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1 - Roses are Red
2 - Violets are Blue
3 - Honey is Sweet
4 - And so are You

"Den Blick gen Himmel fragst Du dann warum man sie nicht sehen kann" - Engel - Rammstein

Honey Sweet... Just Like Your Lips
Part 3


It stings the most when you cannot do anything. Mind shuts down to numb, as memories slowly fade through to create an illusion to yourself that you are indeed awake and not lying flat out on a gurney as people scream at your bloody sight.

Heero only felt the slight pressures from the outside touching, prodding, moving, lifting. It made him nervous that so many were near him at once, the attention was suffocating him but nothing could be done.

Paramedics were scrambling around the scene, so many victims of one child running out into the streets. Her body was protected by a living mass of flesh wrapped in the heated metal of the large truck. The sickening stench of death filled the processed air as others got stuck in the large pile up. The scene began to tick on the medic’s senses while they saved all they could.

It was literary a massacre.

Cars piled onto each other in a twisted art form, giving way to fall onto a vehicle below it. Body bags began to pile up when a tired cry filled the air.

"Yuy! Get the girl to the van and check her over."

A longhaired man looked up wiping the sweat from his eyes taking the sobbing child. Her brown eyes were wet and crusted while her chubby face was red from being pressed up the man’s chest for hours as they struggled to open up the clinched metal from around the pair.

"Hey kiddo, don’t cry now. I’ll fix you up and take you to kaasan." The young nurse’s violets eyes shined, "You can trust Heero."

Shaking less now, the girl clutched his shirt as they walked through the crowed. Cheering filled the air as he made his way with the bundle while her mother prayed and thanked the gods for her little one’s safety.

The screech of metal on metal ground as the fire department began the tiring task of pulling out ex pilot from his prison. Each creak showed more and more of the bloodied face as the Jaws of Life inched open. Heero groaned as the light pierced his vision only to pass back out from the extensive pain that bit through his body.

"He’s still alive! Beat the devil there is no way!" The firemen began to pull the young man out of the little cave hoping the Jaws would hold as they risked their lives for someone else.

The sight of the transfer truck’s massive front give birth to a bloody limp human body shocked the rising crowds that flocked to see what all the commotion was all about. The medics surrounded Heero as they laid his body gently on a gurney, fixing his neck with a brace and strapping his limbs securely so no movements would jar him too much.

"Make way! Clear the area!"

The young nurse that was bandaging a small cut on the tiny knee of the child and kissing it to make it better, he felt a tug at his hair and pushed into the ambulance that was set to carry the immobile patient to Neo-Kyoto Regional.

"Wait! I’m only a Physical Therapist!"

"No time, we need to get him to the hospital stat!"

The slamming doors of the large van they began to make way to the infirmary where awaited a team of Emergency Units ready with equipment at the second of the accident’s report.

The longhaired nurse began to check Heero’s eyes, touching each lid gently to see the rolling pools of endless blue. As his hand brushed over the blood dampened skin of the fleshy cheek he jumped back as if burned.

Shaking it off, he began to hook him up to oxygen and check over the patient, "His eyes are dilating so no major head trauma, but his back took most of the brut force, may have spinal damage."

"Call in, ready the RHISA (1) and some 4-AP. (2) Give him a dose of steroids, but be careful with it Yuy."

"Sir." Taking the long syringe in his shaking hand, he began filling it with the clear liquid. Tapping for a vein, he began to inject the serum into the patient’s veins. As soon as the needle went through the skin the blazing blue eyes opened up letting an ear-shattering cry as he ripped the thick cord straps on his arms. Grabbing the violet-eyed man by the throat, his face twisted into a grimace of pure pain as the heart monitors began to scream loudly. Pulling the dusky hand from his pale throat, the nurse coughed while pulling the needle from the ripped veins. Checking the monitors to see why they where going off he noted the man’s stillness on the table.

"Oh shit! He’s going under!" Moving some of the large clothes concealing his body, he began to slather a large amount of lubricant on the paddles and pressed them over the thin chest. Pressing the button a large shot of current ripped through Heero’s body, making his prone form to arch up. The sirens of the missing heart beat screamed still in the young nurse’s ears.

"Damned if you die on me! No one dies on my watch! Beat damn it!" Hitting the switch a bit higher, the current forced the still heart to softly beat causing the longhaired man fall back onto the seat behind him. Feeling the van slow down and enter the hospital port, he ran his hands through the thick burnt umber bangs and pulled himself together as he tried to save the life stretched out before him.

He felt the emergency staff push him down the hallways as they asked what he knew and what was done.

"I gave him oxygen and checked his eyes, lungs sound good. I tried to give him steroids for his back because I know it has to be broken or at least shattered somewhere." Holding his throat a bit and continuing as they rushed to the ER. "He came to consciousness or partial and began to choke me so he is out of his mind and damn strong. His heart began to fail and I just got it to start beating again when we pulled in."

Everyone noted the situation and began to discuss what to do as the doctor filed a report.

"Thank you Heero, I know that Emergency staff is the last place you want to be. Go to the break area and get some coffee and change clothing. Police will be there shortly to gather the info that you know. Arigato Yuy-san."

"Hai Mai-sama." The violet eyed man walked down the west wing looking down at his shoes noticing for the first time his gray jogging suit was covered in blood and dirt from the accident.

Grabbing some coffee and entering the lounge area he saw a few cops interviewing Nan. She was a small woman only reaching the bottom of Duo’s breastbone with large gray eyes and smile lines. Her hair was a rich chocolate brown and was held up in a bun to keep it from interfering with her work.

"Well, we were jogging and this guy was screaming at someone and crossed the street. I saw him look at us and then to the little girl and run in front of the truck. How in the world the driver died and he didn’t is way weird to me but we seen stranger here."

Writing down on his pocket computer the cop looked up to the nurse, "And do you know what he was yelling?"

"Well, I could hear him saying ‘idiot’ but everything else was mumbled…maybe Heero heard it." She looked up towards the violet-eyed man and saw his composer.

"I didn’t, but he is in the ER right now…I was in the van that brought him in."

The cop stood in the prescience of the lady, "Well Nan, if you have any further information please tell us as soon as possible."

"Yeah, we need a new speed limit on that road…too many wreaks and pedestrian accidents. Ja ne officer."

She got up to leave as the policeman waved his hand to the nurse. "Well, you must be Yuy Heero, take a seat and let’s start this."

"Okay," Taking in a shuddering breath and drinking some of the warm coffee, "The day time nurses and some of the other staff have morning runs, you know being cooped up here and on call all the time we are getting flabby. So we were on the out skirts of North 12 and that is when the accident happened. Nan was lagging as usual but was the one that saw most of the commotion. I saw the truck hit the man straight as he clutched onto the girl and the scream of breaks…I’m sorry."

"It’s okay, continue when you can."

Nodding and taking the cooling cup in his hand had sipped the remaining traces of the dark brew.

"It’s just the screams that get to you here. I used to work here to pay off my medical bills after my accident and just hearing people screaming and the smell of smoke and death really chokes me and I have no clue why. But after helping a lot of people from the cars and then they opened the front of the truck where the man was cocooned as you might say.

‘I ran to get the girl and check her over, she seemed fine considering what occurred and then I got pulled into the ambulance that they used to transport the man. Hell, I was so scared because I was really trained for physical therapy and only saw what they did in the ambulances’.

‘So I got an IV and some oxygen in him, but when I put some steroids in his system he reacted badly- I know that is what they give patients with trauma but he began to choke me and his heart failed. I got it beating and then we got here and that is all I know right now. Adrenaline rush and then I am not really used to talking to people is kind of weirding me. Sorry."

The cop lifted his head, "No, you did okay Yuy-san. If you have anything else just give a call and let us know. Arigato."

The nurse smiled and picked up the empty Styrofoam cup that showed signs of his nail impressions making pictures. Closing his eyes, he could still see the deep-set dark blue eyes that shot open and looked at him as if he knew something.

"Wish I knew myself…but I don’t even know who I am."

Getting up, he thew the cup away and began to go to the nurses station to pick up his table of duties for the day.


"Alright Mrs. Chang. One more big push."

The young blonde thought she had discovered the eighth level of hell when the contractions hit. Pain flowed through her body in waves as she drowned in the heavy current. The only thing keeping her from giving up was the strong hand wrapped tightly around hers and soft kisses on her forehead.

"Come on baby, you can do it. One big push!"

Relena squeezed down on her husband’s hand, causing the bones to grind against each other pulling a long hiss from the Chinese man’s mouth.

Curling her toes in the air and screaming at the top of her lungs, the mother to be felt the rush of emptiness as the doctor took a hold of the baby’s head and gently till its twitching body was fully out into the open air.

"It’s a boy!" The doctor triumphantly lifted the child for everyone to see as it wailed pitifully. The nurse quickly snatched up the child to clean up and get warmed in the hospital blankets.

"Little Jin." Wufei’s eyes sparkled as he was handed the small bundle. His celebration was cut short as Relena arched up in pain holding her stomach.

The doctor helped calm her down as he began to feel around the blonde woman’s swollen abdomen. "Seems we miscalculated. Ready another table."

Busy nurses snatched away the baby boy from Wufei’s arms to take him to the infant ward as a new team came in setting up the clean equipment quickly as they came in.

Taking his position back by Relena, Wufei stood confused as the doctor’s remarks. "What do you mean miscalculated? What’s happening?"

Looking up from his strange position, the old man’s eyes made contact with his, "Seems that it is twins. We thought it was a glitch in the monitors."

Wufei could tell the doctor was nervously smiling behind the thick mask but his attention was brought onto another subject as he wife gripped onto his hand cruelly causing the long bones to snap.

Both howling in pain the once blue eyes were tear streaked and reddened from lack of sleep and pain, "What the hell do you mean! You had nine months to figure out that I having twins!" Pressing the back of her head down hard on the sweat soaked pillows and bowing her back screaming as another ripple of pain took control of her thoughts and squeezing tighter on her husbands broken hand.

"RelenAHHHHH! Fengkai!" (3)

A howl left the slender throat as Relena let every muscle spasm and expire. Lights danced in her vision as the blood began to rush through her fast as she relaxed, her body ached everywhere and breathing became harder and harder.

A tiny cry cleared the air as the doctor lifted up the second child, "A girl!"

"Ai cheng, a girl. Honey?"(4) Wufei looked down at the pale form; her lips began to turn a shade of blue as the blue eyes swollen red opened for a second.

Lips parted in a hissing gasp tinged with lifeblood while she tried so hard to smile. "Joy." Blonde hair fluttered down as she fell onto the large bed.

The Chinese man nearly collapsed as he was ushered out of the room by a pair of blood covered nurses. The sound of beeping and heart monitors where the last things he remembered as the shock passed through his system, "not again…Meiran…."


The group of Preventers sat in the lobby awaiting the news of the birth but something took their attention away as the newscast showed a section of downtown Neo-Kyoto on L1. The reporter’s voice was sweet and trying to be as informative as possible but it was not successful.

"Isn’t’ that where Heero went to?" Quatre looked over to Lady Une who idly shook her head.

"The body count at the moment is 12 and the injured is around 23, police are not sure. There will be a live telecast of the situation from police and the doctors that worked closely with the main cause of the accident." The shot panned over towards a large tractor trailer that was surrounded by police who recorded the tire marks and strangely heel marks.

"Incased in the front nose was the brave little girl and her savior. A little girl was walking with her mother as she tripped, and from across the street a young man used his body to take the force of the hit. Yuy Heero or as the little girl is calling her ‘shugotenshi’-"

"There are other Heero’s out there right? I mean you know?" Trowa whispered hopefully but bit his tongue as a picture of Heero fitted itself in the right screen.

Mariemaia’s eyes quivered as she hugged onto her guardian’s arms, "uncle?"

"I have been informed that the report is to be cut short-" The screen was replaced by a large podium and a soft blue background. A man in a black uniform and someone in a clean suit stood before a large group of yelling news reporters. They pointed towards the ones they wanted questions from.

"Doctor Mai, we are concerned about Yuy-sama, can you give us an update of his condition?"

The group around the television leaned in closer to hear from the doctor who tried to form the answer.

"When we last heard he is still being watched over. His 16-19 of his spinal column is shattered and needs to be replaced and his neck sustained a bit of whiplash. He had a heart failure in the care of our nurse at the time, but it was more from shock and not physical trauma. We see a good recover from him…I have to say anyone that survives a crash like that should live, but our questions are from bone marrow donors to repair the bones and if he can ever walk again."

"Tell us about the little girl!"

The policeman took the microphone, "The child Suki Dai only suffered a skinned knee and some inhaling of gas fumes, but she is fine and at home with her mother."

The Preventers looked around and let out one huge sigh of relief.

"But now who goes up to see Heero and who stays down here with Wufei and Relena?"


"I really hate to leave Wufei in that situation-" Quatre looked out of the cab window as they left the large airport. "It seems almost as cruel as to leave Heero up here all alone."

Looking down at the callused hand in his, Trowa began to softly rub his thumb along the narrow line of knuckles to sooth his mate’s crushed soul.

"They are not alone. Une and Mariemaia are with Wufei and Relena incase things get worse. I pray to whatever deity is listening that she won’t die. His heart cannot take another blow like that."

Nodding softly, the gentle sea blue eyes quivered at the sight of the hospital looming in the fake skyline. "We’re here."

Trowa stood cautious as Quatre tried to get the room number to Heero’s unit.

"Madam, I must implore to you that we must see on the health of Mr. Yuy."

"And I can tell you again that not even the pope is allowed up there." She sat at the uncomfortable chair keying away at paper work from a month ago. "He is a bit of a celebrity in this area and we have the highest amount of security possible around the clock to make sure nothing happens."

"A celebrity? He did what any other person would do in that situation!"

"Around here, people don’t normally stick their necks out like that…and survive for that matter."

Feeling a bit of numbing rudeness rushing up his spine, Quatre bit his tongue and got ready to throw out all the punches when a squeezing hand pulled on his shoulder.

"Excuse us ma’am, but we are with Preventer. Mr. Yuy is a fellow comrade and we need to do a medical analysis of our own for insurance." Trowa flashed a quick smile and flipped out his id and badge.

The nurse at the desk brushed her hair over to the left ear, "Why didn’t you say anything except let him ramble?"

"Still learning people relations."

Quatre closed his mouth and wanted to hide, charm is nothing to some people.

"Room 229 last hall."

"Thank you." Touching the wallet to his forehead, Trowa grabbed the blonde’s collar and dragged him towards the elevator.

Looking up and laughing, "I still need to get the hang of talking to people normally instead of a business transaction."

Inside the small room fragrant with flowers was a shallow impression of the dear friend. A large plastic sheet surrounded his chest area hiding a large steel halo holding his back straight as he slumbered unwillingly in the white hells.

"Allah, how can a creature go through something like this and live?" Softly touching the cooling forehead, Quatre outlined the heavy brow and come across large metal screws attached to Heero’s skull. He shrunk back holding his chest silently saying his prayers.

On the other side Trowa petted away some remainder of Heero’s hair at the top of his head. "Heero, we wish you could open your eyes and speak with us. If you are wondering the little girl is all right and is at home. The Nurses told us that she comes everyday to see her Guardian Angel. If you could breath on your own you could smell all the flowers in your room and look at all the cards pouring in from the colony. You are greatly loved my friend and we know you have a great will to live."

Dipping softly, Trowa kissed the bridge of Heero’s nose being mindful of the cage set to help the young man to heal.

Trying to hold back the pain, Quatre kissed his hand and softly squeezed the silent creature in the bed and said a tearful good luck and goodbye.


Running through the corridor, Nan was looking in each physical therapy room for Heero. He promised to take over her last bit of duties so she could see her youngest play softball.

"I’m going to kill him-Yuy san!"

The violet eyed nurse put up his pad, "I know, give me a minute."

"Okay, really all you need to do is check everyone in the 210 hall and 220 to see if they need anything. Arigato!" Taking off again she nearly fell down the slippery hallway floor as she took the sharp turn.

Shaking his head, the young nurse wrote his notes and summaries and placed the clipboard back in its spot.

Climbing up the steps and listening to the echo, he tried to remember his past, but nothing came up. Nothing but a name that wasn’t his but used it anyway. On the news and every radio report he heard that name- the guy that became a truck patty but lived only to be on the edge of consciousness when people were around.

Everyone told him that he had a stoic temperament and seemed to shun anyone in a nurse’s uniform. ‘Like I can do anything…damn my shy nature.’

Finally at the 200 hall, he opened it and was set back by the sheer quietness of the section. The longhaired man was so used to machinery and people yelling because limbs being used that were still inflamed, but it was silent.

Shrugging it off he began the round, looking in and changing a few bed pans here an IV or two there, fluff of a pillow and a sip of water…piece of cake.

"Now why didn’t I ever take this position?" Taking up the clipboard for the last room, 229- Yuy Heero. "No way…of all the people I have to see…" Slowly opening the door his senses was hit full force with flowers and colorful cards and pictures.

"Glad someone loves you." Looking at a few vases, "Get well soon, Winner Family. Take care, Noventa Family. Our prayers are with you, Preventers Unit 512- that number…" Shaking his head he stepped back and looked over towards the patient.

A long tube ran up his nose, arms and neck as he was fitted for special arm guards. A heavy steel cage was centered on his head and chest area; small screws were bolted to his skull to keep his spine aligned. Slowly, sprigs of hair began to grow back from where they had to be shaved back from the surgery.

"Man you are a mess." He grabbed a few bags of fluid and checked the bedpans and looked over any other small chore the nurse was stuck with. The nurse slid his hands down the stiff white pillow and began to fluff it a little.

Soft brown hairs tickled his hands as he worked. "Damn, you actually look nice even though you look like hell. Wish I had that by my side." Shaking his head he noticed the young man stirred a little. He breathed in a little and made a snorting sound, trying to smell beyond the tubes.

A sleep voice piped up softly, "mm…Duo?" A hand went up which was covered in bandage over a piece of thick plastic, he tried to rub his eyes but hit the cage instead. "Ow, forgot that damn thing."

The nurse stood back, "Do you want me to get a cloth and clean your face for you?"

"Could you please…not permitted to move and this damn metal crap is getting on my nerves."

"As you wish Yuy-sama." He went over to the basin and picked up the wash rag and warmed in the sink.

"And cut that ‘Yuy-sama’ crap, I’m no one important."

Nodding, but noting the guy couldn’t see him…the joys of eye crud but not just any crud- hospital eye crud. He softly began to dab away at the soft skin, delicately going over the thick marring bruises and clotted cuts. Moving up, he began to clean the delicate eyes, softly brushing the thick long lashes.

Slowly, each eye opened up to reveal those blue eyes. Not as deep and determined for life like last time, but more soft and relaxed.

"Duo? Oh gods it’s you!" Lifting his hands up to touch the nurse’s face he saw the image slowly move back.

"My name is Duo? You know me?"

Confusion marred Heero’s face, "yeah, you were my best friend and you got mad and left and we haven’t heard from you." Still holding out his hand he felt something soft touch like fingertips grazing the open skin of his. "The bag in the closet, could you get it for me? It has all the proof."

Nodding, Duo got up. Realization clicked- ‘this is the Heero Yuy, the real one. Then one’s name I stole because it was all I knew.’

Picking up the bag as if it was glass and opened it, a few pieces of paper caught his eye.

"There are pictures of us and hopefully my ring."

The nurse turned to look at Heero; his eyes were glassy as if tears were ready to flow. "I don’t remember anything, I only remember a name…I’m sorry." Putting down the bag he ran out of the room and down the hallway.

"Duo! Duo!" Heero began to hit the small side button by his right hand to call on a nurse. ‘What the hell happened, why did he act so unlike himself…’

A slender lady walked in, "Yes Yuy-sama?"

"That guy just in here, who is he?"

"Aw, our young nurse Heero Yuy, he was in an accident and lost all of his memories and pretty much got attached to being here and started to work in the physical therapy department when he graduated two months ago." She picked up the bag on the floor. "Pretty shy and quiet and has everyone under his spell."

"Duo…how was he hurt?"

"Um, not sure and I am not allowed to give out classified information."

Heero shifted angrily. "Then I want the head doctor over his files, he is a missing Preventers agent and it is important that I know what happened!" Squeezing his eyes from the pain and from the remembrance of tears, Heero calmed himself slowly settled his arms down.

"I will report this to the doctor, but tell me why did he leave? Preventers is a good job, no one just ups and leaves it along with anything mentioning your life."

Settling in the bed, a chill ran through his chest. It squeezed upward towards his eyes and past his lips. "I told him I loved him- I shouldn’t of."


(1) RHISA is a type of nuclear scan. Small amounts of radioactive material are injected into the cerebrospinal fluid at the lower spine. The CSF is allowed to circulate for a time. The scanner can detect the presence of radiation emitted by the materials, and serial images are taken to illustrate the flow of those radioactive materials through the CSF circulation

(2) 4-AP is being tested now on patients with spinal injuries and most things look good, but not approved now. I believe it would be in their time. Also, most patients receive a low dose of steroids when having spinal injuries.

(3) ‘Let Go’ in Chinese

(4) A pet name for your loved on in Chinese.

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to be continued

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