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Pairing: 1x1 (you heard me…)
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Notes: What if your image could come out of the mirror?
Dedicated to Jana...her favorite things, sweaty Heero, mirrors, and 1x1. hehe.

Mirror Image…egamI rorriM

The day was hot.

Sun was burning high in the sky and the humidity was just as high forming a soft sheen of sweat on Heero’s body without him doing anything.

He grunted in disapproval that the temperature would rise later on in the evening and everything he did would cause his body to groan in disapproval. This type of temperature made you want to stand in the doorway of the freezer till it was over. Rolling over on the bed he pushed the flimsy green shirt up and muttered.

It was just too damn hot.

Heero reached over to grab his ice water, but looked over and muttered curse words under his breath when he saw the empty cup sitting on his nightstand. Slowly getting up he looked over to his mirror and noted his scruffy appearance.

"If I’m going to be miserable and sweaty, might as well do something."

Pushing away his thick bangs from his face, Heero stood before the mirror and examined his image, watching how it mimicked his every move and expression. He stuck out his tongue as did the image, then he pulled down his eyelid.

Nothing happened.

"You know, you’re rude." The image spat.

Heero fell over his shoes and hit the back of his head on the old iron bed.

"You okay Heero?"

A tender hand touched his shoulder and began to check the injury. He was terrified to open his eyes and see what he thought it was holding him.

"I know you’re okay because I’m okay…now open your eyes you baka."

On command he opened his eyes, Heero looked up into pools of soft prussian blues and a glimmer of a soft smile on the image’s face. He tried to back away as the logical part of his mind screamed that this could not be happening.

The image sighed and hopped up to seat himself on the bed.

"You know, since you been 10 you been a pain in the ass. What happen to smiling and laughing…and not over blowing things up."

"Who are you?" Heero looked up to that cheerful face that reminded him a bit of someone else.

"I’m your mirror image! You can call me Heero. We are perfectly the same, but it seems that we got lost. I have parts you don’t have…like happiness."

A scowl appeared on the pilot’s face, "What would I need with happiness? It would only interfere with my mission plan."

"Mission! Come on! First and only mission is life! Oy, this is what I am stuck with!" The image stood on the bed and began to jump up and down, "C’mon Heero! Jump with me!"

"No, I’m too hot."

The image grunted and frowned for the first time. "I came out for a reason, at least work with me a bit."

"What if I don’t?"

"Then I can force you in the mirror and I live out your life."

That caught Heero’s attention, "You wouldn’t!"

"Way! I would man, but then Duo would be super pissed…but damn happy when I’m done."

Heero blinked in confusion, ‘What did he mean Duo? Duo was just his partner…overly hyper, happy, cheerful, talkative, beautiful…no!’

The image grinned and glompped on to the boy, "I know what your thinking!"

"No! I didn’t mean it! I mean…Duo and I couldn’t…he couldn’t!" Heero stood to defend himself, but it got him deeper and deeper into trouble with the image who was giving this weird look.

"C’mon Heero, give in. You’re still human with needs."

The image’s lips descended onto his, soft and warm. His tongue touched the boy’s lips, inviting it to wander around his mouth tasting each other with carnal need.

"Heero…" The Japanese pilot looked into his lust clouded eyes, nearly drooling on himself.

"Tell me what you want Heero," The image leaned up and took the tender ear lobe between his teeth, kneading it softly.

"I want….I…I…"

Moving down softly, Heero laid feathery kisses down the pilot’s neck, savoring the taste of sweat and soft moans the boy produced.

"Tell me, and I will give it to you." The image began to suckle on the edge of the exposed shoulder bone.

"I want to be whole!" Heero screamed as he felt the soft teeth nipping along his arms.

"Then it will be done, Heero."

The double image smiled as he began to lure the boy down on the bed, slowly smoothing his hands down the soft planes of his body and drinking in the wondrous sight of himself.

"Do you even comprehend how beautiful you are?" Ripping the thin green tank top in half, Heero noticed the same happened to the image’s clothing.

"Well isn’t that a surprise, makes this a hell of a lot more fun now."

Groaning at the sight of himself fully aroused, Heero arched up as he felt something invading his light cotton shorts. The image pulled down enough to show the weeping arousal and began to lightly dance his tongue around the tip and sip off the musky dew.

"We taste pretty good."

Rubbing his hand softly up and down the velvet inner thigh, the dark headed boy slowly began to run lick along the defined slit and then began to devour his other half while listening to the pilot’s cries of helpless pleasure.

Tossing his head on the thick sweat soaked sheets; Heero was gripping bed with all his might not to push the moist cavern down and buck into it wildly. Logic to a flying leap out the window when he felt something small and painful penetrating him, invading his being.

The warm mouth lifted off his arousal as Heero looked up and kissed the crown softly, "Heero, you got to relax."

With a soft whimper, the Zero pilot did as he was commanded and relaxed as he felt something else entering inside him. It moved around, searching and stroking his inner walls till an explosion of fireworks hit his vision.

Blinking his clouded sapphire eyes, the image groaned out loud. "Man this is intense!" He laughed a bit and began to kiss the Japanese lump on the bed.

"Mmm…don’t ever stop doing that Heero." br>
"Trust me…you’ll be screaming to stop soon."

The mirror boy gave a coy smile as he traced a single finger up the broad olive chest and ran circles around the pert nipples. Heero began to writhe under the heavy ministrations; teeth lightly piercing the soft supple skin while the hot tongue danced merrily over the sensitive flesh.

"Please! Heero!"

Enjoying the sounds, Heero lifted the pilot’s hips and centered himself on the outside of the quivering entrance. He bent down one more time to kiss the drooling crown and slowly began to insert himself in the perfect velvety cavern.

What felt like years was only second as Heero inserted his cock into his perfectly mirrored twin, pushing slowly till he felt himself buried to the brim of that precious beautiful body and sighed out loud.

"Absolutely perfect…" Starting with shallow thrust into wonton displayed body, he felt the sweet friction build up as the pace began to quicken. To increase the pleasure, Heero began to squeeze is muscles down on the invading cock.

The image hissed as the tight virgin tunnel became even tighter, tiny fingers gripping like a vise while they milked him of his vital energy. The soft strokes became frenzied as he lifted up the lithe frame’s legs around his waist to gain more access to the sweet body beneath him.

Skin meeting skin, fast and furious as low moans and grunts filled the hazy air. Heero grabbed the Japanese boy’s twitching arousal, running his hands with the pace as he writhed in his hands. The sensation created a tidal wave that washed over Heero’s body as the orgasm filtered through this nervous system and erupted through his loins in a shower of white foam.

Feeling the world shaking underneath his body, the mirror image threw his head back forcing a low moan from his lips while he pumped his seed into the sweat soaked form.

"Hee…Heero?" Still inside the boy’s flushed body, Heero began to slowly move out being gentle not to displeasure the over stimulated boy.

"Hai?" He choked up, moving closer to his twin form.

"How do you feel?"

The question brought on a low chuckle, "Like the stars have danced on my body and I can still feel them all. So happiness is sex then?"

Turning to face Heero, he gave him a simple kiss on the nose. "Not just that. Happiness is Love, and sex with the one you love makes you happier. But Happiness can just be with simple human contact and affection. A long hard struggle, but one worth fighting for."

Nodding in acceptation, "But we had sex…"

"Hai, got to love yourself before you can comprehend to love others."

Heero gave a faint smile as he leaned his head back on the pillow. He felt so light for the first time in years, to have a newer mission from a higher calling then Doctor J, but from his heart.

Standing up and stretching his nude body for fun, the image began to walk back to the mirror. "It was fun while it lasted, when you see me, give a smile okay?"

"Mission accepted."

The mirror boy went back to his world and appeared in his spot on the bed inside the piece of glass.

A light knock disturbed the Japanese pilot from his musings. He didn’t notice that he was completely nude and covered in the bitter cream of sex. "Heero, Trowa made some brownies, if you want some-"

He got up; opening the door to peer out at the nervous youth that began to stammer when he looked into those brilliant deep blue orbs.

"Duo…" Grabbing the pale arm and pulling him in the room, Heero assaulted the boy with deep kisses that told of his soul. Things began to spin around the room as he tasted the wonderful mouth that had the essence of Duo and chocolate.

Letting up for air, Heero smiled and nuzzled the slack jaw. "My favorite flavor, you."

Duo melted in the grasp and wrapped his arms around his love for support.

Pushing the longhaired American to the bed, Heero looked over to the mirror and gave a large goofy grin as the images both gave a thumbs up.


Getting anxious, Wufei went upstairs to see why Duo didn’t wolf down the plate of brownies, he was ready to knock Duo’s door when he heard faint sounds from across the hall. Putting ear up to the door, a slight blush rose to his cheeks as he began to back away and run downstairs.

"Quatre! Trowa! We’re going to need some more lube!"


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