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Category: Greek Romance, AU
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Pairing: 1x2x1
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Notes: This is from a Greek story of Pygmalion and Galatea, one of my favorites and I hope I do it justice.

Marble Duo
Part 2

Looking at the large stone, he could see the man pounding on the inside, tears welled up in the dark eyes. Heero stared at it as he backed up to his writing tablet and charcoal to make a sketch of the form.

Long strong legs and a broad chest came into view as he formed the slender arms and long graceful neck. The face he couldn't remember, nor see as he began to plot which areas to put his hammer on the stone's surface. He could hear the image calling to him as if it was alive.

Heero became determined to finish, blood began to well up from his fingers as he began to form the slow human likeness from the precious stone. Sweat made the tools slip from his hand as the chips ground underneath his sandals; but nothing could tear him from the vision. No matter how horrifying it was to him, he was enamoured by it, enthralled that this was more then just a man in the piece of marble; but so much more he hurt from it.

Slowly the shoulders stuck out as the chest formed from under the large medal instruments. Fingers and toes came out as he smoothed over the fine legs. The king had done many male statues, but this one made him blush as he began to work on the manhood.

The thought made his mind flush as was his cheeks at the thought of the dream over in his mind. He felt the hard muscle rubbing against his hip as the man above him whispered in his ear. A feeling in his groin began to burn as he felt the fingers gently holding him down as the snake slithered across his chest.

Looking at the jutted out arousal on the man, Heero felt if this was a god, he would be quite happy at the work, but he was a bit afraid of what the others would think of him.

"Not the type of statue to have out while sister is home."

Heero wiped his brow and looked at the large slithering form sliding down the statue's shoulder. Carefully, began to chisel around the snake's large head when his slipped on a piece of rock, cutting off the serpent's head. He looked down and threw his hammer across the room and began to pull his hair from the front of his face.

One of the servants heard the noise and ran in. "Sire? Do you need anything?"

The dark haired young king looked at the statue and sighed. "Yes, have some guards take this to my room with my equipment. I need a bath in the springs.

"Sire, it is quite late." The girl dropped her gaze as he strode by.

"I understand. But would you rather me bath or clean the blood and sweat from my sheets?" He tapped the girls nose and walked out towards the middle of the large house.


Settling in the hot water, Heero's muscles ached from the abuse as his cuts weeped freely into the flowing water. He groaned as he sunk deeper, letting his hair whip in the current and then pushing himself back up with a delicious sigh of relaxation. But he knew it wasn't over yet. There was so much to do to finish out the statue

. "If I go to sleep, maybe I can see him again, maybe." The small blue eyes gazed across the water as the candles shifted through the gently waves he created while moving around.

The scary thought of someone so close to killing him entrapped his young mind, but the feeling of the coldness made him think more. 'Why was he so cold? Is he really in the marble?'

Getting out slowly, he grabbed the large thick linen sheets and wrapped it around his body. Padding softly to his room so he wouldn't disturb the rest of the household, he saw the guards walk out and bow to him.

One looked at him and spoke up, "Sir, this one might make Zeus jealous."

Holding his mouth so the laughter wouldn't wake up anyone, Heero's eyes lit up. "Thank you much. I am glad you think that it is a fine work so far." He curtly bowed to the young guard and went inside of his room.

The soft glow of the lamp cast dancing shadows on the partially finished work. Heero yawned and dropped the linen sheet and crawled into the bed only to have his dreams invade his tired mind.

The shadowy figure became clearer to his vision. The snake was nothing more then a long tress of hair that snaked across the pale neck and shifted around the Heero's chest and brushed against his nipples. He looked into the large clear cobalt eyes that had a slight violet sheen.

The sweet mouth curved in a smile at his capture, "Set me free."

"I intend to do so, who are you?"

The mouth descended on the young king's and came back up with a flash of pearly teeth. "I am who you want me to be. You shape me, you set me free."

The fine hairs on Heero's body began to stand on end, "What do you mean?"

A cold hand grasped at his cock and gently traced the long outline, causing him to groan and throw his head back.

"You know what I mean. I am made especially for you. The wish you made."

Trying to understand what the longed haired man was saying, Heero began to remember what happened when he finished the Aphrodite statue and how he felt the warmth of the job well done. He didn't believe that the goddess of love would give him a chance, not alone design the perfect being that was taking advantage of him.

Giving into the sensations, he lifted his arms and wrapped them around the sweet boy's body and began to taste the soft skin and delve into the honey chamber of his mouth. The king gasped as he felt the other's erection grind against him and reveled in the sheer pleasure.

"I want you so bad."

"As I do you." The longed hair boy was going for anther kiss when he turned direction and whispered in Heero's ear, "Set me free. I don't know how much longer I cannot have you."

The sound of the cockcrow and the tiny fingers of dawn approach threw the young man from the dreamscape.

Heero rubbed his eyes and growled, throwing the pillow on his head and then looked out from under it. He watched as his servant placed a golden tray on his table and leave quickly from his vision.

Stretching the sleep from his limbs, the youth approached the sculpture and touched the smooth sheen of the perfectly crafted stone.

"I am so good it scares me."

Heero sat on his couch and began to eat the bread and olive oil. His eyes scrunched and strained to see the face of what he was next to accomplish.

"You think with five days straight work that I would sleep more then a moment." Rubbing at his forehead, Heero took the goblet of wine to his lips and stood up to the desk and put on his cloak and began to hammer again at the young man; absolutely determined to be done by nightfall.

The man's features began to shine through the precious stone, a thin pert nose and those sweet irresistible lips. Large eyes set in thick lashes that he swore would blink while he looked away. The hair was long and fine, taking a single hair on a three-foot journey to the end of the braid. No man had long hair that he knew, mostly cropped short to handle the warming temperature. If it weren't for the marbled sex, people would swear it was a young virginal woman unabashed in the presence of others.

Quietly, the servant woman sat down on the floor to watch as her master who toiled on the creation.

"It is most beautiful sire."

Turning a bit startled, he smiled at the shy being and went back to work.

"It shall be my last if I can help it."

"That is sad sir. But why the long hair, it is male I can see."

He stopped for a second; "He came to me in a dream with a promise. I hope to fulfil my part."

"Ay. Then I hope you finish soon. My son can make a piece of firewood and create wonderful dolls."

"I bet if he got a hold of stone he could bring the gods to their knees."

The woman blushed, "I don't know that much sire."

"Then I would teach him."

"I have no money for teachings." She looked up at her master.

"You have been faithful to my house, it is least I can do."

With a large smile on her face the woman bowed and ran out of the room to tell the good news to her son who looked up to the art the king made.

Sighing, Heero smoothed the last bits of dust from the statue. "Well, who ever you are, you are almost done."

He grabbed a worn cloth and dipped it into the small puddle of oil and began to slowly wipe the statue, slowly around the feet and legs, then moving slowly to the round cheeks and sweet hips. The rag smoothed along the rippled chest and shined the large swash of hair that dangled from the man's neck.

Smiling at his work, the king rubbed the oil into the face, making it shine in the dying light of the sun.

"You are so beautiful. I wish you were only real."

Placing his lips on the cold stone's smile, a tear fell from Heero's blue eyes; but opened in shock as an arm wrapped around him, pushing his mouth farther into the statue's mouth.

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