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Category: Adventure fic, AU, bit OCC, Magic
Rating: R
Pairing: Various overall
Warnings: Some language, bit-o-shonen ai, fighting (probably bad too)
Feedback: Oh please...

Notes: I think this is from too much reading of Akuma and Snow Tigra's fics... you guys drive me nuts. Hehe.

Overview: Duo is searching the world for the perfect element to save the ailing Queen.

Perfect Element

Going where others dared and others died; he gathers the elements Huo (Fire/China), Viento (Wind/Spain), Gogyou (Water/Japan), and ENi (Earth/Saudi Arabia) to receive the Life stone to save the Queen and the world.

Finding friendships along the way and learning more about himself and that he is the keeper of the ultimate power to change the Death onyx stone to a pure Life pearl.

The only character that will be mainly OCC is Wufei- he is always talking about his nubile young virgins and is a total hentai. But in the beginning and fight scenes he is a total hard ass so it is cute to see him act total opposite of his warrior side.

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