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How Far Would You Go To Please The Queen ?

Sitting in his chair left out in the hallway, Duo stretched his legs as Heero walked by carrying a tray of tea to the ill queen's room. The thought of servitude didn't upset Heero that much, he rather didn't mind to help out the staff when they were off and Relena caught a flu bug: it was the little maid's outfit he was forced to wear that made him grind his teeth.

Big frills hung at his shoulders and the pleated skirt hung on his slender hips. It was a black and white humiliation in his mind, and all in front of Duo. He kept his gun in a thigh holster, which began to rub against the sensitive nerves, causing him to get hard; but looking at Duo in the tight black pants and red turtleneck didn't cause enough trouble.

If Duo didn't pounce in him the second he walked out of the change room, then he knew in his heart and soul that the longhaired teen held nothing for him. He didn't even look as he went by with the trays and medicine; then bending over while vacuuming and dusting.

The Japanese teen felt distraught.

Holding onto the newspaper, knuckles turning white from the sheer will power not to look up that pretty skirt and view what was between those long tanned legs. Duo tried all he could to not stare or get caught looking. But it was hard, along with other things.

A bell ring broke the silence; Heero began walking to Relena's room when she beckoned, "Duo? Could I see you please?" Her voice was raspy and nasally, he didn't notice any difference.

Inside the room, Shinigami began to scream and ran to the far corners of Duo's mind. 'Oh thanks buddy.' He made a growling sound, as he looked at the tiny form of the pink clad lady in the large four-post mahogany bed. It wasn't pink, but magenta. He shuddered, "Yeh? Wha'cha want?" He leaned on the large post and crossed his arms.

"I just wanted someone to talk to, Heero is so…so-"


She made a large sneeze that bounced her from her spot by the pillows. "Yes." She got up on all fours and crawled towards Duo till he could fill the warm breath emanating by her open mouth. "And I am so bored. Could you talk to me till I fall asleep? Please?" Her eyes batted as she pursed her lips together.

"Sure, what'cha wanna to talk about?"

She set down on the edge of the bed and looked up from her sandy blonde bangs. "What about Heero? And interesting topic if I say so, and I say so."

"Sorry lady, you don't tell me what to do. And I cannot talk about people behind their back, not my style." Duo took a seat behind him and put his feet up beside, Relena's hip.

"To true, it is not polite indeed, but I know you will never tell a lie." Cocking her head a little, she placed her dainty hands in her lap.

Trying to figure out if the shine from Relena's eyes were mischief or the Dayquil she was subjected too, he just nodded.

"So if I was to say, Heero is quite the handsome fellow, you would say?"

"Yes he is. And what if I said he has no interest in you, you would say?" Mocking her accent and noble speech.

"Neither do I. Now if I was to say you are very pretty with your hair down?"

"I would cut it off."

"Spiteful words Mister Maxwell." She pouted a bit and smiled again, "But what if Heero said you look pretty with your hair down?"

"He would never say such things, Miss Relena." He emphasized 'Miss Relena'.

"I say Duo, you just told your first lie." She stood up and wrapped her arms around the post and leaned over backward, hair spilling over in a large blonde cloud as she looked to Duo and smiled. "Do you like Heero's outfit? I made sure it wasn't his size, down to the tight little garter belt where he hangs his pistol." Her voice was low and lecherous.

"I would say he looked magnificent, but I wouldn't walk out of your compound alive." He didn't trust her, not for a moment.

Spinning around and putting her hands on Duo's chair, she began to lean down till her lips were mer inches from his. "I beg to differ Mister Maxwell." Licking down his chin she stopped at Duo's turtleneck and began to pull on the little looped zipper at his throat while looking up into his startled violet eyes.

"Um, ahem, Relena? Could you not do that? Relena! Heero! Help!" He tried to push the girl away, but she proved to be very strong.

Eyes filled with mirth, "So I see, much much more." She turned her head and gently touched Duo's growing arousal; "I suppose this isn't for me now is it?" She shook her head like a child who took a cookie from the cookie jar and then saying they didn't. "I say it is for what is about to come through that door with a gun in hand in three, two, one, and-"

Busting through the door, Heero pointed the weapon in each direction looking for the reason why Duo screamed. His eyes caught hold of Relena on Duo's lap with a smile only a cat that caught the mouse could invent.

"My, Heero, reflexes are rather slow. I could have had my way with Mister Maxwell here and had a smoke by the time you came in." She leaned in and pressed her lips on the now sweating bullets forehead. Getting up and placing herself on the large bed, "Please have a seat Heero."

Walking to the bed to sit on another end than Relena, the queen raised her hand.

"On Mister Maxwell's lap please."

Stunned, the Japanese teen sat gently down; his naked thigh brushed up against the formal pilot's hand. Heero felt the arousal and began to get upset that it wasn't for him, but for Relena who teased Duo's hormones.

"Why such the face Heero? Not happy?" She made the little pouty face again. "And to think, I thought you would like the seat of the house." Standing over them once again, "Heero? Do you like Duo's hair?" She bent down to pick up the end and unraveled the shinny mass.

He didn't reply, but stayed in the quietness of his quickening heartbeat. Duo's heart began to shatter at the stillness in the air.

"My, my, my, Duo told me the truth, you have to at least say yes or no." Her blonde eyebrows went up, opening the large faint blue eyes.

"Hai." It was indistinct, so faint that not even Duo thought he heard it.

Giggling now at her fun, "Would you believe that Mister Maxwell here thought you would never compliment him on such a thing of beauty. Has he ever let you touch it?" She lifted a large clump of chestnut hair. But Duo wanted something else to be touched, and having his fantasy's bare ass on his rock hard bone didn't help matters none.

"Iie." Heero gasped out loud. He didn't believe for a second that Duo would want him near him.

Relena lifted the tresses over Duo's shoulder and placed it down by Heero's nearly exposed lap, "It feels like kitten's fur." She cooed and brushed her fingers through Duo's scalp lightly. Seeing the sight tent on the little black dress, the woman guided Duo's hand down to the front and watched as Heero jumped up and gasped at the touch.

Not looking back, the American wrapped his hand around the stiff arousal and gently put his thumb of the slit and slid down with the natural lubricant to the curly pubs and back up at deadly slow rate.

The ever-impatient Heero began bucking his hips into the pale hand as he felt the fingers of Anteros (1) weaving patterns through his mind.

Relena stopped Duo's hand from giving out more pleasure, "No, I think it is better if you taste him."

Heero felt the whine exit from his throat with the sweet pressure leave his body and he felt something lifting him and being put on the fluffy bed. Duo looked over the stretched out form as it beckoned to him with ambrosia.

"Now, I want to use this dress later," she undid the strappy shoes slowly, and tossed them over her head. Laying her hands flat on the top of Heero's legs, she inched her way up to the clasps on the garter belt and slid the soft stockings down. Opening the front of the tiny dress, she panned her fingers and scratching down the teen's chest with her fingernails as Heero gritted his teeth.

Swishing her head over to Duo's direction, she noticed that he was stunned at what was happening. 'Must I do all the work? Men…' "Duo, take off your clothing for Heero-san."

Blinking twice, he choked out, "Oh, yah." Kicking off the leather boots, he slipped out of the long black pants, wiggling a little to get them over his hips and gently over his arousal. Then tossing his turtleneck aside he padded closer till he was beside the boy and the not too sick woman on the bed.

He bent down and kissed the heaving mouth and rubbed the soft skin of the muscular chest till his fingertips brushed against a dusky nipple. Heero jumped and opened his eyes wider, wishing for more.

Relena sat down in the chair and propped her feet up, taking a cup of tea and spooning a teaspoon of cream; enjoying the show immensely. Tilting the cup to her mouth with her pinky in the air, "For once in my life, I want to hear Heero scream."

Duo kissed down the chest and rounded his tongue around the jutting nub, flicking the top with his tongue and sucking on it as if he was removing a pit from a cherry. The teen underneath thrashed about, gasping for breath that wasn't there and grinding his dripping cock in the air. Seeing how much sensitivity the other had, Duo began to go down further down the captivating body beneath him. He looked up to a pair of yearning filled blue eyes that shone in the dying light from the window and nuzzled the stiff muscle. Heero jumped up, slapping his balls on Duo's chin.

"Hold his hips down." Relena said in between sips.

Shaking his head, Duo did as he was told, seemed that Relena wasn't as innocent as Heero complained the reason why he couldn't kill her. Nearly forgetting the sheer power of the one beneath him, Duo had to hold on with a bruising force as he licked the glistening tip with his long tongue. The creamy pre-cum tasted salty, but something delicate and sweet at the same time. He wanted more.

Taking the head in his mouth, Duo shaped his tongue to accommodate the shape as he went further and further down. He nearly choked as he got halfway, but Relena reassured him to breathe from his nose and all would be fine. Shinigami poked his brain, 'Since when is she a sex coach?' Duo began to smirk, 'When she gave me this angel.'

Screaming in every language and his twice over, Heero felt the fence he set around him becoming like fragile glass and pieces coming off every time he felt that smile around him and those eyes looking through him with more than just lust, but with pure passion and love. The fence began to crumble as Heero felt the orgasm coming closer and closer.

Standing back up, Relena whispered in Duo's ear as he put the crown back in his mouth and felt the rush of blazing white stream jetting out from Heero as he arched his back. He didn't think it would ever end as it hit fast on the back of his throat. The Japanese teen fell back on the bed, bouncing a bit as euphoria took hold of him.

Throwing a bottle into the longhaired one's hands, he looked at her with surprise.

"Get a good amount, like that, then with one finger at a time prep him. By the looks of you, you might tear him apart." She smirked.

Again following directions, his cock twitched in anticipation. Duo licked his lips, and watched for signs of discomfort in Heero's face, but found the twisting pleasure contorting his face as his arm stretched above him. With the second finger, a low sound began to swell from the dark teen's throat, and his legs began to spread wider. The third hit a magic spot that caused Heero to push against the hand beneath him and grasp the sheets in a deadly grip.

"I guess I am doing good." Duo eyes watched the fires growing higher in the prussian blues.

"Very good. Now oil up good, guys aren't like women; but even I can tell you never had a girl either." Relena twisted fine strands golden of hair around her finger as she watched closely.

Exhaling because his body refused him to turn back and he knew Heero would kill him if he didn't finish what he started. "Mission accepted."

Heero's eyes flew open at the sound of the word; a smile crossed his lips.

Touching his tip to the puckered entrance, Duo was about to plunge in; but Relena grabbed his arm.

"It is rather rude that your lover didn't say please."

Duo was about to knock the girl off the bed and just fuck Heero to the first level of the house three-story house, but he only said two words the entire day; he wanted at least somewhat some show of Heero's vocals.

Feeling empty and then the shock of Duo's arousal at his entrance, he began to glare at Relena, "Please."

"Oh please what Heero-san? You could at least have somewhat of a sentence before poor Duo dies of blue balls that I am causing."

"Thanks for taking the blame." Duo gritted between his teeth. "Please Heero, say it for you, say it for me?" Sincerity filled his amethyst eyes.

A sigh escaped Heero's chest as he felt the burning throb emitting from his loins, "Please, Ai Shiteru Duo. Now fuck me like there's no tomorrow!" He cried out and pulled Duo down by his hair as he yelped.

They both groaned as their arousals shifted against each other as Duo pulled himself outside of the Japanese. No turning back, Duo slipped through the tight flexing ring to the tunnel of pure white-hot heat. Heero's muscles tremble around the intruding flesh causing the other to throw his head back. The American slowly removed himself to plunge back in at a slow pace. He knew that he would go at any moment, but wanted Heero with him.

Heero grasped Duo's shoulders as he wrapped his legs around his back, causing the American to go deeper inside the other, pressing against the tiny button in Heero. Screaming in vain, Heero felt a hand go around his erect member causing him to groan and grasp the invader. The last of Heero's world collapsed at his feet when the orgasm ripped through his conscience, spilling the creamy white seed onto his and his lover's stomachs. "Duo! Ai shiteru, now and forever kiobito!" His head fell onto the longhaired teen's shoulder, feeling the last of release.

Hearing those words caused Duo to fall into the pit of bliss. With one last stroke, he felt the constriction on his cock as heavy flow of seed filling the tunnel to the brim. Duo collapsed onto the bed with Heero tightly in his arms. "I love you too, you psycho." He laughed a little and nestled Heero with his cheek.

About to slip the limp sex out, he felt Heero's hips press against him.

"Please, just stay. I like feeling you close to me." He kissed the swollen lips and cuddle under Duo's chin, closing his eyes off from the world.

The American complied and gently brushed the bushy mane of hair, soaking up the warmth and affection of his lover.

Stepping up to the bed, Relena took a cover from the foot and draped it along the dozing forms. She looked over at the gentle embrace and smiled, "I so adore it when lovers get together."

Dorothy walked through the bedroom door with a duster in hand and a tight maid's outfit. The top button was busted off. "There you are, why are you in Mister Milardo's room?"

Yawning from the effects of all the cold medicine and then watching Heero and Duo christen the mattress; she responded drearily. "Like I would let guys on my bed. Could you help me, getting sleepy."

The pale blonde woman smiled, "You know, I got some nice presents when you get better, assorted edible underwear, a nice dildo, the pink vibrating kind you like." She draped the smaller woman's arm over her shoulder as she went on about what fun they would have in the house alone…well almost alone.

Notes: Only evil me would put notes in a lemon.

1. Anteros is the God of Passion, without him Cupid stays in chibi form, because love cannot grow without passion. Greek lesson for yah.


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