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Over all Warnings: Cross-dressing, beheading, incest, blood, death, bad incantations, psychotic men living in a run down shack, attempted rape, murder, cursing, evil animals, laws of Physics thrown out the window, bastardization of all kinds of characters, (I bet I just scared about 20 people). But I swear this will have a happy lemon ending! Just bare with me!

Notes: Oy, not the fluffy Disney version. *takes out the tape and smashes it * I am going on 3 things, the original Grimm's Fairy Tales, the movie Snow White: A Tale of Terror, and my own personal touch of evil mischief.

Snow White
Part 1

Perched up in a large wooden windowsill, a tiny creature of a child looked down at the swirling colored leaves before his wide blue eyes. Heero giggled in delight as a large golden leaf flew up the castle walls and into his waiting hands. Shifting in a long blue dress, he grabbed the leaf and held it close to his chest.

He absolutely adored autumn; it was the one season before the hard winter chills that forced everyone to stay inside by the protectorate flames waiting for the green fingers of spring to show.

Heero especially loved the harsh winter season above all. Sitting by a roaring fire with Nanoo as he read the Psalms or Proverbs, new clothing from far away lands and his father the King stayed within the child's reach from his voyages and long distant wars.

"Nanoo? When is papa coming home?" Heero turned from the spirited wind outside to an old lady sitting by the fireside in a large old oak rocking chair sewing a pair of stockings.

"Soon child, soon." The old hazel eyes never wondered from her stitches. "How soon is soon?" The child bounded from the window twirling the leaf and sat at his nanny's feet.

"To many questions! My my, to have your energy would be a gift." She put down the stockings and patted the long brown locks on Heero's head. "Your father will come home when he is married to the new Mistress."

Wrinkling his pointed nose, Heero spat; "Must I treat her as my mother?" "Yes, you will treat Miss Relena with the utmost respect. It would break your kind father's heart to see you misbehaving." Getting up out of the chair with a groan, Nanoo held her lower back as it popped and put the sewing kit on the mantle. "Now, I see you grow restless for fresh air, come with you! Get your cloak."

Skipping down the large stone steps, Heero paused for a few seconds to let the nanny see him, then bound down the rest of the way towards the large cemetery holding his skirts the entire time giggling.

"Heero! You little rag a muffin! Hold up!" Nanoo waddled down the steps and pulled her skirts together as she watched the child dart from her protective eye to the large granite stones that held the child's curiosity.

In the center of the cemetery was a beautiful monument that the child always ran too when released from the confines of indoors. A lowly angel cast in white marble was bending down to the earth with her tiny fingers cupped, which Heero filled them with seeds for the birds. Her face was warm and always smiling which drew Heero closer to it.

Scribed on the stone block the angel kneeled from it stated: Hereth lies the most glorious of beauties, the ever warm Queen, Heero Yuy. My God bless and keep thee close to thy bosom.

Heero sat at the cold stone of his mother's grave and gently ran his finger around the carved words. "Nanoo? Was mother beautiful?"

"Aye, you are a spitting image of her as a child, but her hair was not as messy and she washed her face when told. She had a tender heart that was pricked hard most of her life." Still petting the soft mane of the child, "You have mighty large shoes to fill."

Looking at the kneeling woman, "I don't want to fill someone else's shoes, I want a pair of my own."

"Yes, and if you behave as badly as you do now it will be a pair with a bronze buckle across your hide."

With a short sigh, Heero took a small bag of seeds and emptied it in the seraphim's open hands. "I will be good, for mother's sake." Standing up the child turned a bit, "Nanoo? Why do angels have wings?"

Inhaling deeply as she stood back up, the old woman looked up to the graying skylines. "To watch from heaven I suppose. Why are you so full of questions today?"

Shrugging his shoulders Heero looked on, "I want to know, curious I guess." "Curiosity killed the cat, me dear. We should be getting back, not to fond of those clouds, and the birds are flying low."

The old woman took the child's hand in hers as the walked to the towering castle. She felt a twinge of pity for the child to have no one of his age to play or even interact with. Everyone was either servants or maids. Nanoo hoped that when the Misses arrived that she could have a hand maiden or someone young to at least have some sort of descent conversation, unlike all the elder staff that looked down and the young prince.

As soon as their feet touched the inside stoned floor, the winds began to pick up and the water-laden clouds began to release the crystal drops onto the leave littered flooring. The sky took on a dark tinge and licked at the earth with a lightening sharp tongue.

Settling down from the large dinner of stew and bread, Heero nuzzled in the large goose down comforter and yawned while the heavy raindrops hit the windowpane. Falling into a light sleep, a large crackle of thunder shook the confines of the castle and startled the child.

Nanoo stood to look outside at the large streaks across the sky followed by heavy pounding jolts of sound. "No worries little one. If you count between the lightening and thunder, it is very far away."

This still did not settle Heero's fluttering heart, "C…could you tell me a story?" He pulled the comforter up to his chin and looked wide-eyed at the bright flashes of light outside.

"Um…I know the one you like. Fine, settle down and close your eyes now child." Nanoo settled at the edge of the bed and gathered the tiny body next to hers for comfort.

"There once was a beautiful queen, as fair as she was kind and as smart as she was talented. One day she sat at her window looking out at the new fallen snow and sighed a heavy sigh.

'As her attention was directed elsewhere, she pricked her finger and three drops of blood hit the snow. As she saw this, she smiled and wished for a child. One with hair the color of the old window frame and lips the color of fresh blood and eyes the color of the new day sky."

Shifting a bit, she looked to see Heero's bright eyes locked onto hers. "Well, she bore a child, a little boy with hair the color of the old window frame, lips the color of fresh blood and eyes the color of the new day sky. Before she could hold the child, the dear Queen died leaving her handsome king and the tiny imp.

'Taking a vow, the King promised to raise the boy in the foot steeps of his precious mother; to act like a Lady but with the wit and strength of a man."

Hearing the light snoring, Nanoo looked down upon the child and smiled. "And your mother shall be proud of you." She ruffled the soft locks of hair and settled them with a kiss as she pulled the blankets closer to Heero's throat. "Good dreams."


Heero awoke to hands flying about his body and people bustling around his room. Nanoo was directing people to clean certain places of the house and to gather up more staff for the return of the King and his party.

"What is going on?" The child wiped the sleep from his eyes and sat up.

A young woman looked over and helped the Prince up. "Your father is returned from the Isles with the new bride." Pulling off the sleeping gown and beginning to put the deep green dress on Heero, the maid was talking with her comrades dusting in the halls. "I wonder if she is beautiful?"

"I don't care if she is ugly as a troll as long as she don't beat us."

"True to that. My last master had a terrible temper."

"Well, what do you expect from those brutes? Burning down towns and beating anyone that got in their way. Just terrible."

"And to think that they got away with all of it!"


"I saw a group burn down an orphanage because the priest refused to let the elder boys fight the Crusades!"

"Such wicked dogs. I pity the children."

"If any survived."

"Many survived, they live as beasts in the forests."

"Don't talk about them! Such frightening thoughts!"

Nanoo walked back into Heero's room and grunted as the maids went back to their cleaning and dressing the young Prince.

By the time the young woman finished tying the small lace bonnet over Heero's curly locks, the sound of horse footfalls could be heard in the distance and the loud barks of the hunting dogs.

Heero fought the maid's grasp and tried to run to the open doors only to be captured by the nanny and held steadfast against her chest.

"Running is not lady like Heero."

Nodding and pressing down on the green dress, the young imp lifted up his proud head and walked dignified to the door to greet his father.

The large coach rode up with magnificent steeds of pure white and gilded with golden harnesses. All the staff looked on with mouths agape and in pure wonder of their new mistress.

Nanoo stood by Heero the entire time, used to the standard display of the king and watching the young maids chatter constantly till the door on the cabin opened.

Everyone bowed as a large black leather boot came out onto the step attached to a long curved leg incased in red riding pants. Looking out to the crowd with large golden eyes, Odin Lowe ruffled his blonde hair as he looked at his young son. Kneeling to the ground, he opened his arms and waited for Heero's embrace as the child walked up and curtsied.

"Are you not happy for your papa and not a hug for him?"

"Ladies do not hug, we bow." A small smile played upon his lips. Looking towards the bowed head of Nanoo, the King gave an off set grin and took off his cap. "Well then, no hugs for you are a lady. But can we not have an exception?" Before the words left his mouth the tiny arms enveloped him and the small head snuggled up against his heart.

"My darling Heero, I shall not leave ever again."

Heero looked up and smiled as large as he could, "I hope not."

As Odin stood up holding the tiny hands in his, the door to the other carriage opened to a barrage of Ladies in Waiting scurrying to help the Queen out to the cobble stone pathway.

"Heero, this is Relena Peacecraft, your new mother."

The tall blonde woman looked down and smiled, "Good day young Prince. My, you are fancy in that lovely dress."

Hiding behind his father's hand, Heero peeked out a wide blue eye and stared deeply into Relena's.

"Heero is usually not shy, but he is under a bit of pressure, not knowing his real mother and all." Odin looked a bit nervous that things were not going well, but felt at ease when the child let go of his hand and stepped up to the new Queen and curtsied.

"Good day, mother."

Bowing her head in reply, "We shall become good friends."

Odin smiled as he felt somewhat at peace that there would be no troubles in the castle. "Oh, my son," Odin pointed to a large man holding a cage protectively; "This is Millardo, Relena's brother. Be kind for his tongue does not work."

The mute bowed at the child as it was returned and nodded towards his sister.

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