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Part 1 of 3
WARNINGS: Citric acid overload turned into a lemon without my consent. Quit laughing at me darn muse. Fair amount of cursing
LYRICS: Love and Rockets
CATEGORY: Heero POV, Multiple Songfic
FEEDBACK: Why not keeps the muse happy so I can think of getting one that is normal. Don't look at me like that Heero

NOTES: This song is in the weird category, but my muse insists on using it. It is really a 3 for one deal.


-= memories=-

Light up that cigar baby, and use your imagination

Voodoo by Love and Rockets

Haunted, When The Minutes Drag
Part 1

/The word that would best describe this feeling, would be haunted. /

Where are you Maxwell! Damn you for making me stay behind! Stupid missions, I am so damn tired of this war!

Sitting upon the bed that we shared last week together-

Damn a week.

One long fucking week

I smooth over my hair that is beginning to get a bit of oily buildup.

See what happens when you're not here to make sure I take care of myself? I get all grungy and disgusting, nervous and fidgety. Hell, I swear that this shirt was one piece, but I found this string and keep pulling on it and pulling on it, now it reminds me of an old tank top. Those things can take a war, but not you koibito.

Lying back on the bed something soft graces my cheek. Getting up I see something that has not moved since your departure.

/I touch the clothes you left behind that still retain your shape and lies, still haunted/

Your pants are lying correctly with the worn creased shirt gently tossed on top.

I can see you exposed there before me. Those sweet hips and that one crocked knee with the foot gently tapping behind the other leg, the wonderful twists and turns of your body and the alluring sight of that smile, beckoning me to come hither.

My blood stirs as I approach the bed to feel your velvety skin with its baby soft war scars.

Shaking the dream of you from my vision, I decide I need a shower, not that you don't mind me being a bit smelly.

-= "Heero? Where are you running off too?"

He turns to look him dead in the eye, hoping that he can see the dripping sweat and oil stains. "I am long due for a shower, so if you will excuse me-"

Jumping in the way and wrapping his arms around the Japanese, "Really? But I like the smell of you, and your-" Duo nipped the long outstretched neck before him and swiped his tongue over the glistening skin, "taste."

The word was so pleasant sounding and ground so low that Heero dropped his tool kit and began to desperately kiss the American for all he was worth. Hands began to roam as Duo put his koi on the sawdust flooring and sat on his groin. Slowly, Duo began to grind his hips upon the creature moaning beneath him.

"Seems that you won't get that shower." =-

Yah…thanks Duo, I will need that shower; but you won't be here to enjoy it.

/I trace the outline of your eyes brew in the mirror hypnotized. I'm Haunted/

Looking in the bathroom's steamed up mirror, I see you in me. From those big wide cheerful eyes to that dedicate smile that is as carefully crafted as fine porcelain.

Oh I miss you.

I turn my back on the image and press up against it, crossing my arms. My legs give out underneath me as I slide down the moist slicked surface.

What will I do if you don't come back?

/I find your solitary hair golden still I reminisce, I'm Haunted/

I used to mock yell at you when I found your hairs everywhere. I knew you couldn't help the shedding problem.

Twisting the ultra fine silk thread between my fingers, I remember telling you my favorite story that Odin told me when I was young.

-= "And then what?" Duo yawned and curled up next to Heero as he poked the dying fire till it sprung back to life.

"She cut off all her hair to make her husband a black kimono. So black that it shimmered blue in the sun." Stopping to kiss the feathered forehead covered in long chestnut bangs, "But I would never ask that of you, even if it was as strong as gundanium." He began to run his hands through the long tresses.

The bundle of happiness cooed in delight and settled his head down on the strong chest and open arms. "Then what?"

"He was mad because it didn't have a symbol, something great for a warrior. So the wife took the kimono and made the symbol of heart, using her own blood as paint. Well, he wasn't found of wearing heart; but the gentle woman said it was the greatest force in the world."

"It is. And if I was in that story, I would beat that man down."

"That is why it is a Japanese tale, you Americans are too violent." Heero chuckled as he kept telling the story. =-

/Haunted by Your Soul!/

Sitting in the bathtub, I remember your kindness for no reason at all. Like the time you forced me to get ice cream and there was this kid who had no money and you just up and gave yours to the boy. You just smiled and waved and then stole mine…while it was still in my hand.

Note to self; stalk up on vanilla ice cream.

-= "Why did you do that?"

Still smiling, Duo put his hands in the pockets and swayed from side to side, "Well, better to give then receive, ne?"

"Yah, so you want me to get another for you; or you can have mine."

The vanilla ice cream began to drool from the soft serve mountain peak. The longhaired boy grabbed Heero's arm and provocatively licked the creamy white mass and looked him straight in the eye. Swirling the bit in his mouth, he stuck out his tongue to capture the bit of vanilla drool off the gaped open mouth of his koibito. "I think we can share."=-

/Haunted by Your Hair!/

How in the world do you get the shampoo to work for you koi? I mean with all that hair you go through a bottle a month. Me? About a week and a half for one bottle.

I love that long hair: how it swayed and its feel in my hands. Softness mixed with the dedication you took, like you did with me.

-= Pacing back and forth, Duo's braid was swinging back and forth, then slapping at his thigh when turning around. Then the process repeated till Heero grabbed the extra long tail and pulled him down to sit in a chair.

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

"Nothing." The brilliant smile tried to fade over the worry in Duo's eyes. "Why do ya ask?"

The Japanese boy pulled the soft body closer to himself; "You will worry me to death if you don't tell me things."

The jewel eyes begin to shimmer over as a tiny tear slips over the soft threaded lashes. "Just waiting to hear from Sally about Hilde. She is like my little sister you know?"

"I know. She will get though. She is a tough bird." Heero takes the end of the long braid and gently wipe the tears away, trying to get the lithe form to show some signs of relaxing.

"You're right. You're always right." Duo snuggled his head in the crook of the long neck, "and I am glad you are right." =-

/Haunted by Your clothes!/

Laughing to myself, I remember the first time we made love. It took about an hour for me to figure out how to remove your clothing. Talk about anxiety problems. By the time I got to your pants, I was too tired to even kiss you.

-= "Where is the buttons?" Heero found a bunch of loopholes, but no buttons.

"There, down there. You want me to help?"

"No," he smacked the smiling figure's hands away from his own. "If I don't learn now I never will. Be patient."

"By the time our through I will be asleep." Duo tried to grab at the dark hands again only to be slapped away by the growling figure. "I'll give you a clue, the shirt connects to the pants."

Heero looked at the shirt that held no buttons or any type of removal. "A lot of help that does." The Japanese boy took the collar in his hands and found a trail of buttons. "Hey Duo I found it! Duo?"

His violet eyes were closed and he was clutching his braid like a teddy bear; light snoring erupted from his throat.

"I know your faking! Wake up!"=-

/Haunted by Your Eyes! /

I begin to wiggle my toes in the water, closing my eyes I imagine you resurfacing under the water and trying to tickle me. Eye huge and dilated with mischief. Wrinkled hands wrapping around my body as you crawl up my shaking form for a kiss.

Come back now! Please Duo.

/By your soul, by your hair, by your clothes, by your eyes, by your voice, by your smile, by your mouth, by your soul, by your hair, by your clothes, by your eyes, by your voice, by your smile, by your mouth, by your soul!/

Going under the water the warmth rushes over me, making my hair spread and floats about. Oh Kami-Sama the memories are coming faster to my vision.

-= Heero broke the kiss breathlessly and croaked, "You know I love you."

The young pilot nipped the mocha colored throat, eliciting a low groan from his captive; "Always. I adore and love you." Duo kissed hard on the neck, leaving a bruise on the near perfect skin.

With his last breath, "Show me."

Before him, Duo's eyes shifted to a range of peacock blue to deep violet. Lips smashed his own as hands scratched his back, forcing Heero to arch up into the deep-rooted hands. Heero grabbed the back of Duo's head, forcing the kiss deeper as their tongues fought for domination.

Erections ground together in a heated dance until Duo flipped the Japanese pilot down, showering him and a waterfall of muddy brown locks. "I'll show you alright."

His head dipped down the long body outstretched before him. Licking the round navel, Duo began to lightly taste the exposed flesh then blowing gently; causing his koi to bounce on the bed with impatience. "I think that means you like?"

A man of few words did just that, he gasped and fell back down by the lack of attention to his aching body. "Duuuuuuuoooooooo!!!!! Arg! Pleaaaasssssse!"

The American winked as he took the tip of Heero arousal, gently rolling the head in his mouth. The scream caught in Heero's throat as he felt the low humming generated around his tender flesh. Body gave into the onslaught as he began to burst into the throws of passion into the suckling mouth of his lover.=-

/Haunted! /

Surfacing from the water, I feel drained for some reason. Notice that I am holding my cock in my hand, I begin to remember that I was having visions. Wanting to dive back down for another round, something black catches my eye.

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