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Category: Duo POV, Lemon lime froth.
Warnings: Duoís thoughts... so you will understand this will be perverse and lots of cursing.

Notes: Thanks to my dear Rice Queen, he made me feel better today and inspired me to write something on these lines. Known the guy for years and he is actually rubbing off on me... *sighs* Why me? Hehe. And for those who donít know what a Rice Queen is, it is a guy who is attracted to Asian men.

Rice Queen . . . Or Why Duo canít decide between Heero or Wufei
by Lady Tora

"I just canít help myself... their just so damn sexy!"

I just donít know about it anymore. Think Iím going crazy, off my rocker, bats boinking in the belfry, youíre right; but damn it! Theyíre so fucking hot!

Just look at them sometime, rich caramel skin that tastes divine with dribbles of chocolate and deep set eyes that have so many emotions you canít count! But donít get me wrong, not the entire populace of Asia makes me burn faster then a pillar candle on the hottest day of the year, nah... if they did then we would have more Kami Kaze just walking to the market. Hehe, just for their safety my lust life is satisfied with two of their top, the best and ultimate.

You ask me are they that good? Damn fucking skippy. After being a Gundam pilot, would little olí picky me go for just anyone? Hell no. I want the cream of the crop, the best of the best... and a few good men. Who could ask for anything more when you have the stag of the Queen of the world and the last survivor of the Dragon clan... maybe some beer money... aw just kidding.

My problem is who is better? Who should I spend the rest of my life with? Itís like this, think of going to your favorite restaurant; mine at the moment is Hungís Iris Blossom, just for its name. Okay, now, you sit down and they give that menu, you know the one that has the dragons all over it and this fancy red writing; you have a choice of the Kung Pow beef or Sweet and Sour pork... yeah, like a rock and a hard place. But good for me that Iím such a big boy and I can handle two potions of both with room for desert.

I think you know Iím smiling at the moment for that little joke.

But it is so true; Heero is so hot and spicy, rough but oh so fucking smooth. Then Wufei is sweet and melts in your mouth with so many flavors and experience that makes him sour and appealing to the senses.

I know... hard choice.

Well, how about loving styles. No I just didnít just describe it... that was a comparison of them and food. Keep up with me, I move pretty quickly.

Now, Heero is hard and fast... which is a good thing when you want something right then and there no questions asked and hands on the handle bars because itís a hell of a bumpy ride. Things that normally donít turn people on make him hard and horny and you try to stop then you end up with ripped clothes... especially if it is a pair of Italian leather pants that cost a pretty penny. Heero responds to sweat and heat and pure adrenaline. I remember it was right after a huge battle, we almost didnít make it out alive; blue eyes straining to see through his thick brown matted hair and just absolutely breathless. The first thing he said on my COM is ĎWhere do you want to do it?í

Now if I told you my jaw didnít drop I would be a liar. As soon as we got like thirty feet from the base he jumped my bones and everything attached. Fond moment... and yes, I saved Deathscythe Hellís cockpit for such occasions that we want to Ďreminisceí about the good olí days.

Yes, I am leering... get back to topic!

And you didnít hear it from me, but that boy can scream; true about the silent ones. Scared the hell out of me when we first made love, thought I was killing him... or Iím just that damn good. He was sitting on my cock bouncing like a rabid kangaroo and screeching like a banshee in heat and Lord only knows who the hell heard us. But if you think about it, that was the last time Relena chased Heero too.

My oh my.

But I just love to feel that wiry frame, so tiny yet so damn powerful, lips that just wrap around you making you forget that a thousand Ozzies are watching you. Oh well, free show.

But Wufei on the other hand is so soft and smooth when it comes to loving. He is total opposite of Heero for those days you need something gentle and slow burning. We could just go for hours on foreplay alone, not to mention all that holding back will give you one hell of a mind-blowing orgasm.

And it is spur of the moment stuff donít mind you. I could walk into the house after work, too tired to lift my head as I find a trail of lotus blossoms up to our large bedroom, which is lit up with hundreds of sandalwood candles. There on the middle of the lavishly decorated bed is my Dragon. Dressed only in a red silk robe that is hanging off one shoulder with strands of hair dancing across his shoulders for that wonton statement that just directs itself straight to your groin. And for the ultimate in teasing, he is stroking his slightly exposed cock with a single petal then licks the precum off with a huge grin on his face.

Now damn it, if you donít find that appealing as hell then you are fucking dead!

Well, letís just say that was another of my favorite nights and we have the blankets mounted over the fireplace.

As Heero is light and lithe, Wufei is full of muscles and shows them off with pride. I have fun just letting my fingers roam over every little bump and curve that twitches to life.

Also, Heero as a screamer, Wu is a moaner and does it ever go to my head! With the thrust of my hips and the right dirty words I can have him writhing off the bed and clawing the hell out of my back, which turns me on oh so much more.

Here is the funny part; you would expect Heero to be a biter and Wufei the sucker... other way around my friends. I have bruises from Wuís teeth; I like it and simply let him do it... gets me off a hell of a lot harder, just call me a masochist. And Heero, that boy shouldnít get a medal for honor and bravery, but for just damn good blowjobs. I can get off on the memory of his mouth licking, sucking, that tongue in the right place and the way he can squeeze down holding me back so he could tease me some more. Just to die for let me tell you!

It wasnít till we finally just all got together that everything got freaky in the good way. We planned to have a nice little orgy with the three of us. I arrived late and they were already busy testing boundaries, undressing each other, touching, caressing, fondling and all that wonderful stuff you do to a lover. Being late wasnít a real problem in my book, I snuck in and watched as two of the most beautiful creatures writhed in each otherís arms tasting each otherís skin and having sex for the first time. It was a Kodak moment if they let you develop the pictures with their film. Hehe.

Everything was so amazing. Wufei bit down on Heeroís neck and began to softly lick it like a kitten as my Japanese lover groaned thrusting his weeping erection into the Chinese manís thigh... and here I was feeling like chopped liver sitting on the corner seat silently stroking myself to the scene in front of me. The picture of them kept going till Wufei looked over licking Heeroís cheek and daintily nibbling his ear. Yeah, I came right then and there. Nothing is more erotic then the real thing sitting in front of you teasing, except seeing them crawl on hands and knees towards you and begin to lick the cum off your clothing and exposed skin. Their talents that I enjoyed from them began to meld together as they began to kiss the crown of my reawakening member. Heero silently taught Wufei the art of sucking cock while he nipped along my now naked chest, thick brown bangs teasing my moist skin.

Fun? Yes... yes it was! Apart they are something different, different tastes and flavors. But together it is perfect harmony and blends that intoxicate you and should be illegal. But only they can do that correctly.

So you ask me, why I love Asian men... I say why the hell not? Iím a Rice Queen and fucking proud of it. But Iím their Rice Queen.


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