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Part 2 of 3
WARNINGS:Fair amount of cursing. Fluff ! tons of fluff!
CATEGORY: Heero POV, Multiple Songfic
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NOTES: This song is in the weird category, but my muse insists on using it. It is really a 3 for one deal.


-= memories=-

Haunted, When The Minutes Drag
Part 2

/So this is when you feel happy/

I see a flash of black; Kami I hope it is you. I have waited, and remembered things that are driving me crazy. You are so good at doing that, a pro in your own way.

-= Heero was being led through the house with a blind fold over his eyes.

"What are you planning?"

A small giggle erupted from the longhaired teen's throat, "Nothing."

Feeling the walls with his hands and walking slowly so he wouldn't stumble; "Since when does having a blind fold on symbolize nothing?"

He could feel the gentle whisper of hot breath on his neck. "Do you trust me?"

He could imagine the soft eyes shimmer as his mouth softened from the smile. "I trust you Duo."

The cheerfulness returned, "Good. I need you to trust me."

Everything stopped and he felt the slim hands go up to the blind fold and pull it down slowly. The room was laden with cherry blossoms and soft silken sheets. Tiny tea lights twinkled, making the shadows of the room dance.

"Happy anniversary."

A smile spread across Heero's mouth. "It is beautiful. But not like you."

He turned around in the soft embrace and kissed the curved mouth. "But I thought it was in a month."

"Nope, not that anniversary. This one is the one you hate and brood for the entire day."

Realization came over the Japanese pilot's face, "Oh, that day. Duo I-"

He was silenced with a kiss. "I hate seeing you upset. So I wanted to make something special, to remember something good instead of the bad."

Tears filled up his eyes as Heero snuggled against his chest, "I didn't mean to hurt them. It was an accident."

"I know koi." He gently brushed back the messy mane hiding the crystalline blue eyes. "But you cannot do anything now but to let it rest in the past so you can go on living for them."

"Yes." The kisses poured out from their lips as they buried the past behind them.

It was also an important day for Duo, the day his Church was burned to the ground as he held onto the only mother he knew and saw the dying breath of Father Maxwell.

Heero remembered that day as the day he blew up a factory, but it exploded too close to an apartment building; holding hundreds of innocent people captive in the licking flames.

They blew out all the candles. =-

/And this is for when you feel sad./

Looking over the edge of the tub with hope, I only see the long black robe. Groaning, I stick my head back under the water. I am not really a patient person; it has been proven that time and time again from blowing myself up to getting myself caught trying to steal the new Gundam prototypes. When will I learn, patients is a virtue I have no time for. And I seem not to be dealing very well with waiting on you to come home or at least call or contact me.

/And this is for when you feel nothing./

Maybe this is a major test; you are waiting for me to loss my cool and run out the door, rev up Zero and hunt you down.

What am I saying, I have done this to you on numerous occasions, making you sit alone waiting for a call or some type of response that tells you that I am alright.

The warm water is numbing my limbs, causing my brain to go with it. But lucky for me I don't have a mind of my own, ne koi? Going crazy by the phone, my only love turning me into a drone. Dreaming thinking all alone- aw damn now I am making up songs.

/When the minutes Drag
And this is for the tears that won't dry/

Okay, now into over reacting worry mode. I haven't heard from you in a week and the minutes pass like years as I wait some more.

-= "Duo?"

"Go away." The black huddled figure threw the large cover over his head.

Standing in the doorway, shining the thin stream of light onto the pit of the room. "I cannot leave till I say goodbye."

"Then don't leave. No one ordering you to go." A small sniffle came from the shaking lump.

Sighing and kicking himself for the earlier conversation that had the American leave abruptly, having the long cord of hair as proof that he was in the room seconds ago. "I have to do it, no one else can.

"Yes someone else can, just no as good as you."

Heero grabbed the top of the blanket and pulled down, exposing the statically cling hair and redden eyes. "But I wanted to say something to you before I left." He inwardly sighed and held his breath; "Ai shiteru Duo. I always had."

"Then don't go. Don't leave me!" The lithe arms wrapped around Heero's torso and brought him down on the bed.

Petting the snuggling form, he kissed the sun soaked locks from the sweet face, "Go with me?"

"Yes." =-

/And this is for a bright blue sky/

-= Lying on the fresh cut lawn of the park, the heady aroma of the grass and flowers sent the pair into automatic relaxation.

Heero had his head on his love's stomach while walking his fingers up the softly rising chest.

"Oy Heero, be careful or we may have to do something about it."

"You wouldn't, there is a wedding going on over the hill."

Duo sat up partly, the soft cotton rolls of his red shirt melded with the Japanese's deep dark brow locks; he dipped the sunglasses on his nose and looked through the dark lashes. "They say when it rains on a wedding, it is a sign of fertility."

"Not that type of rain."

He began to chuckle, "Well, might as well enjoy the day while it lasts. We got to head back home tomorrow." His voice was soft and distant, as if he was longing to stay on the large rock in space.

"Thought you wanted to go home?"

"So did I, but they don't have this on the colonies. Cheap replica, but not the actual thing. Large endless blue sky and the sweet smell of fresh earth between your toes. How the ocean seems so much bigger when you are in it and not looking down."

Heero nuzzled the muscled chest, "Longer we stay, the harder to leave."

"Yeah. But we'll be back. One way or another." =-

/And this is for when you feel lucky
When the minutes drag/

You know, the longer I think about you and how our relationship began, the more and more happy and lucky I feel for having you. Just to know you Duo Maxwell are more luck I need to survive.

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