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Category: Humor, Squick ?
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Wing Zero + Deathscythe Hell, 1x2, S+5
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Disclaimer: I don't own Gundam Wing…damn it.
Warnings: I am out of my mind?

Notes: : This takes place on Peacemillion…DS Hell misses Wing and is annoying the others..

Even Weirder1X2

The hanger was dark sparing a few lights from the doors' windows.

"I miss him." The large wings fell down in a sulking manner.

Sandrock just stood there as if he wasn't animated.

"I mean, I haven't seen him for months! And he never saw my upgrade!"

"I self destructed once, don't make me do it again." The large white suit mumbled.

Turning his head, "You know, you should be more like Quatre."

The other suit just made a raspberry sound as the white Taurus's just sweat dropped.

Short time passed and the ship was a buzz of the news on Heero's return with Wufei, along with the three out of action Gundams.

Trying to stay quiet so the humans wouldn't run out of the hanger screaming bloody murder, Deathscythe kept all his questions to himself as Zero glared ahead.

The large full hanger was shut down for the night. Heero stretched his arm around Duo and hung onto the braid as the left the area. Wufei grumbled something that Yuy was now ruined and thought only with his other head, but was cut short to Sally unraveling his hair and throwing him over her shoulder as he made a high pitched eep.

The dark was pierced with the large green lighted eyes of the Gundams.

"That on'na frightens me…" Nataku sweat dropped.

Deathscythe Hell looked down and moved his large foot on the floor as a child; "You're not Wing, are you?"

The multi-crowned Gundam looked to the latter, "No, I am Wing Zero."

Sandrock started laughing, "Heero's Zero!"

"Quiet you, my systems are being put in you later." His voice was familiar.

"I remember you now! You turn the guys nutty!" He fluttered his wings a bit; "Sorry for shooting you earlier…Duo is not right in the head. Would you believe he tried to detonate me? Twice!"

"A pretty thing like you?" Zero put his gundanium hand up to large black wing as Deathscythe Hell blushed…as if a Gundam could? Next thing they knew they were on the floor as the others complained.

Altron glared daggers at Sandrock and Heavyarms, "Alright, you two might as well go at it."

The desert Gundam turned its head and crossed his arms, "He runs out of ammunition before things get good."

Running back into the hanger singing, "I dream of Duo with the light brown hair. Born of the vapor of the summer air. I dream of D-" Heero stopped as Zero was on the ground, Deathscythe Hell was under neither as Sandrock his its arms crossed and Heavyarms looked distraught. "Howard needs to stop smoken' in the hanger, Zero is enough for me as is."

The doors closed as Nataku laughed and put an 'L' sign on her forehead.

Oh this one bites worst then the first…talk me out of doing more, just to save my pride...

Heero: Since when did you have any pride?

That is true…


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