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Over all Warnings: Cross-dressing, beheading, incest, blood, death, bad incantations, psychotic men living in a run down shack, attempted rape, murder, cursing, evil animals, laws of Physics thrown out the window, bastardization of all kinds of characters.I bet I just scared about 20 people). But I swear this will have a happy lemon ending! Just bare with me!

Notes: Oy, not the fluffy Disney version. *takes out the tape and smashes it * I am going on 3 things, the original Grimm's Fairy Tales, the movie Snow White: A Tale of Terror, and my own personal touch of evil mischief.

Snow White
Part 3

Years passed and Heero grew more lovely, but more and more distant. The trauma he suffered was overlooked and the other maids said that a woman must not be curious and she died breaking the Eleventh commandment.

After Nanoo passed on, Relena took on the role of nanny and did her best to see fit that the Prince grew up under her thumb until she was heavy with child. She prayed for a boy, something that could take up the role of King and keep her as the highest position in the land, the one that controlled the future king.

With her Ladies in Waiting bustling around her, Relena over looked the deep set glares towards her as she patted her swollen stomach and smiled like a lazy cat with the best seat in the house.

The afternoon was quiet as Heero sat in his deceased nanny's chair and embroidered a silken handkerchief with delicate patterns of silver angel wings and deep red roses. With the final stitch, a smile graced the deep red lips of satisfaction and completion. His happiness and attention to the piece of white cloth was distracted when Relena walked in carrying a dress over he right arm and a grin plastered to her face.

"I have found you at last."

The deep blue eyes bore a hole through the woman claiming to be his father's love. "I have been here since breakfast."

"So I see. I have brought you a dress to wear on your 16th birthday party; Sarah will help fit it on you. It is one of my favorite dresses. Wore it when I was your age."

"We have the same chest then." The dangerous joke caused the smile to reawaken on the boy's face.

"I will not ask what you mean by that. Try the dress on and Sarah will fit you."

She thrusted the brown dress into Heero's hands. It was plain with not a scrape of lace, pearls or fancy stitches.

"No thank you, I have a dress to wear." He pushed the dress away and stood up.

"But I insist you wear this one." Relena handed the dress back.

"I said no, I have a dress." Anger began to burn the Prince's cheeks flush, causing his beauty to radiate and angering the queen further.

"Fine. We will discuss this no more then."

She turned her heel and stomped out of the room with a thunderous clicking of her wooden slippers. Her dear ladies slipped their heads into the room to see Heero sit back down and tie down his threads.

"Wonder what the commotion was about?"

"Must have been horrible for Mistress Relena to storm out like that."

"Simply awful."

Turning from his seat and glaring at the group of women that he learned were nothing but little sheep in Relena's game, he heard them make a stuttering sound as the all filed out and down the hall to a more useful place.

With the pest gone from his sight, Heero looked out his door and around the corner to see Milardo placed specifically to observe him. Closing the door and bolting the large latch, the young prince opened a large chest to reveal a cream colored dress that shimmered with an inward light of its own. He brought the dress to his nose to inhale the old scents of dust, cedar and his late mother's perfume.

"Like I said, I have a dress."

Spinning around as if he was at the grand ball, Heero enjoyed the sound of the fabric as it floated in the air and lightly twisted in his hands, creating the imaginary feel that he was his mother.


Kingdoms from far reaches journeyed to attend the Royal Birthday Party of the Prince. Lords and Ladies, Counts and Countesses, Dukes and Duchess all made their way as did their servants to enjoy the festivities of the King and beautiful Queen.

Heero watched from early morning of the arrival of gilded women of different ranks along with their pretentious husbands that watched the servants with a gleam in their eyes. One servant in particular caught his blue eyes; a seminally fair complexioned woman with her hair neatly tucked into her bonnet, and a newly swollen stomach.

"Seems I will have a new bastard cousin." He shrug if off as if nothing was new and slumped down on the reclining chair.

Relena just glanced over to the boy as her maids applied the thick white make-up and the deep red lips. "That is no way to talk about your uncle Treize." Her elegant painted eyebrow arched up. "It is not his fault he is an idiot for women of lower classes, and sit up straight."

"Yes mother." The word burned in Heero's mouth and felt like a trail of bile up his throat. Odin insisted he be kinder to the woman while she could give birth at any moment and any stress would complicate the baby.

"My doctor will be joining us tonight, it would please me greatly if you choose to marry him." She looked into the large cabinet mirror and smiled at herself. The long blonde locks were secured at the top of her head with a trail of curls running over her neck and down the elegant shoulder. The large golden dress hung to her stomach and feathered out to the floor making an illusion of her pregnancy.

"As you wish mother." The words sounded droned in his ears, as if it wasn't his voice.

Looking towards her son, "Now, I am to greet our guest. You best be ready to the celebration. Milardo will escort you later." She stood up as her brother entered the room and offered his arm.

Heero only nodded and went to his own room where he hid the dress from the prying eyes of his mother and uncle.

Fluffing up the soft long brown locks, Heero adjusted the satin dress over his body and looked at the mirror to see the image distorted because of the wavy glass. He glared at the mirror and then remembered his stepmother sitting by the large oaken cabinet and being pampered by her servants.

Quickly running to his mother's room, he looked to see Millardo lifting the sheet to the caged bird feeding the demon creature bits of raw meet. "I need the mirror, please?" Giving his best shot to look innocent to the surprise he was about to give his father after looking himself once over, he saw the large man move out of his way and open the cabinet doors.

Bending into the cabinet to get a closer look, Heero began to pinch his cheeks to bring the blood to the surface and kneed his lips between his teeth to make them look fuller and pouty. Turning to see how the dress looked from the back, the Prince saw an image in the mirror that wasn't his.

What appeared to him was a young man of his age with long dark hair and deep cobalt blue eyes with a long jagged scar down the side his face. The image made Heero fall backwards into the arms of his uncle whose eyebrows knitted together in concern.

"Did you see it?"

The blonde shook his head no and helped the Prince back to his feet, pointing to the door.

Nodding in response, Heero dismissed the vision and began to walk down the corridor with his head held high through the crowd of gawking servants.

In the middle of the room Relena stood on a stage like table singing a lovely song with grace and ease of a lively songbird. She held the attention of all the room with her charm and beauty and her graceful movements kept the eyes on her till something began to part the waves of humans in the room. Not letting a note chock in her throat, Relena kept on as she saw the magnificent beauty walk through the crowd and take the arm of the King. Her King.

Nodding to bowing ladies and men, Heero walked through the song and touched the soft hands of his father lightly. Odin turned his head in surprise and began to tear up at the beautiful sight of his lovely son.

"You look like your mother, but ever more lovely." Cupping the boy's chin in his large hands. "How I adored your mother in that dress." Kissing the feathered hair off Heero's forehead.

"Father? Would you please dance with me first?" He curtsied so low that his knees touched the floor and came up with the smooth grace of a swan. "It would be my pleasure." Pulling a long chain from his pocket and wrapping it around the crane neck, he smiled a genuine smile and caressed the silky cheek beneath his fingers. "You would make her so proud."

Circled around the couple on the floor, the court watched in delight of the Prince's delicate features and soft movements in dance with his father. Soon the entire room was laughing in delight as they danced to the music, forgetting the Queen upon her pedestal, choking on her words and falling to the ground.


Standing in a darkly lit corridor, Odin held his dear son close to his chest as the screams of his wife filled the air. With every loud shriek, Millardo clenched his muscles as he leaned on the open window.

Heero swore that he could see the man wanting to jump out while he could, but the sharp screams of his sister force him back in.

Suddenly, everything became quiet and the door slowly opened showing the faded eyes of the young doctor. He held a towel and wrung it with concern as he wiped the blood off his hands. The soft pale blonde hair stayed in its neat style curling softly behind his ears.

"I am sorry sire, she had a breech birth."

Odin stood up slowly still holding onto Heero's hands for comfort, his golden eyes fell in sorrow as he felt the soft petting of his little Heero.

"Will she be okay Robert?"

"In time. But she will never be able to bare children again."

Heero swore he could hear his father's heart shatter onto the floor as Millardo stared off into the deep sea of stars.

Relena lay back in a large chair as the midwives washed the dark clotting blood off her trembling thighs and long curved legs. She wept silently with anger as they wrapped the stillborn infant in a large cloth and prepared to burn it in the fires by the castle.

Growling now, the queen grabbed the midwife by the hair and slung her to the other side of the room, "Be gone from me! I don't need your insulting stares!" She stood on shaky legs while pushing the muttering women from her vision.

A small knock came at the secret passageway as the door opened to reveal the brooding brother. Falling to her still bloody knees, and grabbed the man's cloak, thrusting her head close to him for some comfort.

"Please! Get my son before they burn him. Run to the castle edge! You must save him!"

Her stinging tears forced Millardo to run down the dark passageway and to the designated spot; snatching the swaddled infant while the guards had their backs turned.

His blue eyes looked up to the softly lit window as the tear stained face of his sister looked down, letting exhaustion take her over.

Returning from the window to the stool in front of the mirror. Stealing a glance at the haggard expression, Relena let out a small hiccup. Her make-up has run and laid in puddles of sweat on her collarbone, the deep rouge of her lipstick was smeared up to her cheek and her eyes were gray and puffy. "So mother, you curse me. Your loving daughter."

Whimpering softly, she grabbed her bottle of cream and smeared it on her face with her fingertips.

With her appearance not changing any, she cried out; ripping at her face with fingernails screaming in horror that the image was not getting better. Slamming the bottle down on the table boards she splattered the white cream and smudged the image and banged against it till she heard a soft voice break through the clouded rage in her mind.

"You are so very beautiful Relena."

Opening her eyes slowly, she saw the radiant reflection, perfect in every way.

"So very beautiful."

Her voice was shaky compared to the vision, "I....I am?" The tears were wailing back up into her eyes, smearing the paste on her skin even more.

"Oh yes! No one is a fair as you!"

The smile was returning to the woman's lips. "I am. I am the fairest of them all."

"Now go pamper yourself, be the Queen for the day. But tomorrow, I will make you ruler of this house." The image's voice was low clear and sultry, arousing images of power in Relena's head.


Later that night, Heero dressed down to a soft beige dress and tied his hair back with a small ribbon. Cheeks still flushed and dark eyes still a lit with the festivities of the early evening, he entered slowly into his stepmother's room.

"My lady?"

Only the fireplace lighted the room, the deep dungeon-like feel drew the chill bumps off of Heero's arms.

"Come in my son."

Looking for the source of the voice, the young man went to a large backed chair and placed his hand on the cold soaked hand of Relena.

"You have fought with me from the beginning. I only wanted to be your friend." Her voice was as clear as morning rain.

Nodding his head in shame, "Yes mother I know. I am sorry." "Stand before me child. Let me look at you."

Doing as the woman commanded of him, Heero stood in front of Relena, his hands tightly clasped in the steely grip.

"I done all I could for you. Replaced your nanny, gave you my jewelry, clothing, and even a husband! But you threw it in my face." Her eyes were deep orbs of pale blue set in the porcelain face.

"I know, and I am sorry mother! But it wasn't my fault!"

A somber smile crossed her lips, "Of course not my son! I could not blame you innocent one for this. I only wish to reestablish our relationship!" The blonde woman stood up to gaze eye to eye with the Prince; her hands gently caressed the ruby red lips.

Heero was mesmerized by the gentle actions and frightened by the deep-set fear of knowing the secrets that Relena held.

"Come here my child. Let me embrace you."

A circle of arms appeared around his waist as warm soft lips touched his own. Trying to pull away, the embrace grew tighter as the lips took a stronger hold. Heero whimpered against the onslaught of the tongue trying to pass his teeth and the dangerously forceful hands ripping at his dress.

With all of his strength, Heero pushed the woman down onto the chair and ran to his room, hitting Millardo in his way.

Nothing felt safer then the door's locks at they clicked into place. Tears spilling over the brim of his eyes, Heero slid down the smooth pane of the door and cried to himself till sleep found the wrecked body.

Sitting ruffled in the chair, Relena gave a deep laugh as her brother came through the door looking at her in curiosity.

"Wonder what that was was about?"

A simple nodding answered her quarry.

"I want you to kill Heero, cut off his hair and cut out his heart. Bring these things to me by the end of tomorrow." Standing up and smoothing over the roughed up fabric of her gown, Relena went to her beloved cabinet and took out a small silver dagger.

Memories flashed over Millardo's crystal eyes as he saw the glint off the hand-forged blade.

"So you do remember it. Fancy I want you to use the same dagger that cut off your tongue to kill my son." She held out the handle that was made of a pale wood stained red by the blood of countless beautiful children throats.

Wishing to thrust the blade into is sister's heart and run as fast as his feet could carry him, the large crow caged in the corner began to growl as it flapped its large black gauzy wings. With a bowed head, the blonde man took up the blade and stuck it into his hip belt and nodded with the acceptation of the mission at hand.

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