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Notes: Oh dear... hehe, this is going to be fun. Sorry... no Heero, so who ever is poking me stop it! All places are updated to a 20th century map because I don't think everyone owns a map from 1100's. *sweatdrops* Entrance of Trowa who in this is the equivalent of the Sarcastic Bastard that he really should be. Hehe. Ya'll like him, I guarantee.

Overview: Duo is searching the world for the perfect element to save the ailing Queen.


Perfect Element
Part 2 - Vengeance Winds

Duo stood along the large lip of the ship as he held onto a long rope attached close to the mass sail.

"Aw, smell that air, tis sweet with the riches of the earth." He jumped down with a thump and walked towards the captain who had a large map near like Duo's but without the landmarks of the Elements. "How far do you think we have travels good sir?"

A tall gently man with a unshaven look peered up from his map and blue pens, "I think we have yet five nights to go on this wind. It seems as if it is drawing us towards Spain land itself! I am amazed in all my years to have such a good travel."

"Indeed." Duo turned and looked back out towards the southwest. "I wonder if it knows I am coming for it?"

The Captain gave a queer look, "Who are you talking about?"

Shaking his head, the longhaired man laughed cheerfully, "No one. I shall retire to my cabin for the night. Excuse me." Bowing slightly he took off to the lower cabin that held his traveling gear.

Going back down to the design schematics and charting the course, the captain smiled briefly. "That is the kindest of any General I have ever come to see."

"Ay sir." His second in command looked up from holding the steering column. "Seems humble like sir."


Days passed as the ship rocked over the bumpy waves of blue. Duo either was staring at the vast blanket of sea or down in his cabins polishing his sword bringing up memories of the past... the good life before the wars.

A long tear fell from his eye and wondered down the soft cheek and resting at the base of his neck. Pressing his head back on the groaning boards behind him, Duo drifted off to a light sleep.

//Papa? What's wrong? Strong arms around my waist, must be mum and Solo. So hot, I'm thirsty. Eyes... so many eyes, Gold and Blue and Green and Red... make it stop mother! Please make it stop! Help me!//

"Master Duo! We see the land!" The second mate beat his hand on the old pine door.

Holding onto his sword like a simple lifeline, one large amethyst eye opened and then the other to the words. 'Land'.

Jumping up and sheathing his sword, Duo opened the door and took chase to where the captain was looking through the large telescope.

"We will make the port by morning." He stretched his large arms up and popped the shoulder joints. "Should get ready for docking and this is where we end our leg of the journey together."

Nodding softly, "aye, but we shall meet up in Jordan after you pass the Gibraltar."

Laughing the Captain nodded his head and stretched the telescope to keep an eye on the distance and what speed the vessel was traveling.

As the morning drew near and caressed the darken sky with velvet fingers, the sun grew up and showed the docking ports.

The ship even made a sound of happiness as the crew unloaded and loaded the new goods to port through Mediterranean Sea.

Smiling and smelling the wafting breezes, Duo handed a large satchel of coins as he threw the knapsack over his shoulder and put his other hand deftly on the hilt of the large sword, waving he crew good-byes and good-morrows.

What were the North morning winds became a hard and spreading Western wind beating down along the poor land and drawing him. "So to the West eh? I'm coming then."

Buying a horse from a local owner, Duo noted that the Winds pounded harder and scared people into their homes whipping around clothing and goods from the venders.


The Spanish horse breeder had a slight fear in his eyes, "Viento, sí!" Dropping the handful of gold back into Duo's hands he screamed and ran into the house, locking the doors and shuttered windows.

Looking a bit confused Duo just took the reins and looked at the old gray horse. "Seems I have an impression even on people who don't know me." Sighing and then mounting the horse, he steered the old horse in the direction opposite of the flagging trees.

The whipping winds tore at his hair and fingered through his face, scratching with pieces of dust and earth. He wouldn't be surprised if both elements would work together to keep him from capturing them. Whistling through hollow trees and the snapping of branches, then the thunderous ound of tornadoes and hurricanes mixing together to stop him from reaching the mountain cliffs to find the sacred Viento.

Duo clutched harder at the saddle while the horse tried to walk further only to catch its hoof. A pained whiny traveled through the air, but no one but the next town would probably hear it. Airborne and grabbing onto anything stable, the longhaired man looked up to see the sun being blocked by a strange figure.

With only a wave of his hand the winds stopped immediately and let go of anything in its grasp.

"Viento?" Duo gasped as a bit of dirt tumbled out of his mouth.

The strange floating fellow smirked, "Who else could I be?" Leaving his invisible perch, a cloud of dust billowed up around him as he took a defensive stance. "I heard you say my name, what do you wish?"

Standing on two shaky legs; the violet eyed man took out his sword, letting the blade grind against the heavy sheath. "I need the Wind stone to get the Life pearl and save the Queen from death." Flipping the blade between his hands, Duo took a blade wielder stance, toeing the ground for a better grip.

"And what makes this Queen so special that you should very much die in my hands?" The man's eyes began to glow a deep green as his coats of soft material floated about the thick white tunic. A large blade of hair covered up the other sight, but the light still managed to grow through it.

"I refuse to die!" Grinding his toes in the dirt, he took his blade and raised it over his head to hit the other, but Viento lifted Duo into the air and threw the young man backward into a tree. Apples fell off the tree and pelted him making his anger grow. A wild look crossed his brazen eyes as Duo readied himself again for another assault.

'So he will use the winds as his defense... must remember this for later use.'

Blood began to softly run from his nose as he eyed down the floating enemy.

"I advise you boy that you are no match, and if you charge me again... it would be more then just a tree you will hit."

"Fine with me." Gripping the sword again in both hands Duo bounded again.

Viento made a strong gust to knock the young man off his feet only to have him dodge and flip in mid air.

With a rebel yell, Duo took his sword and hit the warrior hard knocking him off the invisible perch and etching the thick blade into the leathered forearm.

Jumping back to gain a better defense, Duo attacked again knocking the Element back to the ground and held the sword tip down on the long tanned throat.

"I say I win this match." Taking the sword and putting it back into its sheath, Duo saw the glow disappear from the narrow eyes. They were the color of tree leaves on a sturdy oak, bright with an inner light. Viento stood up and bowed slightly.

"So you are my master." Putting his hand over his chest, he pulled out a small glowing orb the size of a thumbnail and put it out for Duo to take.

Looking in bewilderment, "That's it?! I get my ass kicked for that tiny thing?"

Growling, "If you don't like it then I shall go back up to my temple in peace!"

"No," Duo sighed, "it is easier to carry this way." Shrugging his shoulders the longhaired youth picked up the tiny orb and felt an inner power fluctuate. Looking down at his hands he saw the orb's light bleed out and absorb into his body.


Viento smiled and took back to sitting on his perch; "To control the power you must absorb it."

"Then what about you?" He looked up into the soften laughing eyes.

"I can remain in this form if you wish and aid you, or go into the orb and not bother you."

Sitting onto the dusty ground to look at the tiny crystal closer, "No, I might need help doing that... you know that thing you hit me with. And an interpreter is good too. I only know English and bad English."

Viento laughed softly and looked up to see some birds in flight.

"May I ask, what is your name?"

Looking back down at Duo, "Name? I have always been called Viento."

"Well, the townspeople run screaming at that name. How about Trowa?"

"Tro... wa. It seems common enough to pass through with."

Raising an eyebrow and not bothering to comment, the violet-eyed man took the grazing horse and the knapsack attached to the side. "I only have one horse so we can both ride it or-" Duo watched at the boy floated towards him cross-legged. "Never mind." He shook his head and rubbed at his temples.

"So were are we off to now?"

"I need to get to China, probably go through the South of France and over the Carpathian Mountains. Really want to keep in neutral territory as much as possible." Adjusting the saddle Duo saw the bored look on Trowa's face and he flecked a stray hair from the other side of his face.

"You are some adventurless dog. At least take the short cut and gather the Earth orb first, it is also easier too."

"No, I need the fire... and who are you calling adventurless? I do more then sit in some temple all day taking offerings!"

Trowa stood up on the wind; "I do not! I have traveled the world before you were a thought! And my masters usually already have the Earth!"

"Trowa... shut up."

The shorthaired man stuck out his tongue and crossed his arms. "I bet Huo's going to kick you around and make you wish you got Earth first."

Duo looked up from his saddle, "What is with you and Earth eh? Some hottie and you want to rub orbs with?"

Stopping in mid flight, a crimson flood washed over Trowa's cheeks. "Do not!"

"Yeah sure, I believe you." He chuckled as he tapped the horse's underbelly to go to a brisk trot.

The green-eyed boy was about to growl out another quick quip but stopped as he saw a faint glow coming from Duo's chest.

'So this human is more then he seems... '

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