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The Hands of Death…Burn Baby Burn!

Looking across the gray haze of the polluted evening air, dark blue eyes scanned the territory with a predatory gleam.

The viscous teeth gleamed like jagged knifes through the rising full moon's light as he smiled. Duo liked the evenings.

Hell, 'like' wasn't in his vocabulary, he loved the night air as it shifted from the balmy afternoon to the chilly stings of frosted tinged winds. All was sweet in a twisted metal sort of way.

Breaking the soft passage of the crystal night, a shrill ring came from his hip pocket on the long trench coat that hung on his body like a pair of leather wings.

"Yo, wha'cha got fah me?"

The other voice sounded annoyed by the over use of butchered English, "Mission. Drug bust, the Sank Club."

"Great. Gett'n bored as all hell lookin' at tha moon. Any survivas?"

"Do they ever?"

"Gata point boss." Flipping over the mobile's mouthpiece, he hopped from his perch on the roof to the small balcony below. "Death pets his pretties, but no one eva' survives."

/Seduce the wicked ones, disturb the mortal sting/

The beat of the music flared with the pulsing lights like an addiction themselves. After one was done with the club you had to go to another to feel that momentous beat pounding deep in your chest and feet.

Sliding though the flailing bodies, and wincing from the hard slaps that an over drugged female or male would inflict on his backside. Steady arms would round him, under normal circumstances he would stop and dance with the interest party; but he was on business.

His deep crimson painted eyes caught a line party on the couches.

This was make or break.

Walking behind a bent over woman snorting coke, he gently wrapped his hands around her hips and pressed his leather-clad crotch up close to signal that he was a man looking for something.

"Hey babe. Wha'cha get tha toys and joys?" His hand wondered down the shirt skirt front and gently rubbed over, causing her to arch up and move her mouth closer to his ear.

"Hm, Darlian. Back room stocked full man." The woman's arm round up his neck and pulled him closer.

Full of disgust, he went through with the interrogation. Hands slowly going under blouse he toyed with the small nipple ring. "Darlian?"

"Yeah, new phantom in town." Tongue snaking out, she licked his ear but grunted when he pushed her away and walked off. "Some men." Blowing the hair from her face, she was too wasted to give a shit.

The long-haired man walked to the back of the club, ready for his business.

/I am the only one, a dark and dreary thing/

Pulling the MACH from the small holster in the airy black shirt, Duo knocked on the large supply door. "Yo, Darlian sent me man. Open up."

Like puppet, the oversized man opened the door slowly and peered up at the darkly dressed gentleman. "Yeah?"

"Got to deliver a message. Open up."

The door opened enough for him to assess the damage points and who could be packing what.

Large bags of white powders lay on the table as others were being put into crates, but no one seemed to have much of weapons.

"I'll get the boss for you sir."

Grabbing the man by his hand and twisting it around, ripping the joint with a bone-snapping crunch. "S'all right ya fucker, I can handle it ma'self."

The man screamed as the horrific pain flowed like hot lava through his arm and shoulder, but fell limp to the bullet that tore though his skull.

/I am the blood washing, across the crucified/

From the side, Duo saw a group of men running to the small exit. Pulling the large weapon, he fired the rounds as bodies dropped to the beat of the thumbing music behind him.

"I love a good party baby." Raising the gun to a seated figure as a bodyguard raised his weapon on Duo. "Mr. Big shot?" The mincing grin never left his face.

"Your people are a trouble to our company. Too bad you will take your last breath of air here."

Smirking and breathing in deeply, "I think I'll do enough fah us both, eh?"

/Yeah so few are chosen, I do not die/

The over towering bodyguard cocked the weapon and shot, but the reflexes of the assassin was faster then the loaded gun as he made a roll to the floor and shot the guard's head off in an explosion of skull fragments and brain matter onto the dealer.

Throwing himself onto the piles of coke in front of him to keep the blood off, the dealer didn't see a highly pissed off man with Deathscythe's muzzle on his nose and pressing with bruising force.

"That fucker shot mah hair! Ya knows wha' happens ta fuckers that shoot mah hair?"

Shaking as the powdery mass fell from his now snot dripping nose and quivering lips; "Wha…what?"

"This!" Duo grabbed the man's hundred dollar tie and kissed him hard, thrusting his tongue into the warm whisky soaked cavern, then bit through the man's lip with the sharpen teeth leaving a soupy mix of saliva and tendons from his mouth.

Blood poured from the dealer's mouth as he held it with his hands rocking back and forth through the pain.

Duo spat out the offending piece of flesh in his mouth and whipped away the crimson stain and laughed. "I'm Death asshole. Say 'Yo' to tha maker.

The bullet screamed though the air as it shattered though the dealers cheap hair transplant head, splitting it open in a tidal wave of gore and mush.

/I am the whore of fire, I see through sulfur eyes/

Looking for any type of flammables, the longhaired man grinned as he saw the full bottles of gin and tequila on the crates to his left.

He opened the bottle and took a swig to wash the taste of the dealer out of his mouth. Spitting out the pinkish fluid, Duo began to pour the alcohol onto the coke and bodies of the unfortunate baggers that tried to escape.

"Praise God frah all blessin' flow. Praise him all creacha's here below. Praise him above ye heavenly host. Praise Fatha son and Holy Ghost. Aw'men.1" Drawing his dark brow down and lifting the large blue eyes, a small faint shimmer of sorrow filled the deep orbs; but was shaken away as he brushed back the now unraveling locks of burnt umber hair streaked with midnight blue.

Duo stood up and rummaged in his pockets. Pulling out a lighter from the club, he hit the button with a flick of sparks. The smell of burning alcohol, melting coke and charred flesh made his nose wrinkle.

Going back into the middle of the throbbing crowd, he lifted the MACH that began to wear in his hands and clicked in a new round of high explosive bullets. Aiming for the main speakers, he let out a blaze of ear splitting shots, tearing through the machinery and the DJ's main table.

The clubbers screamed as the fell to the floor or finding a safe spot behind a taller person.

"Alright peeps, this is a bust. Ya don't hav'ta go home, but'cha can't stay here." Duo shot another round above him signaling the sprinkler system so the others could get out before the drug lab exploded.

/Your guardian in denial, a genius of the night /

Shifting through the shadows as cops wailed by, Duo began to twist the wet mop of hair from his face. He hated losing his temper when it could be more then the short fuse going off.

"Can't get through tha front door like this. Shit." Stuffing the large weapon down into is safe place in the holster, the assassin began his trek to the main underground office to give an in-person report of the situation and what he found about the new leader of the drug ring 'Darlian'.

/In the hands of death, burn baby burn/

The cold of the night was biting to the soaked flesh and the bad taste of the whisky and coppery blood began to war in his mouth. He looked up happily to see the main L2 operatives building in line of sight and kept his eyes on anyone that would thought of following him from the club or through the maze of streets.

Duo beat on the door and pressed the COM button, "Yo! Jar! Open up bro man I ain't gat mah pass!"

Loud thuds came down the hall and stopped short of the door, "Geez you look like shit."

Looking at himself covered in a mud slosh of blood and tissue matter, he stuck out his tongue.

"That's a lot of talk from a black Jew, man open up!"

"Ya talk'n shit about my mama now boy it's on. Freeze your ass off, see if I care."

Hitting the door like a child, "Now damn it I got some important shit to tell the boss, let me in."

The heavy steel door opened with a load long groan as a large African American looked out, "Phew man, ya smell worse. Get your skinny sorry ass in here. Geeze."

He took off the large boots out of fear that Jar would beat ass till Sunday if anything gotten of the imported carpets. Duo made his way slowly to the secondary bathroom farther into the building to clean himself of the grease and grim of the city and hatred and spite of the people.

"Eh, yo. Ya got'ta look at Deathscythe man. She isn't looking good. Pulling the gun from the holster and handing into Jar's large hands.

"What tha fuck did you do to my baby man? Trigger happy asshole!"

"Had a big job man, just fix it before the boss ride my ass again."

"You like it ya slut."

"Got a point man." Smiling and waving on the large tech, Duo stepped off into the bathroom and striped down, slipping into the hot mist that cascaded through the door of the large bathtub.

/In the hands of death, burn baby burn/

The hounds of hell could have been nipping at his heels, but he wouldn't give a damn. Submerged in the boiling hot water and turning red as a lobster, Duo felt the day burn and leaves trails of embers on his soul. The water turned a shade of pink from the high content of blood left from the mission. His weary bones screamed in agony when he went to stand up and leave the sweet comfort of the porcelain tub.

Rolling his hair into a large towel and slipping into a pair of black joggers pants from the locker, Duo padded his way into the main offices in the bottom layer of the building, making the fragile concrete and steel informed building just an illusion to what really happened. Soldiers and computers surrounded his senses in a blur of reality.

Zechs's blonde hair swung around as Duo made his way to the large computer screen.

"I'm going to kill him this time."

Knowing it was about him, Duo stepped up. The large green towel was falling a bit onto his naked chest. "Kill who man?"

"Geff was caught and told the enemies your mission."

Looking a bit stunned. "Um, hate ta tell ya boss. Mah mission was a success."

"It was supposed to be larger then only $100,000 of coke. It was an 3 million-dollar mission. What was the guards?"

"One fat ass by tha door, about six deala's and a body guard with a headache."

"See, they got most of the stuff out by the time you got to the club."

Scratching idly at his collarbone, Duo tapped the elder man's shoulder. "No prob boss-man. I found out that tha new shit licker is named Darlian. No otha' things before I torched tha place. Oh, could ya give me a mint or somethin'? I gott'a bad taste in mah mouth."

"I hate to ask why."

"I kissed tha dealer and bit his lip off." Duo snapped the sharp fangs in an audible click making the blonde weary of the assassin's sanity.

"My desk has some suckers and stuff." Waving his hand on as the man walked off, Zechs laid his eyes onto the main monitor as they played a type of Geff being tortured to the point he gave in and gave up the information on the bust. He heard the name 'Darlian', but couldn't see which person in the room it was directed too.

Padding into the large office, the lights turned on. "Motion detacta's. Cool." Not used to being in Zech's office without the other man yelling at him or listening intently then yelling, Duo made the most of it.

"Place seen more dicks then a spy movie. Geeze." He lifted the garbage can to see a used condom under a pile of tissues. "At least he used protection." Shaking his head and going after what his intent was, Duo opened the top desk drawer and nearly fell over in laughter. He pulled out a sucker2 and ran out to the techies area to see how Deathscythe was fairing.

/In the hands of death, burn baby burn /

"Yo-wha'zup mah bratha?"

The large black man looked as the overly happy man sat down in a seat in front of his desk as he screwed in new bolts to trigger. "I ain'cha bratha."

"Geez man. Everyone loves Duo." He pushed the large towel back up his head.

"Not me you trigger happy sadistic bastad. And what about dem people with a bullet up der asses?"

"Jobs a job bro, ain't like I'ma lookin' ta be friendly then put a blow hole in tha'r heads."

Shaking his head and readjusting the locks on the MACH. "Now why are you happy?"

Pulling the sucker from his mouth, Jar looked away and put his hands in front of his face. "Damn you Duo!"

"What? Cocksuckers. Zech got'a drawer full man. Cherry is better then a mouthful of blood."

"You need to learn how to kiss people better. How many does that make now?"

"Five or six."

Shaking his head and returning to his work, Zechs passed the area talking to someone new.

/In the hands of death, burn baby burn/

The blonde man entered with a dark and gloomy reflection of hell with bullet-blue eyes. He wore a suit with a thick gold chain and square jade stone.

"This is Heero Yuy. Your partner for your next assignment Duo."

Staring blankly into the cyan eyes of his boss and biting through the head of the sucker, Duo sneered showing off the curved fangs in his mouth. "I work alone remembah?"

"Well I need you to work with Yuy. He knows about Darlian from the L1 Company in Japan."

"I don't speak Japanese."

"You don't have too, but do you know anything about Japan?"

"I got hit by a Toyota once, hurt like hell and I don't feel like bein' round remindas." He pulled out the sucker from his mouth; it was nothing left but two small circles connected at the bottom.

The Japanese man didn't like the thought of working with someone, and seeing Duo's files made him fear for his life. Trying to be nice to someone that had an itchy trigger finger and had a fascination with death, he pointed to the sucker; "Mickey mouse?"

Laughing hard, Duo looked at the left over sugar stick. "He had a pair bafor Walt gat'ta hold his ass." Putting the left over sucker on Jar's desk, "I need ta get dressed." Still laughing at the comment, Heero stared over at the retreating form in confusion.

Jar just picked up the gnawed on dick sucker with his index finger and thumb, holding it far from his body as possible. Zechs's eyes nearly bugged out of his skull when he figure out what it was.

"What is wrong wid him?" The dark haired man shook his head.

"His mama was into pitbulls."

Going into his personal section of the infirmary where he tended to spend his days after hair-raising tricks; he picked up the bag clothing and supplies. He slipped on the large pair of baggy black jeans and tight fitting black shirt with open neck collar. The silver cross imbedded with garnets hung brilliantly around his neck as the dark background of the shirt enhanced its twinkling abilities.

Taking the large brush through the blue streaked hair, Duo scrunched his eyes when he hit a snag, but pulled it up to his vision and lightly brushed them out with tiny taps. Instead of his braid, he pulled his hair up in a high ponytail with two large treads of hair hanging low and fitted inside the holder.

Duo looked into the mirror and applied the deep crimson eye shadow from the side of his nose, over the lid and to his scalp. The color opened the deep cerulean of his eyes and caused them to be a fiercer stare as he applied the kohl. He smiled showing off the brilliant white eyeteeth that curved down to sharp points as he tried to remember why the hell he got them.

Looking and scrutinizing at his appearance, something caught his eye. A small tinkling gleam of trying to impress his new partner that had the sense of humor of a monkey in a spanking machine. "Wha' tha hell is wrong with me?"

Shaking his head and wondering out to the conference room to be briefed on the situation and how to blow it up with style.

/Creep and crawl inside, into the heart of cold/

Heero stood with his back to the door scowling at the main screen. His face was painted white with the Mask of Death; tight black leather sleeveless shirt showed off the sleek contours of his back as his hands were incased in finger-less leather gloves. Heavy but formfitting pants incased with magnets to keep the large machine guns from slipping from his grasp, as his planned maneuvers were gravity defying.

The Japanese assassin tapped the large army boot with annoyance that Duo was late for the prepartory meeting. Looking over his shoulder at the presence of so-called partner.


With a smug smile the American smiled darkly, "Fashionably late, mind ya."

"Can't chu be serious during d'e meeting?"

"Neav'a had one bafore."

Scrunching his dark blue eyes from behind the violet glassed-shades, Heero looked back over to the screen as the pictures of the building.

"I've read your work. Impressive."

"Thanks, commin' from ya I'm touched." He held his heart. "What is with tha make-up?"

"My cuw'ture, we wear masks of white to symbolize Deadt."

"Funny. We really never met till now and ya already know me." A predatory grin crossed his face as Duo ran his tongue over the sharp pointed teeth.

Rattling his senses from the attractive comrade, Heero smiled back playfully. "Work first. Pway waiter." He taped the longhaired man's forehead in jest and began to trek to the weapons locker.

"I'm in love!" He clicked his heels and ran after the Asian counterpart.

Picking up large machine guns and testing the weight and cocking and un-cocking, Heero looked at Jar. "What is rate?"

"40 a minute."

"Got any faster?" He placed it back on the rack.

"Geeze, I'm not superman." He went to behind the counter and grabbed two larger guns and tossed them with a bit of a grunt, not sure how the smaller man would handle the weapon.

Catching with smooth grace and inspecting the gun with a talented eye for the craft, "Its rate?"

"Can push a full clip of 100 in a minute but holds about 500 in total."

Smile gracing the assassin's lips, "Good. It work for me." Turning around and kneeling on the floor Duo came from behind and positively glowed.

"Got baby ready?"

"Baby is retired. You killed her." Jar grabbed a suitcase, "But I had one ready for this occasion because your trigger happy ass. New model. Higher explosion rate, more ammo, smoother fit. Welcome Deathscythe Hell." He tossed the gun in the air as assassin caught it single handily.

"You're a fuck'en genius!" He kissed the solid cool muzzle and placed it into the holster close to his heart.

"W'ets go." Heero grabbed the guns and wrapped the shoulder harnesses around his neck.

"I'm game man. Second mission in a night, going to take a nice nap aft'a this man."

They headed for transport as Zechs ran to Jar. "Need you to be on secondary unit just incase. I got a feeling."

"No probs boss man. Need to watch that little white boy, like the freaky bro I nev'a had man." He slapped the blonde on the back and went to gather the technical team to be posted outside of the main gates of the building holding next bust.

/So dead and paralyzed, perversion of the soul/

The two-trained assassins snuck up to the building and hide in the shadows. Duo took out a thermal scan and looked through the thin box to determine where the dealers were settled and where the captive Geff was placed.

"Everyone's in the otha' end. Geff is right here."

Looking skyward, "If we get on roof, d'en we can sneak in."

Duo took notice, "Yeah, but gawt ta get up there."

"Rope and harness. Neva weave home wit' out'it"

Slightly laughing at the comment, Duo took the rope and began to tie the automatic grappling and threw it onto the roof. "Love these toys man. No noise." Duo began to climb up first til he felt a hand on his wrist.

"Why you go first?"

"I've seen yar ass Yuy and plan more in the future." Duo's brown eyebrows rose as the eyes lightened, of course Heero made no objections.

The roof was like others, gravel and tar to keep the weathering, but had a large sun window. They both peered down into the crowd below, but Heero noticed something.

"Dar'wian." He growled at the blonde woman below.

She screamed something with a rich haughty British tone and slapped a man full force so that the assassins could hear without device.

"She's a pip, eh Heero?"

"Most dangerous woman awive."

"Not if we can help it. So what's tha plan?"

Heero grabbed his bag and pulled out a boot harness. One looked like a large steel ring as the other was a large shinny hook that snapped into the ring and off without trouble.

"Wha'cha goin' ta do with that thing?" Duo was used to the regular 'round the waste, up the ass and chock the balls' harnesses used in operations.

"I'm going down head first, kick off dis ring and w'et de guns hewp me circ'ew around da room taking dem down in one huge b'waze."

Nodding in acceptance and then stopping, "Your more fucked up then me man. Where did'ja learn that fucked up maneuver?"

"I work for L1 since I was 8. I know many t'ings."

"Jesus. Anythin' else I should know 'bout chu man?"

"Basically as crazy as you. L1 is quiet and I am fuw here."

"Cool. Now I have time to wear you out." Cocking Deathscythe for good measure, Duo looked back down at the crowd below. "How tha fuck are you not goin' to get your ass blown off?"

The Asian man pointed to a transformer that buzzed with the low amounts of energy. "Need you to b'ow it up when I am in position." Heero smirked as he finished placing harness and rope on his feet and securing the night vision goggles on his head. "Ready?"


Pointing the MACH at the transformers, the loud fire jumped from the square muzzle and kicked back, jerking Duo's arm.

The large metal transformer began to sizzle and pop as the fires rose and small explosions began after the first shot.

/I'm the blood washing, across the crucified/

Darkness over took the building as Heero ripped open the sky lighting and began his head down assault. The large machine guns connected to the large magnets in his pants and the force of fire threw him in a 360 upside down.

The loud screams from the gun and those positioned in front of it made a low snarl come from his throat. The assassin disconnected the hooked boot and touched the ground as he unlatched the other. He looked through the goggles to see that Darlian hide behind a large piece of unused machinery.

Hearing something sneaking from behind, he ducked quickly to have a knife mere inches from his back. Turning quickly, Heero found himself face to face with a large brut of a man who fixed his eyes to the assassin's position by the gleam of the goggles in the dimming moonlight.

Trying to block all the punches and still aim his gun on the blonde woman's position, he inwardly growled at himself when the door flung open and she ran out with someone in tow.

/Yeah so few are chosen, /

With his mind on other things, the guard got in a lucky strike. The knife was imbedded into the soft flesh of Heero's thigh. He didn't flinch as the pain flared up and ate away at the movement as he grabbed the handle and pulled out with a grunt.

The guard looked wide eyed as Heero dropkicked him in the jaw. He had no time to react as the lithe man jumped up and took the man's head with his ankles and twisting with the momentum of the maneuver, but getting caught on the hook from the left boot; ripping away at the flesh from the thick muscled neck.

/I do not die In the hands of death, burn baby burn /

Looking through with the thermo scan, Duo looked to see someone sitting just beneath him. Blowing a large hole in the ceiling, Duo jumped into the smoldering gap and through the prescience of the moon, he looked into Geff's golden eyes.

"Long time no see. Time to go fucker." Duo took out his gun and pointed, his finger itched the curved trigger with his index finger.

"To bad you're goin' with me…fucker."

The ties on Geff's arms and body were loose as he produced a pistol with a quick wrist and shot twice before Duo comprehended the situation. The bullets imbedded themselves in the longhaired man's chest.

"I was always so much faster then you." He kicked the form on the floor that began to cough up a small pool of blood and then kicked at Duo's shoulder, dislodgeing the bone from the joint.

Looking up from the shots in the other room, the large grin left his face. "Damn it, company." He aimed the pistol at Duo's head and rubbed the heated muzzle in his hair.

Duo with the last of his strength, he hit the trigger blowing away Geff's arm as he screamed in pain.

/In the hands of death, burn baby burn/

The man's screams was music to his ears as the pain flared up in Duo's lungs. Looking at his hand, the assassin saw the red tinged gleam on his hand as the limp arm hung low to his side. Propping Deathscythe on his knee and pulling the trigger in recession, the wall opened up to the darkness of the outside as the dust from the bricks cleared out.

Slowing to his feet, Duo shuffled to the hole but fell as Geff grabbed him with his other hand. The rubble cut into the exposed skin as the longhaired man kicked at the other's head to gain access to safety.

"Let go damnit!" He kicked harder, breaking the skull on each powerful thrust with the large black boot.

The grip weakened as a rush of adrenaline raged though his veins and crawled out on hands and knees to see a plane in a distance preparing for takeoff. With the last of his energy, Duo ran to the makeshift runway and stood in the path of the oncoming plane. He held up the heavy gun as the breath began to leave his body and the blood rush to his head made him want to fall in a heap on the concrete.

/In the hands of death, burn baby burn/

Waiting for the right moment to shoot, he watched as the tires began to bounce off the ground and come back down in a loud screech.

The MACH began to weigh his arm down as he pulled the trigger, sending a blast of bullets into the fuselage; causing it to explode in a rain of flames as it still went to the air and exploded behind him. The force pushed his weakened body down hard to the cold concrete with a loud thump.

/In the hands of death, burn baby burn/

Seeing the flames high up in the air, Heero looked down to see a pile of black clothing not moving. "Duo? Duo!"

The heartbeat in his ears rang harder and hard as he ran closer and closer to the still body.

"Duo?" The dark headed man turned his partner over as blood began to cover his hands, "Come on. Wake up. Come on Duo!" Shaking the limp body and seeing the damages, he held on closer till a faint voice caught his ears.

"Hee…ro? I don't wanna die." Hot tears dripped down his face as Duo felt the warm arms pull him up. Pain flared up all over as he clinched his teeth.

"Stay witd me Duo."

"The stars…are…pretty Heero."

/Burn baby burn Burn baby burn Burn baby burn…/

Wiping the sheen of sweet from the other's face, Heero looked up to see the cloud cover and rain lightly falling as if the sky was mourning.

"Don't die on me koi, pwease Duo." He kissed the damp brow that began to scrunch up.


"Means 'wuv'."

"Love?" A long shudder ripped though Duo's body as it started to go limp.

Shaking him again and forcing the eyes open, "Don't go yet, I need you to stay wit' me!"

A long cough came through as his answer as deep red blood began to run down the side of his mouth and feather at the touch of the rain.

"Stay wit' me. Pwease."

He nuzzled the body cradled in his arms and watched in slow motion as the second units' van pulled up beside the blazing plane's shell and people pulling Heero to let go of the cold body in his grasp.


1: The Doxology. We sing it as a funeral hymn; other places sing it as an opening to service.
2: I seen them in sex catalogues…they are suckers in the shape of dicks and there are some that look like boobs.


Laying on the foot of the bed with a gun and cleaning cloth in hand, Heero polished the heavy black steel and cleaned the trigger mechanism. A lightweight nuzzled up to his side as Duo came out of his shower and lay ceremoniously in a small heap on the small of Heero's back: mumbling something about 'out of hot water' and rubbing his nose into the Asian man's spinal column.

Reaching down and running his free hand in the soft wet maze of brown mixed blue hair, Heero smiled comfortably.

No one understands an assassin more then one of his fellow breed. The high respect of life as the thrum of death calls on forth to swipe down another victims, when they were the victims themselves.

Smirking at the incredibly wasteful thoughts, he nudged Duo to sit up.

Growling at the command, but did so rubbing the tiredness from his eyes and chattered his teeth from the missing warmth as Heero went to get the first aid kit and a cup of warm tea.

He returned holding the handle of the first aid kit between his teeth and two steaming cups of green tea. Placing the cups on the nightstand Heero opened the medical kit, pulling out gaze and a large roll of athletic bandages and looked at Duo wearily as the other smiled the large toothy grin of mischief.

"I'm not in mood for stitches. Be good?"

"I'm always good babe." The smile never left his face, showing the large fangs on the edge of his mouth.

Shaking his head, Heero placed the gaze and wrapped it around Duo's still stitched up wounds on his chest and wrapped the tape around the bruised and battered rib cage that fluttered at his gentle touch.

"See, I'm'an angel."

"Rea'wy? Den drink." He handed over the tea to Duo's outstretched hands.

"It smells like feet Heero!"

"Make you sweep and feew better." He curled up behind the pale form and forced the cup to the parted lips.

"I was asleep till ya moved!" The pale green brew slipped into his mouth. "Oh Gawd! Tastes worse!" He tried to spit it out but got caught by the nose and had to swallow to breathe. Glaring daggers, he turned his head gently back to see the dark blue eyes smiling back.

"You know why I wuv you?"

"Why?" Duo took another drink and made a face.

"You speak Engwish worse den me." He bent down and kissed the long neck and nipped the pale shell of the supple ear.

Finishing the cup of tea, Duo curled up into the broad chest; finishing the last yawn that he attempted when getting out of the shower. The dark headed man pulled the blankets close to the snuggling form and laid down for the night as the sleep took over his senses.

See…didn't kill him. I'm still mad right now…need something to smash. *walks off as muses scream unintelligibly *


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