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Category: Fuffy Chibi Gundam fic
Rating: G *looks stunned *
Pairing: Various Gundams, 1+2, 3+4, 5+S
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Warnings: Cute, Fluffy wuffy!

Notes: A new saga in the Chibi Gundam world.

Gundam Capades

The grounds were covered in a sheet of fresh new snow as the large pond glistened from the sun's rays. Everything was picturesque from the towering pine trees to the slightly rolling hills.

"Oy Heero! Hurry it up!" Duo had his ice-skates slung over his shoulder as he stood in the thick snow tapping his foot.

"Baka." The Japanese man huffed as he started up the hill with Deathscythe wrapped around one leg and Wing around the other. Each time he lifted his leg, one of the tiny Gundams would tap the other and yell 'TAG!'

Finally getting up the crest of the hill that felt like a mountain, Heero saw his fellow group of formal pilots. Wufei had the miniature of Shenlong snuggled up to his chest as Sally took pictures and giggled at the sight. Trowa held Heavyarms on top of his shoulders as Sandrock buried himself in Quatre's warm coat.

"I am not used to the cold!" The little desert Gundam whined. Quatre tried to laugh, but the cold metallic skin was freezing him to the bone.

Deathscythe and Wing detached themselves and ran to the group as Heero fell headfirst into the fluffy snow.

Sashaying towards the limp form, Duo squatted down and ruffled his lover's hair. "Come on Heero, they're not that heavy."

His response came in with an evil blue eye as he fell back down to the white powder.

Testing the ice, Heavyarms tapped it and looked over to the others. "It looks safe."

"I'm not stupid enough to test it. Send out Sandrock." Nataku jumped off her perch and stood beside Quatre.

Sticking his head out from the warm spot, "Never!"

"I'll test it then!" Deathscythe looked wearily at the ice and stuck his left foot on it, when he didn't fall or slip he put his right foot down and scrunched his eyes shut. Opening them one at a time he moved around a bit and giggled, "Hey guys! This is fun!"

Shrugging at each other, Heavyarms and Nataku slowly began to go to the ice. "Sandrock you on'na! Get out here!" The tiny dragon folded her arms and skated a bit back and forth.

"No!" He tunneled farther into the jacket, but squeaked as Quatre stood up and opened the jacket onto the ice.

"Come now, it will be fun. Just think of the things you could do to Heavyarms." The blonde tied his long scarf around the chibi's throat and gave him a mischievous wink.

Trowa looked over with a surprise look on his face; "You're encouraging them to fight?"

"Worked for Sally and Wufei, they fight constantly."

Leaning on the fence, "Just watch her right hook." The Chinese man took up his skates and went on the ice holding his hand out for Sally who slowly made her way onto the slick surface.

Duo took up to the ice quickly and began to skate around and kept hitting Heero in various places as he passed and giggling wildly at his friendly assault.

Growling and trying disparately to avoid the wild slaps to his buttocks or hips; the formal pilot would try to skate backwards, but trip over one of the playing chibis.

The American went to the center of the rink and began a fast spin as Deathscythe watched and fell over from being dizzy. Duo folded his arms in then out for a quick stop, not remembering that his braid never stopped and hit him square in the forehead, causing him to fall over. Heero skated up to his koi quickly and slid on his knees.

"You okay, Duo?" Trying to contain his laughter and be sincere at the same time.

"Yeah, need some ice." He put his head down on the ice and sighed, "all better."

"Duo san!" The tiny bat Gundam tried to skate faster, but noticed that his feet were moving, but not going anywhere. "Ah oh!" Trying to keep from falling over, Deathscythe fluttered his wings and tried to get off the ground before he hit hard. Flying above the flailing chibi, Wing grabbed his friend and held him inches over the ice and set him down softly.

"Better?" Wing turned off his engine.

"Yeah, wanna race?"

Rolling his eyes, Wing just nodded his head as they began to skate to a clear area.

Quatre and Trowa leaned on the fence as they watched the ever fussing pair chase each other on the frozen water.

Sandrock almost grabbed Heavyarm's arm, but fell on his face and skidded across the ice, taking down the other.

"Get off my head!"

"Get out from underneath me!"

Nataku looked at the pair and began to laugh till she felt a snowball hit her in the head. Glaring towards the ones that caused the insult, "That's it!

You guys are going down!" She skated towards a snow mound with Wing and Deathscythe behind it with an entire ammo supply of snowballs. They began to randomly pelt the other Gundams till Heavyarms made bullet sized ice balls and shot out most of the foundation, causing the fort to fall on top of the giggling pair inside.

"Hey guys! Hot chocolate and warm oil!" Trowa put a tray down on the blanketed bench as the others came in off the rink.

Sally took a picture of the snow bound chibis as the guys tried to pull them out.

Each had a cup of the warming fluids as the sat down in the soft blankets. Heavyarms yawned and began to suck his thumb as Sandrock laid its head on his lap. Deathscythe snuggled on Duo's lap as Wing took a sip of Heero's hot chocolate. Nataku stretched out onto Sally and Wufei's laps and made a kitten like yawn.

"You know guys, we should do this again tomorrow." Duo smiled down at his little companion.

"Yeah, it wears them out." Quatre petted the two chibis' heads.


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