, beheading, incest, blood, death, bad incantations, psychotic men living in a run down shack, attempted rape, murder, cursing, evil animals, laws of Physics thrown out the window, bastardization of all kinds of characters.I bet I just scared about 20 people). But I swear this will have a happy lemon ending! Just bare with me!

Notes: Oy, not the fluffy Disney version. *takes out the tape and smashes it * I am going on 3 things, the original Grimm's Fairy Tales, the movie Snow White: A Tale of Terror, and my own personal touch of evil mischief.

Snow White
Part 4

A light knock on the door awoke Heero from his miserable sleep on the floor. Looking above him at the latched lock, he wiped his nose on his sleeve and slowly got up.

"Who be there?"

"Ay! Mistress Heero! Tis the morn'!"

Blinking in what occurred the few hours before, Heero lifted the lock to let in his servant Sarah. She was slightly smaller build then he, with two black, short braids of hair and brilliant brown eyes. Her accent drove him up a wall, but it was something he became used to. Walking into the room with a warm pitcher of water and a serving tray of haggis and warm tea with singed breads, Sarah looked at her master's shuddering form.

"My you look tha touch of death!"

Heero looked around the corner of the door to see his ever-present uncle watching him wearily, he slammed the door and locked the latches.

"Oy my Lord, what be wrong wit cha?"

"I am fearful of my mother. She tried to-"

"Oy now, she wouldn't hurt a fly. Now come here so I may clean your poor face."

Taking a small washcloth and wiping away the signs of fitful sleep and trails of tears. The sensations soothed through Heero's anxious soul and helped him at least try to get out of his room.

"Now, I say you, what a lucky dawg you be. That Robert is the cat's meow."

"Is he what?" Looking confused as he began to chew on the toast with a bit off the haggis on it.

"Oh now, Docta Robert! Light blonde hair, soft blue eyes, sharp nose and quite tall. He's a beauty to behold."

Nearly spitting out the piece of lamb, "You must be joking my dear woman! He is nearly balding, has these beady little eyes and looks like a talking skull! Scared me of my wits he did!"

"Ay, I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I may see something pretty of him because he is of good background. You may just see another peasant. Unless you stop looking down from your mountain, it shall ever be lonely at the top."

Chewing in silence, the Prince nodded and began to drink slowly of his tea. "I apologize, but I see no beauty anymore. Everything is a shade of gray in my eyes."

"Tis alright. Well, I must be off to ready the lunch. Pigeons don't puck themselves." The young maid stood and took the finished platter and walked off to the kitchen in the underbelly of the castle.

Sighing to himself, Heero began to change out of the creased gown he fell asleep in and into some riding clothes. Fresh air and the pleasant meadows would do his wrenched heart good from all the evils he went through last night.


The outside world went unaffected by the things of the castle. The birds still chirped, the grass was still green, and the sky was still bluest blues.

Inhaling deeply, Heero enjoyed the feeling of the wind fingering through his hair and the ever-present thundering beats of the horse hooves on the ground. Slowing the animal to a fast trot, he saw the beginning of the dark forests slowly creeping out onto the grassy moors. Stories by Nanoo and the maids whispered in his mind to never venture into them, for no one could find their way out and that beast of men would kill him and most horrible of all eat him alive.

Marking the sign of the cross in his chest, Heero began to jump off the horse and let it graze as he ate a picnic under the weeping willow tree.

The sound of approaching hoof beats made him look from under the curtain of branches to see the young Doctor that had every lady pining for.

"Ay, me Lady. I never got to wish you well and happy birthday."

Wrinkling his nose in distaste, but remembering what the maid told him, "No good sir Robert, you didn't. I thank you for tracking me down."

Dismounting from his horse, Robert brushed the unwavering piece of hair back to its circlet on top of his head. "My I join you?"

"I see why not. Please sit."

Taking the branches over his head, a few lower leaves pushed the hair out of its place and showing the slightly balding area, causing him to fluster over it again.

"My, what a beautiful country side. Is this where you tend to think?"

"Ay, my mother used to come here to read or stitch till the sun began to touch the second roof on the castle. She knew that gave her enough time to get back home."

Sitting down on the grassy ground, the blond man grinned, "She was of great wit your mother."

Heero blushed at the comment.

"This reminds me of the moors of Scotland, except they have an abundance of heather."

Looking up wide-eyed, "You travel?"

"Ay yes."

"I always wanted to travel beyond the castle walls. I would sit by father all night and listen to his stories of Rome, France, Ireland, and even Turkey! I wished he would take me too, but I was far too young."

Leaning closer against the tree, the young doctor put his hands behind his head listening to Heero and watched the softened features and mesmerizing eyes. "I have been to Paris, but not to Turkey."

"Oh you must tell me someday before you leave. My heart yearns for travels."

"Never in my day did I ever think to hear the words 'yearn' fall from such angelic lips of you fair one." He bent from his spot and kissed Heero's hand that reached for a leaf on the ground. The action frightened the Prince and made him pull away and blush a bit.

"I am sorry. I am not used to being courted."

Taking up the tiny hand again, "Then may you never need to be courted again." He kissed the hand looking up into the Prince's unworldly blue eyes.

From outside of the little set up in the tree's protected branches, "Docta Robert! Wheres in tha seven hells ar'cha!" Pulling away the green curtains, "Yes? Who calls?"

"Ay! A young girl is sick, she has welts and blood commin' from her eyes. Come quick sir!"

Turning into the tree's arms, "I will be back later, meet me in the stables my good Prince?"

"Ay, and no later then the 'morrow, or I shall find another suitor."

With a smile between them, Robert jumped upon his steed and spent off to the village below.

Dropping onto the ground below in a cloud of giggles, Heero closed his eyes and hugged himself tightly. "Maybe this is what father feels."

Getting up off the ground and dusting away the traces of dirt and grass from his frock, he grabbed up the leftover food and began to come out of his tree.

Millardo waited for his chance as the leaves began to lightly move away and a brown head peered out. Jumping out of his hiding spot he managed to startle the youth and grasp his mouth before it could be used to call for help. Taking the dagger from his belt, Heero saw it shine in the air and come swiftly across his hair, casing him to clamp his teeth down on the leather glove holding back the terror filled screams.

Gasping in pain, Millardo let go of the Prince as he darted off down the hillside screaming. Growling the man took chase into the dark and weeded woods after his game. The hunt was on for him.

Scared and next to exhausted, Heero tripped over a root and began to tumble down a hillside covered in small saplings and larger rocks, bruising on contact the fair skin. Feeling the world underneath him push him away and throw him further down into a bottomless pit, Heero let it push him away slam him to a halt against a large yew tree. The Prince held his head to have the world stop spinning for a second when the crackling of twigs and brush under long striding legs woke him back to his nightmare.

Holding the tree for support, Heero stood on shaky ground looking to see a hiding spot amongst the thorny brambles of the deep wood. Steeping out, he felt himself fall face forward onto the ground pain flaring up from his ankle. The footsteps coming closer to the top of the hill, he could almost see the blazing blue eyes.

Frantic to survive, the youth scrambled across the ground till the ground beneath him gave way and swallowed him whole with a puff of leaves and small clumps of dead wood into the air. Suddenly leaving the soft ground for something harder caused Heero to cry out in pain as his hands and knees connected with the ground below in the hole, but he began to tear up as he saw he fell into a large tunnel mad by only God knows what.

The heavy footsteps of the large man came to over the hole that the Prince fell through, Millardo panting from the dangerous run through the forest, looked for any sign of the boy with no avail. Closing his eyes and seeing with his ears, the sounds of running to his right made him take chase again, far from his real prey under his feet.

A sigh escaped the trembling lips as Heero slumped against the tunnel wall. He tried to stand again with the pain in his leg, but fell again. Ripping a piece from his short burgundy riding skirt, he attempted to wrap the offending limb and try to get to some safety so he could get back home.

Getting up, Heero put very little pressure as possible on the ankle, he stumbled through the passageway and found a small dim light at the end. Happy that he wasn't trapped forever, the Prince walked quicker to find the sky beginning to darken and rumble with the expectance of rains.

Light drops fell with the following of larger drops that stung bare skin. He needed to find some sort of shelter for the night and debated to go back to the tunnel when a ramshackle building came into his view.

It was decrypted with a tall roof like the tiny chapels set in the middle of a hamlet. What ever it was in its past didn't matter to Heero, it looked as if it would shed the rains and harbor something to make a fire from. Picking up his skirts, he darted as fast as his legs could manage to the building as the thunder began to crash around him.

Passing the doorway of the building, he could see fallen beams across what looked like the altar area, leaves, twigs, and fallen bricks littered the floor. Lightening streaked through the air giving a bright light to the rest of the church, showing off the magnificent rose window clouded with age. Heero noted it looked to be the only stain-glassed window left as the winds picked up and blew across his moist skin.

Looking around for a safe spot to sleep, away from the harsh cold winds, Heero saw a ladder that went into something that looked like an old attic room. Curiosity getting the best of him, he slowly went up, and looking forward into used sleeping area covered in straw and ripped up clothe. Finding the situation a bit bearable, Heero fluffed up some of the dead grass in a corner and closed his eyes; totally unaware that the inhabitants were coming home.

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