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Category: Greek Romance, AU
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: 1x2x1
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Warnings: Full blown double lemon. And excuse my grammar problems...things sound good while your hyped up on flu meds.
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Notes: This is from a Greek story of Pygmalion and Galatea, one of my favorites and I hope I do it justice.

Marble Duo
Part 3

Heero pulled away, tripping on his hammer and falling to the floor.

The young man fell to his knees and looked at him with the large blue eyes from the dream.

"You are a vision! I am asleep again."

"No, you're not." He began to slowly ascend on the mouth that woke him from the stone prison.

The young king felt the tremble of the soft hands and the slight pulse that quickened as it got closer.

"Then how are you from my dream?"

"I have been inside your heart for so long, I awaited the chance to be free; to be with you. Your life's kiss brought me from the cold stone to your warm arms." His arms surrounded Heero, trying to capture another kiss.

"Have you a name?"

"No." The man's flesh was not cold like the dream, but very warm and gentle.

Heero felt his heart begin to soften to the creature above him, "Then since you are two things in one, you shall be Duo."

"What two things are I?" The deep pools of cobalt blinked.

"My heart and soul." Heero kissed the bowed head as it lifted with a mischievous grin. "Now why does that look so familiar?" A smirk curved on Heero's own lips as he dipped Duo's head down for a chaste kiss and rose from the floor the longed haired man in tow. Slowly undoing the tie from the long snake-like braid, he ran his dark hands through the burnt umber hair, eliciting a long purr from the man.

Heero began to draw Duo to the bed, having him laugh out loud as he bounced on the bed while the king straddled his waist and pulled the curtain cord leaving them in total privacy.

Duo laughed as his lover kissed him and came back up with a mouthful of hair. "I wish I knew how to please you better."

Looking down and kissing the tender lips, "I have no idea myself. You have so much more then a woman." He began to lick down the muscular stomach.

The man sighed, "I had a good craftsman."

Heero scooted to the end of Duo's long pretty body and began to slowly touch the wiggling toes, kissing each one and then he began to peck up to the knees. The pale one felt a stir rise in his lower half to his manhood the soft nips of teeth began to bite on the tender inner thigh. Thinking what would he like done to himself, Heero began to gently lick the outline of the stiff muscle, causing Duo to rise off he bed and moan softly. The sounds rung in his ears as he licked up the small slit and tasted the salty precum. Heero began to lower his head and take in the rest of the large cock in his mouth: savoring the sounds of Duo's voice in pleasure, the musky scent of the dark curls of hair and the delectable taste of the organ sliding in and out of his mouth.

Everything was so new to Duo, and all of his senses blew out of his mind as he felt the wash of white lights surround him and plunge his body down into a murky pool of lethargy.

Heero's long pink tongue darted out to catch a small pearl of cum that slipped past his lips; "I would rather have you then ambrosia any day."

Trying to catch his breath, "Am I that sweet?"

"Sweeter then thousands of barrels of the finest mead." Heero kissed the quivering thigh and glanced up to the soft blues of his lover's eyes.

A smile graced his lips as he reached over to his bed stand to get the bottle of olive oil and began to slowly pour a small amount onto his fingers.

Fear flashed across Duo's face, but faded quickly as the light touch of the intrusion left him and became more pleasurable. Heero then pushed two fingers past the tight ring causing the long body to thrash on the bed. The third finger hit the small button in the longhaired man, causing him to stop and moan out loud: "Please! Just take me!"

Complying to the need in Duo's voice, the dark king poured the golden oil onto his throbbing arousal and hissed at the slick feeling of touching himself; but stopped because he knew something would feel much better then his hands.

Peering down at the lithe figure between his legs, Heero soothed the trembling being by lightly kissing his lips and allowing the other's tongue seek refuge in his mouth. Taking the slight diversion, he pushed the crown of his cock through the quivering ring.

Heero could feel the other man's eyes roll back through the deep kiss, suffocating the gut throttling moans from both of them. Rolling his hips, Duo lifted himself to be impaled by the throbbing arousal and wrapped his leg around Heero's back, pressing his heel into the small groove.

The tunnel was pure blinding heat as Heero inched further and further till he felt the feathery pubic hair intermingling with his own. The sensation was over whelming, the soft vacuum of Duo's entrance to the thrumming rhythm of the inner walls as they adjusted.

Duo's breathing calmed a bit as Heero began to move slowly in and out, looking for that spot the caused his love to cry out in delight. Long deep scratches fell along his spine as Heero rubbed against the prostate gland over and over again.

The umber haired boy screamed out Heero's name every time he felt the tingling jolt of electricity run through his brain to his trapped erection. Words began to jumble as he felt the strong hand that made him wrap around his cock and stroked to the rhythm being executed on his body.

The world came to a crashing halt as Duo threw back his head and cried out for all he was worth as the jets of liquid fire onto the dark chest, making it look as if it was glowing in the pale light of the moon.

Losing his vision, Heero felt the tight muscles ground around his arousal. He thrusted one last time into the passion spent body, releasing his seed into his love. Energy zapped along with his strength, Heero fell into the open arms of his lover, sweetly nuzzling the pale long throat.

Drawing the blanket around them, Duo smiled a little and kisses the sweaty forehead. "I love you Heero, my one and only."

Opening his eyes enough to see the intoxicating vision of Duo, wet and flushed from the throws of passion; Heero drew the sweet face close to his and gently kissed the pale ruby lips. "I will love you forever, my Duo."


The goddess Nox began to lift her veil as Aurora began her journey before Apollo's chariot in the sky.

Duo opened a sleepy eye and yawned loudly, looking over at his soul mate. A genuine smile of mischief crossed his lips as he narrowed his eyes. The longhaired man pounced his sleeping lover, causing him to jump in the air with a sharp shriek.


"You seem chipper." Heero rubbed is eyes and slicked the dark bangs from his face.

"Well, my first morning and spent it in the most comfortable place in the house." He rested his chin between the defined pecs and batted his long lashes. "You know, I see now why you choose white marble." Duo's thin fingers began a feather-like trail across Heero's dark skin and danced around the dusky nipple. "Because it looks good on you."

Mock growling, Duo ascended on Heero's open mouth, delving in and tickling the soft nerves on the roof of his mouth with his tongue. Eyes fluttering and moaning slightly, Heero grasped the back of the attacking man's head pushing him deeper.

Removing the long sheet from between their bodies, Duo began to massage between Heero's legs, caressing the soft balls with his hand and blindly searching for the bottle of oil. Feeling the smooth ceramic surface, he lifted from the still open mouth and licked the sharp nose.

"I'm going to make you feel what I felt." Duo slowly lowered his head, but keeping his gaze on deep set blue eyes that began to bug out when the warm mouth embraced his arousal.

Heero began to stutter as the soft suckling sounds caught his ears and the roaming fingers began to rub against his entrance. Mind going blank from sensory overload, he just succumbed to whatever Duo wanted.

Duo just wanted more. More sounds, more smells, more tastes, more feeling, and more sight of his lover embraced in full infatuation. He began to worship the velvety cock that swirled around his tongue and tickled the back of his throat and he loved the feeling of Heero's body as he tensed when his fingers brushed against the prostate.

On the verge of explosion, Duo stopped. Near half cry, Heero opened his eyes to a satisfying sight of the long swept hair encircling the man's pale form as he began to slowly rub the sweet oil onto himself.

Sitting on his legs, Duo reached over and helped Heero to his lap, merely inches from the rock hard arousal. Reaching down the aligning the flared crown with the gaping hole, Heero let himself go down, face contorting in a swirl of pleasure and pain.

Nearly biting down on the dark shoulder beneath his head, Duo began to gasp at the feeling of the tight virgin entrance that grasped his cock like a vise. Heero's breathing calmed down as he began to slowly move his hips as a signal.

Taking shallow strokes and building up a pace, Heero held onto Duo's neck as his life line as he was being completely taken by his masterpiece. The deep foundations shaking thrusts began to hit Heero's button with every stroke. There were no words to describe his feelings as he felt the frenzied rush of thick arousal inside of him.

"Nnn Duo!" Heero's mouth hung open as the silent cry tore through his throat and the mind rushing of the organism killed all his sensory functions as streams of passion coated the rubbing chests.

Hearing the king's release caused Duo to climax into the quaking channel, filling it to the brim with his seed as the coarse cry ripped from his lungs. He though it would never end as his body fell over with Heero in tow on the soft bed.

Grasping white knuckled at the sweat soaked linens; the living statue tenderly placed a small kiss on Heero's panting mouth.

"Mm, now that is better then a dream."

A small laugh fell from Heero's lips, "Way better, my dear."


Months passed for the happy couple as they enjoyed each other's company, but some things became impossible to do.

For you see, when it came to Aphrodite, she made sure that her promises were kept. With Heero's simple one word wish, he found his life mate, along with them both heavy with child. She thought it was a good idea at first, bu then noticed the comedy of two pregnant men trying to do the simple act of kissing over the large stomachs.

Everyone flocked to see the king's humbly beautiful husband and celebrate the birth of their two children that seemed to keep the household busy and happy and full of love.


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