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Over all Warnings: Cross-dressing, beheading, incest, blood, death, bad incantations, psychotic men living in a run down shack, attempted rape, murder, cursing, evil animals, laws of Physics thrown out the window, bastardization of all kinds of characters.I bet I just scared about 20 people). But I swear this will have a happy lemon ending! Just bare with me!

Notes: Oy, not the fluffy Disney version. *takes out the tape and smashes it * I am going on 3 things, the original Grimm's Fairy Tales, the movie Snow White: A Tale of Terror, and my own personal touch of evil mischief.

Snow White
Part 2

Watching with a hawks eye, Relena directed the movers to where her belonging went to as a tall man with brilliant white hair stepped up to her with a covered cage.

"Ah! Milardo! Help me with the staff, I am afraid they will brake my things!"

The blonde gave a curt nod, gave the cage's ring to his sister and began to pick up a large chest and carry it up the long corridor.

Sighing, she trudged on and walked to her room, which was up three flights of granite steps. Relena looked in wonder at the large tapestries and paintings on the walls with interrogate detailing of unicorns, gardens, and jousting knights.

She stopped by a beautiful painting of a woman when she saw the little Prince. "Who is this striking beauty?"

"My mother, Heero Yuy."

Putting the cage down on the stone floor she knelt down to look at the child and the painting more closely. "You look just like her, only more lovely."

A pale blush ran across Heero's face, making him glow in the eyes of the queen.

"If you need anything, please do not hesitate to ask. I meant what I said, that we should become friends."

Heero backed away a bit frightened by the dark glow in her eyes, "If you wish." His eyes darted back and forth as he felt the cold fingers wrap themselves around his sleeve. "Um, I don't wish to be late for tea…I must go now."

The hands left his wrist, but the ever present cold feeling lingered as he began to leave, rubbing his numb arm and still watching the eyes that were deadlocked on his.

Millardo awoke Relena from her stare down with the painting, causing her to harshly exhale and slap him across the face.

"Are they finished?" Her voice was cold and sharp as the swords hanging behind the family crest.

The man nodded in response, not showing any feeling to what just transpired. "Good."

Walking quickly to her room, she beamed as she touched the large oaken cabinet as Millardo placed the birdcage on a small stone pedestal shaped like an old tree in a forest.

Relena caressed the cabinet, touching the large chiseled out impression of a bowed woman in a large cloak with the large ornamental doors that held shut with intertwined wooden fingers.

"Would mother be proud? Such a lowly creature she was, cowering before the world worshiping her beauty till it failed her."

Glancing towards the slender blonde, his face was troubled. "Well, you deserved it. She did what she could to preserve her graceful features, you are lucky you got away without your tongue." She sneered at the embarrassed sight of her brother.

Again, caressing the hardwood under her fingers, Relena began to open up the clutched hands and smiled at the clear mirrored reflection before her. "He loves me you know, and I will do anything to keep that love. I will not go down like mother did." Pulling up a chair, she sat down before the image of herself with mild amusement of Millardo's wide-eyed expression. "I must do something about the child though. His beauty is fair above his mother's and will surly grow. I must win his trust and control it, steal it for my very own. I will keep my position as queen. No one will take it away from me."

Turning back to stare deeply with her image, it seemed to smile back with exuberance.


In the great hall, a large feast began for the return of the King and the presence of the long awaited Queen at his side. All the adults of royal lineage or of quality tastes appeared.

But watching from the large staircase was the timid child. Heero saw his father kiss his bride on the hand and laugh as if he was under a spell.

His deep blue eyes darted out to the hallway behind him to see if anyone was in his pathway. No one was in the vicinity as he began the slow creeping journey to his stepmother's room, still keeping wide eye out for someone watching.

Slowly, Heero opened the old pine door with and peered around for any sitting maids stirring the fires. Sighing in relief, he began to go inside and look around for anything out of the ordinary. But to his eyes, nothing was any different from any other room.

There was large with a four poster bed that had large sheets of netting cloth creating a curtain effect. Heavy scents of roses and exotic spices caressed his nose as Heero lifted the veil to peer inside the bed.

Shaking his head, he saw a stand that had some small bottles and pouches of herbs. Getting closer, he found a large candle nearly melted down with a small stream of dark clotted blood in a silver plate. Scrunching his eyebrows he also noted that there was bottles of dark liquid that looked nothing like the perfumes that Nanoo put on him or liqueur that he saw the men behind the cemetery drink.

Reaching slightly onto the table, Heero heard footsteps coming closer to the room. Out of fear he slinked back from the table and crawled under the bed, pulling his green dress with him.

The elderly nanny looked around the corner with nothing of the child, but saw a door open with a small candle lit. Not noting it was Relena's room; Nanoo walked in with out hesitation, looking for Heero.

"Little one? Where did you go off to now? Little tart."

Stepping into the room, she looked around when the large cabinet caught her eye. The soft curves and waves of the perfectly chiseled wood mesmerized her. A creak of the opening doors made her step back a bit, but the large mirror made her gasp and take a hold of her face and walk nearer. As her neck craned in closer to the mirror, the doors swung close by an invisible wind, slicing through the neck and opening to release the prize.

Looking from under the bed, Heero only saw the old woman's feet as she approached the cabinet. The slam caused him to jump from place and bump his head on the bed above him. Still with curiosity, he saw the body spasm and go limp and fall over with a heavy thud.

"Nanoo?" Heero stuck his head out from under the bed, the dust ruffle lying on his head. The cabinet door opened to show a gruesome ball-bouncing splattering soft trails of crimson onto the floor and other near by articles.

It was until the ball stopped and the clouded wide eyes starred back at him did Heero begin to scream loudly and try to back away from the puddling ooze of blood.

Finally getting out from under the bed, the young prince slipped in the blood; forced to look on hands and knees of the gory body before him. White with shock, he began to exit backwards, afraid to loose his gaze of the spasming body as if it would get up and chase after him. Heero backed into the large pedestal, knocking over the birdcage onto the floor. The large crow inside growled and squawked from its rude awakening and began to flap around frightening the child more.

Sitting in the large crowded room, Relena felt something amiss as her pet began to scream loudly in her mind. With a sharp glance, her eyes ordered Millardo to find out what was wrong.

No one else in the room heard the screams of the frightened child or the vicious crying of the dark crow over the loud boisterous music and clanging of dishes. They were too caught up in the festivities to know that death came under their noses and no one blinked.

Running up the stairs, Millardo saw the young prince walking towards him with blood covering his once green dress and pale cream slippers and holding up gore slicked hands towards him. Heero's eyes were wide in shock as he fell over to the ground taking in sharp gasping breaths as he collapsed onto the rug.

The towering blonde grabbed the cage and saw the gruesome sight of his sister's room and knowing she would not be pleased with the awful mess. As he grabbed a large cloth, Millardo noticed that the small child passed out in the middle of the hallway curled up in a fetal position shuddering silently.

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