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Notes: Posted a piccie…then was told to do a fic…looked around to see how I can work this without being a bestie fic. *hangs head* Loosely based on the tale of a Scottish Knight and Seelie fairy- but mine is quite different.

Fairy Tale
by Lady Tora

The meadow was alive with the sounds of bugs fluttering around and the ever-present bird hopping about. The crisp colors of the summer blazed on with wispy greens, mellow hues of red, blues, pinks, and oranges scattered about the ground leading up to a large Willow tree that sang her heartfelt tune of sadness to the lowly creature under her shade.

The song was low and quiet, bringing all creatures around it to remain silent as she soothed the bitter soul.

Swaying in the wind, the leaves opened little by little to show the poor twisted creature that laid beneath, with every whisper of wind his flank would twitch while a long brown tale flipped up to swat away the curious Wind.

He clutched soundly to the mossy ground as a child would to their mother’s bosom, comfort by the gentle thrumming of her heart and sweet smell of her skin. Dreams ran across his mind as he stretched the hind leg and kicked his front, arms still hugging the spongy moss. Eyes wept as his body held back on a scream while the dream cast died away and left him back into the world of the living, still feeling the painful emerging into his new form.

Pressing his face into his hands, Heero began to feel up touching softly the long pointed fuzzy ears. A short snort came out as he looked around at the grouping of animals staring at him, his monstrous form.

Shooting a glare at a pair of birds above that twittered and chirped his welcoming of consciousness, they stopped short of the melody in fear. The Willow tree stirred as Heero used it to help him gain access to all four legs that shook with heavy weight atop them. Arms hanging onto the large limb before him, he heard a soft fluttering behind him, just around the tree’s ragged form..

Stepping lightly with his first hoof, he stumbled and gasped as his arms above him on the limb were stretched taut: making the human half form rippled from muscle tension. Heero pushed up with his left leg and poised his back legs to attend to the fallen right while he tried to walk again.

Able to keep his balance this time, he made small clumsy steps towards the small sound. The centaur looked out of the curtain of Willow’s branches and saw a stretching line of glowing fires that curved on and was making a steady stream upwards towards the mountain. He watched on, trying to let the sleep fall from his eyes to gain a better look without leaving the hidden protection of the tree.

Hundreds of fairies, dancing and playing while marching towards the thick forest; their pale skin glowed in the rich summer light, gauzy wings flexed as they chattered and played around.

Heero heard of stories of fairies that lived on the mountain, they would make their way down in the morning and in the late afternoon go back, creating growth where their feet and hands would touch. The lands grew wild with fruit trees and flowers when they walked by, but no human had ever seen them.

Turning with a small tear in his eye, the half human, half horse settled down next to the tree. "And no human would ever see them." He closed his eyes and leaned his shoulders against the scratchy bark, listening to the humming of the Willow tree and the crickets bringing in the dusk.


Night dances her way across the sky, letting tiny stars spark off her feet and light her way along the heaven’s trail. The Cold followed Night like a jealous lover, giving a frosty touch to everything she looked and smiled at..

Wondering the fields, a solitary fairy, lost from the group looked on chilled and lonely. Not used to being left behind; Duo began to feel upset that his brothers and sisters did not care enough to wait back for him. Looking onward, the mountain seemed so far from his grasps and Night’s lover froze him to the bone.

Bare feet on the dewy ground and eyes cast down, he made his way towards a sheltering tree whose sweet voice invited him to lay down and cast away worry for the fairy troop would come back to find him.

Lifting back the veil of the Willow’s branches, the nix saw a small centaur asleep on the mossy ground. His soft snores comforted the longhaired earthen child who snuggled against a large root that curved perfectly for his head. Violet eyes glowed as they stared at the twitching form. Curly locks of brown hair drifted down his face, framing it perfectly. The long back gave way to muscular arms that hugged at the earth for comfort. His torso flexed and at mid hip formed a fury beast side of a horse, long legs that curved under itself with large shiny hooves. As a human or beast, Duo decided it was lovely and didn’t feel lonely around it, rarely did he feel content unless with his own kind.

The half human, felt a prescience near, but was afraid of opening his eyes. If he stayed still long enough it might go away. Minutes passed that seemed like years, the curiosity was killing him to know what it was. Might have been another bird or rabbit for all he knew. Opening one night blue eye, he saw a soft glow, warming light emitted from a being just inches away from his face.

Long strands of umber hair that lay like a soft blanket around the pale soft skin. Large wings flexed with every soft breath, pulsing gently with the light. Heero gazed on; looking at the shell pink lips that parted softly with breath. Finally, his eyes came upon a pair of deep-set eyes that watched him back. Rare jewels could not of matched the intense color, swirling mixes of blues, violets, and angel wing white.

A gasp caught in the centaur’s throat as he locked eyes with the fairy creature. He was afraid to move or speak.

Noticing the small quake of fear omitted by the creature, Duo sat up a bit, hair falling in pools around him, coving up the naked pale flesh. "I’m sorry, I was just lonely." Looking away he was about to get up and leave when he heard a faint reply.

"Please…don’t. I-I am too." Before Heero knew what he was doing, he let his hand go out, trying to touch the glowing creature before him.

It turned, large eyes smiling softly as he sat back down in front of Heero. He lifted his own hand to touch the creamy coffee skin of the other, the light contact making them jolt with the contact.

The large eyes lowered and looked back up, a faint smile crept along his lips as he moved closer, imbedding his body in the warm arms. Heero lifted up his front legs a bit to incase the rest of the elf in his grasp, enjoying the soft smells of spring, summer, fall and winter all at once. He let his hands wonder and slip through the soft trails of hair, wondering if he could count every strand and kiss each tip.

Looking up into the softened face, "You were not always this way?" Duo kissed the sharp chin gently to make the creature feel better.

"No…I refused a princess. She turned me this way…a freak." The blue eyed youth nuzzled the long pale throat, holding back his tears.

The fairy took the human half in his arms, gently laying Heero’s head on his chest. "Am I a freak?"

A faint flush appeared upon the centaur’s face as he shook his head gently, burring deeper in the embrace. "You’re beautiful."

A small tear fell from the longhaired being’s face and dripped on the centaur’s back as he rocked gently back and forth. "Sleep now, for tomorrow I will have to go."

Heero clutched the soft skin, the long hair and the deep brilliant eyes as he tried to forget about tomorrow and live for the fleeting moment of today, in the arms of the fairy youth. Eyes became heavy as Duo began to sing gently of colors in far off land never seen by man.


The Night lifted her skirts and flitted off as her sister Morning pirouetted on the clouds, touching each creature with her light and love. Her lover Warmth danced in her arms and splashing her paint bucket on the horizon.

Opening his eyes against the glaring light, Heero looked up to see the closed eyes of the beautiful fairy child. Long thick lashes rested gently on the pale flushed cheeks as pieces of soft hair fell on his nose making it twitch softly.

A new fragrance appeared to the youth’s nose; sweet pink flowers blossomed on every branch. The playing winds caused a snowing cascade of petals creating a beautiful mood.

Moving his arm upwards to touch the glowing wings, Heero yawned a little and stretched his legs…surprised he had only two legs! Turning his head a little to see if he was dreaming, the youth wiggled the toes and smiled.

Kissing the warm chest and moving his way up, he awoke the sprite with tender pecks and touches. Duo looked down and smiled exhaustedly as he broke the princess’s spell, but what he didn’t expect was what he turned the boy into.

Heero felt along the tree as he tried to stand back up. He had been a centaur for such a time that he nearly forgot what it was like on two legs and not four. Grabbing a limb for support, the youth stood naked save for the soft gossamer wings that embraced his backside. Standing with him, Duo kissed the smiling lips and held the quivering body that began to strengthen under his caress.

"You can never return to the human world." Heero felt the extensions of his back and flitted them open at will and held onto Duo closer.

"I don’t care, you’re not in the human world."

As they stood together, a sound of a large parade was coming closer and closer. Music filtered through the meadow and woods as soft voices called out. Birds perched in the Willow tree called out causing Duo to look through the heavy curtain of the branches to see the fairy court looking for him.

Turning back, he took Heero’s hand and nuzzled it. "Come with me?"

Heero only nodded as he was dragged out of the shady tree and to the open arms of the fairy court who’s songs turned from a search to a rejoice for the lost was found and broken was healed.

No, I don’t want to write more on this…just wanted a simple love story. So simple that they never even learned each other’s names.


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