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Rating: R
Pairing: er…must you ask?
Warnings: Blood, violence, past lives, insanity
Category: Historical, AU- but then it goes along with the Gundam Universe
Feedback: It helps me figure out what the heck I am doing.

Notes: I have no clue where this one came out of, return address is ‘Blue’ so who knows.

by Lady Tora

They ran through the forest, the dark of night cloaked their movements as safety beckoned. The man’s straw sandals dug small pits with every step; calculated eyes trained on all activity, flickered back and forth and back again to be sure he and the girl would not be followed.

He didn’t know what caused his emotional reaction to the lady; she looked like all the White Devil’s race invading his home. Hair was in disarray, falling out of the tightly wound bun, spilling little waterfalls of umbers and golds. Her scared amethyst eyes held a small amount of trust for the samurai, but enough to know he was trying to protect her. Soft whimpers escaped her throat as she stumbled, but not crying out.

The soft careless locks of the samurai’s hair fell out of his knot and swept around his face, blocking the blue eyes of shadows to his right. His hand itched the hilt of the katana by his side while he pulled on the woman’s hand to follow faster.

He saw her horseback at first with a Chinese guide and two noisy men. They jeered his troop as they made their way back to the village to rest from the ongoing wars. Her eyes were soft as she bowed her head gently giving respect.

But the men...

One jumped off his horse and grabbed the flag from the side trooper and broke the heavy bamboo over his knee. He laughed on as many ignored him, but one couldn’t take the insults no longer.

A flash of blade and blood met the sky as an elder took to the blade and slashed across the man’s chest, spewing a red river onto the ground. The other took out a pistol, and shot at the solider, but aim was wavering as a blade met with his back.

Their horses flung in the air, making the riot more viscous as the still breathing humans were trampled under the steel shoes. The young woman was thrown off the horse, screaming the entire time as the samurai butchered the devils, washing their swords with the blood. One samurai charged through the group, eyes shining hot blue with defiance as he picked up the small waist and flung it over his shoulder while the girl kicked and screamed as he made his way into the safety of the bamboo forest. Blood speckled her cream colored riding coat while the tears soaked down her heart shaped face. He put her on the ground gently, but her hand came up and smacked his cheek. She looked surprised at her violent action and knelt on the cool moist ground and wept. The samurai picked her up and kissed her gently to stop the sobbing and apologized for the massacre with his lips.

Now for days they hide from the troops, he was banned and outlawed for protecting the young woman of tainted blood and tainting his own. Now a Ronin outlaw, there was nothing left to do but escape Japan. The smell of the sea was now closer and survival at hand.

The young samurai looked out and pulled his katana out of the sheath, ready for attack. The pier was silent, boats rocking back and forth in the waves and the gulls slept on the currents. A slight fog rolled in from the water’s edge as the sun licked the horizon, causing a slight blush from the sky. Turning slightly to give signal to the young lady, his heart froze.

She was held up by two men as one held a blade to her throat, the glint off the blade showed a shower of crimson as the soldier’s eyes made contact with her pleading violet orbs. She slumped forward as her pale arm flung out to touch him from so far away.

He fell to his knees, ashamed to get caught so easily as his formal commander walked up on the rocky ground. The commander dropped a single blade in front of the Ronin’s bowed head.

Blue eyes opened wide and shut themselves as they saw what they must do. Taking the bone handle, he let the blade rip the underside of his belly, letting of blood on the craggy shore next to his dead lover.


"Hey! Heero! Wake up!" A large white pillow smacked the side of the Japanese pilot’s head.


Duo rubbed his head, messing up the umber bangs. "Geez Yuy, been sleeping like the dead all morning. Get up." He turned to leave when something caught his ears.

"I was dreaming." Heero rubbed the sleep out of his eyes and scratched at his hairline.

Quarking an eyebrow up, "You don’t dream…one of those fucked up program thingies." Duo began to open a window to let some fresh air contaminate his comrade’s personal space.

"I know…but I remember…" Shaking his head he went back to his normal persona, "And what the hell are you doing in my room?"

Growling, Duo picked up the beeping laptop and hit Heero over the head. "Go back to sleep, your still grumpy." He left slamming the door rattling the few decorations in the pilot’s room.

He picked up the computer and checked for dents and then opened the monitor to read his mail.

"Learn your past life, Psychic Sarah can help you…" He thought for a moment and clicked the link.


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