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Part 3 of 3
WARNINGS: Citric acid overload, but turned into a lemon without my consent. Stop laughing, stupid muse. Fair amount of cursing
PAIRINGS: 1x2x1 and grand 2x1 finale
CATEGORY: Multiple Songfic
FEEDBACK: Why not keeps the muse happy so I can think of getting one that is normal. Don't look at me like that Heero.

NOTES: This song is in the weird category, but my muse insists on using it. It is really a 3 for one deal. Not in Heero's POV this time. I haven't written that type of lemon and I am not sure if I can hack it. Hehe.


-= memories=-

Haunted, When The Minutes Drag
Part 3

The front door made and audible click, catching the sensitive ears of one Heero Yuy. He didn't feel the terry cloth robe fall off his shoulders as he raced to see Duo.

The American's face was wan from the long journey back home, but to see his lover slip on the tile flooring and crash into the near wall was enough to brighten his spirits.

"Honey I'm home."

/So this is for when you're feeling happy again/

Duo smiled at the figure around his neck; "I see what you have been doing without me." He kissed the parted lips and hugged the warm being. "You wouldn't believe how crazy I have been going without you this week." The Japanese boy nuzzled the long throat as it exhaled a sigh.

"You would been glad to be stuck here. I mean I was stuck in traffic for about ten hours then I had to sleep in Deathscythe and then-" Warm lips pressed against his throat as a slick tongue made tiny circles causing Duo to mumble and smack his lips.

/And this for when your feeling sad/

Pulling on the tall collar, the dark haired pilot nipped the ear for final measure. "I wish you called, a week is hell." Looking back in shock, "I tried to call! Every minute I was going out of my mind to hear your voice!"

"You couldn't have, I've been here for seven days straight. I am not sure if we have food edible in the house right now."

Scrunching his eyes and looking for the phone, Duo strode across the room leaving the half-naked pilot staring off in confusion. He leaned down and pulled on the cord, the wires were chewed away causing the phone to have no connection to the wall unit. Twisting his fingers around the cord, "This is the fucking problem."

Growling, He opened the window and threw it at the hotel owner's window, smashing the glass below. "I feel a hell of a lot better. Now, I have something long and thick that misses you so much." Duo's voice was a low purr as he sat on the bed and patted for Heero to join him.

/And this is for when you feel something/

"I missed your hair too." The Zero pilot laughed as he tackled the elfin figure and began the slow assault on his soft lips.

"Oy, Heero-kun. Too tired for sex."

Blinking as if he was insulted but laughed. "That bad then?"

"Yeah. Just ravish me." He outstretched his limbs to the limits of the bed and sighed. "C'mon, I have been hard as a rock since I said goodbye last week."

/When the minutes drag/

Slowly taking off the clothing from Duo's body, the Asian pilot kissed the newly exposed area, causing a low hiss to exit the long throat. "The ravish you I shall." The thick eyebrow raised coyly in jest.

The American groaned under the soft ministration. The gentle licks and nips had him in a spin, not wanting it to end. Heero's worn hands caressed each little piece of uncovered flesh and rubbed it till the faded flesh brought on a pinkish hue.


The soft brunette bangs made mopping motions on the flailed out boy's chest, making light hissing noises and causing Duo to rise; wanting more touches and feelings. But they lefts farther down leaving his nerves as tingling haunted trails of desire.

/Haunted when the minutes drag/

Time was at a standstill as Heero found the hook to his captive's pants. He reveled in the soft feeling of Duo's skin. How it could be salty in one area and then a whole other taste of sweet in the next. Sliding pants down and seeing the gooseflesh rise from the pale skin and make the soft downy hairs rise. A chuckle rose in his chest as he saw the tent in the dark blue boxers.


The cry was caught in throat as he felt the soft tongue wrap around his member and then slide into the hot thrumming channel. "He..he..Oh my goodness!" The American could feel his eyes roll in the back of his head and back arch up causing a long inhales of breath. He missed the talented mouth that knew just where to go on his body, and his aching cock was one of them.

/Haunted when the minutes drag/

Holding the thrusting hips so he wouldn't have trouble speaking the next day, Heero moved the hard muscle through his lips and around his tongue, savoring the flavors and breathing patterns from his dear heart. He could smell the essence of is koibito as his nose brushed the thick pubic hairs. Duo never was vocal during sex, but the later would scream loud enough to wake the dead. It is always the quiet ones.


Slipping the engorged head from his lips, Heero reached for the bottle of lube as Duo struggled for more touching. "Ne, Heero?" His lips were hushed as he felt the delicate fingers wrap around his hard cock and lips brush against his.

Slowly rubbing the oil onto his lover, the Asian pilot watched through half lidded eyes as mouthed prayers as he thrusted his hips to the hand. "Look at me Duo," dragging his tongue across the flushed cheek. "Let me see it love."

/Haunted when the minutes drag/

Responding by opening his eyes, shock ripped though his body as Heero sat down on his straining erection. "Damn" he hissed, "I knew you were a tight ass Yuy."

Heero couldn't hear from his heartbeat in his ears as his body adjusted to the painful intrusion below that slowly ebbed away to the sweet comforts of pleasure.


Slowly rolling his hips forward, the longed haired Shinigami felt the strain ease up as he slowly began to make shallow thrusts up into the shocking beauty above him till Heero grabbed his shoulders and took control.

Sitting up so the long tanned legs could wrap around him, Duo wanted to scream into the night air as he felt the constant squeezing from Heero's constricting muscles as the strokes lengthened to sheer force as the bed moaned for them.

/Haunted when the minutes drag/

The tender fingers of release press against his loins, Duo's hand snaked between the sliding stomachs and began to pump Heero's swollen member with the rhythm of their lovemaking.

Feeling his aching member being touched, the Asian pilot screamed at the top of his lungs as he felt the release that he had missed for the seven days of hell. The orgasm took a hold of his senses and threw them out the window with the phone.

Seeing, feeling hearing the dark haired pilots call of ecstasy and the pure strength of the silken muscles wrapping around his cock and squeezing the last ounce of his energy, Duo came hard. His body took control as the violent white flow exploded from his body and he passed out.

Heero fell gracefully at his lover's side as he felt the limp member come out of him with a soft suction sound. "Du..Duo?"

Worry creased on his brow as the sweat dripped down onto the soft falls of the exhausted pilot. "I know. I wear you out. Night koi."

Wrapping his arm around the pale chest, he heard a soft, "I love you Heero."


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