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Warnings: Weird, Vampirism, Werewolves, shape shifters, sorcerers etc etc

Notes: Been working on this thought a long time. Has Also, nice to Relena too, but she is friends with Heero only.

Children of the Night
Part 3

Running into the office panting, Duo landed in his seat and let his head fall onto the desk with a loud thump.

"Aw, poor baby. What's wrong now?" A sarcastic and not so cheery voice came from the right cubicle.

Looking up at Dorothy with a quivering left eye and a watery right, the longhaired man nearly began to cry. "He's trying to kill me!"

Walking in nonchalantly Heero hung his jacket over the cubical wall and smiled towards his distressed love. "Now, my driving isn't that bad. Thought after two years you would be used to it dearest."

"That isn't driving, that is an Indy 500 wanna be in 15 mile per hour traffic!" Shaking, Duo laid his head on the desk so that his stomach would stop doing flip flops and his nerves would find a place of rest... which was like mission impossible.

"Well, if you want my opinion-"

Wufei walked by holding a large stack of papers, "No one wants your opinion, go play in traffic like a good doggie." He kept walking like nothing was new.

"Wufei, will you ever get a personality?"

"Yeah Wu." A furred head popped up; orange ears perked up to the conversation as the dark haired girl chewed on a long rope of twissler. (1)

"Meiran stay out of it." He snatched the long striped tail and dragged her to her seat next to his.

"Yesh! Gave a man an inch, and he pisses in it to mark his territory."(2) The Chinese girl slumped and smacked her computer monitor as it flickered off.

"Nvran-" (3)

"I know..." Pushing her chair and rolling under her guardian's arm she smiled with her jagged teeth gleaming, "Woaini."(4) Batting her long lashes she giggled as he kissed her forehead and pushed her back to the desk supplied with her sugary treats.

Heero cracked his knuckles as he readied himself to type out his mission reports, but something more important came to mind.


Soft violet eyes watched me, like the deep purple petals, so dark that they were like a striking blue. He shook like a leaf, scared out of his mind of what just happened, hungry for something he never normally consumed and then being at a state of nervous and panting with need. I know the pheromones kicked in heavy, when he feed from me they were boosted on a sexual tone, now they reeked like a skittish animal.

"I won't hurt you. I am here to help. First you need to take a bath and then get some sleep. I will get you some food, okay Duo?"

Holding up his clawed hands to his face and then looking over to the mirror which was covered by the mist of steam, Duo touched the pert nose and then lifted up his hair to see his ears. They curved upwards to a point looking more bat-like then human. Sniffling a bit, he watched as soft rivulets of tears began to trace down his cheeks bringing a more unearthly glow to his pale features. Lastly he opened his mouth, as when most of the change in his body was a huge surprise, the long sharp canines that curved from the bottom and the top fitting perfectly like a little sadistic puzzle didn't. Looking away from his reflection, his gazed locked on mine. "I'm not hu... human am I?"

"No," getting up I put my hands on his shoulders in case he collapsed. "You are a vampire, it isn't really as bad as you think-"

Pulling from my grasp, "Not bad? Not bad! How the hell is this not bad." Showing me his clawed hands I awaited for him to start ripping at me. Why was I always stuck with the weird jobs... fate had it in for my ass I guess and Karma was pissed off too.

"I don't want to kill people... I can't... "

"You don't kill people. This is the 21st century; killing is done by the Wilds, which made you into a vampire. We have a specialty program that donates blood so that you won't have to even hurt anyone."

"But I... you... "

This was a pit; "I'm a werewolf."

"You're shitting me. First this, now werewolves. I'm dreaming. Wake up Maxwell!"

"Stop yelling!" My ears twitched at the high pitches, "If you sit down I can prove it to you, just stop the racket urusai!" He stopped and perched his body on the edge of the bathtub; a bit hurt at the word I called him.

Relaxing slightly I let my other side creep over me. It was just like slipping into water, my ears curved up covered with soft fine hair that ran down past my jaw line. Teeth began to form, bottom canines curved upwards as my incisors sharpened as for ripping my prey. My fingers snapped as the bones lengthened and talons stretched and curved. Lastly, my back arched and my normally wide toed feet took on a more dog like shape, the heel being like an extra joint to make running easier on my slim lined body.

Opening my eyes, Duo did what I somehow in my gut expected; he screamed.

Holding my fur covered ears in pain; I let out a startling howl. For some weird reason, Duo stopped his racket and listened to mine while I whimpered pitifully. I kick myself today as I remembered that sign of weakness.

"You're really a werewolf! Aw damn, and I was hoping to wake up with a hangover or something. Fuck, damn it all the hell." He turned and deftly put his hands in the hot water and looked back up at me, "can I touch your ears?"

"What?" Barking a bit too loudly with a hint of a snarl.

"I mean, proof you know."

"How much proof do you need? I swear on full moons I change into a full wolf and that one the new moon those little nubs on your back turn into wings."

"I get wings?"

"Yeah, all vampires have wings. Some mess up in the genealogy or something."

"Hey! Don't talk about vampires like that."

"Just a second ago you didn't want to be one now your defending them?" Leaning on the counter I began to stroke my temples, this was going to be a long day.

"So what else... oh hell! I'm wearing a cross!"

"They won't hurt you, daylight is Vitamin C with a mix of cancer and garlic is a treat... anything else?"

"Yeah, are all werewolves this pissy?"

"What if I said yes?"

"Then I would believe you. Now, I need to take my bath... shoo!" He pushed me out of the bathroom and closed the door behind him. I tried desperately to not listen as he began to take off his dirty clothing and lightly hum as he soaked in the water.

Calling up the agency I did what ever I thought was best for Duo at the moment—let someone else deal with it. He was too loud, aggravating with his open thoughts and just too... well, damn pretty. It is hard to describe a guy as 'pretty' but that is what Duo is, was and forever will be.


"Hey Heero, we're going out for some take out! What do you want?" Relena's cheerful voice droned out the bickering of Dorothy and Wufei as Meiran cheered them both along.

"Hn... for some reason I want a cheeseburger and fries." Looking down at his computer screen he laughed a little bit, "funny, I usually hate American food."

The young woman laughed a little bit, "That's what you get for sleeping with one... me, I get cravings for hotdogs and marmalade."(5) She lifted up her finger as a secret sign and walked off to get the rest of the staff food requests.

Getting ready to start for once that day, Heero looked up towards his smiling lover.

"I heard that American crack Yuy, maybe if your good you might get some left overs tonight." He ducked back into the cubical and began to type what ever he was forced to work on.

Heero just smiled.


1-I had to make Meiran a cute wittle Kitty cat, more or less a tiger girl. She goes into a justice mode if you let her, right now she likes to have fun... she deserves it.

2- A Tora famous line... I think #42 on my chart. Need to send Mina an updated version. Hehe.

3- Chinese for 'woman', I'll be using it a lot since Wufei is Chinese... can't have him calling them on'na now.

4- 'I love you'... see, she is so sweet! Woaini!

5- Grape jelly and hotdogs... my mother ate this when she was pregnant with me, I changed it to marmalade because it is British... and Dorothy is a British Wolf... *coughs*

I also had an Inu-Yasha moment with the ear touching...hehe

to be continued

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