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Children of the Night
Part 2

Sitting down at the computer, Heero looked over to his sleeping mate, so beautiful and soft but deadly all the while. He began to remember when he first noticed the poor stolen creature from the human world to his; it caused his blood to boil in rage, but in a way thankful because then they would never have met.

Cracking each knuckle, he stretched his arms over his head and began to let his fingers dance over the keyboard, hoping the sound wouldn't wake up the sleeping boy in the bed.


I would like to start with explanations, they are easier to understand when people don't really believe. I am Heero Yuy; I work at the Saber institute that helps save Sabers from humans and vise versa.

Sabers are what humans consider supernatural (homo superior) , the werewolf or canis humanus, the vampire, chiroptera humanus, shape shifters and sorcerers are put into the same families, carnivora humanus. I find it really funny why they are in the same areas because they are two totally different creatures but seem to have the same DNA strands.

We at the institute, help locate hunting grounds suitable for the clans and catch the Wilds that harm humans for pleasure. Which brings me to my story later on.

It is known in the community that the vampires have taken over the Saber population, hitting an all time high in the census, (don't ask me how we do it) of 200% increase. This is mostly due to Wild clans that make humans at whim to see them suffer or to hunt them for sport. Other clans do not do this, werewolves are born and not made, but an increase of halflings or the loup-garous have peeked as well. The shape shifters have the similar problems but the sorcerers have blood pacts that resemble the vampire changing ritual and are very fond of their people and clans.

My protege is a foundling, changed for fun at the hands of a vampire leader and left to be hunted in the woods. What makes thing even more sadistic in nature is that it was done intentionally on a full moon when the shape shifters and werewolves hunt and could mistake a fallen new vampire as a meal. Duo was very lucky that he fell in my territory, at my age I can tell the difference between a flying squirrel and a red squirrel.

I live in a large park like area, south end of New York. It is a haven for varying types of animals and perfect for hunting grounds. The moon was high up and full as a large pearl set on a perfect black velvet dress. It hummed in my veins while looking for dinner and the night air stroked at my fur. If I were a cat, I would purr at the feeling of mother earth under my feet and sister night bathing me in her incandescent light.

The air grew thick of the smell of rotting human blood as I approached a clearing.

My heart still shakes to see his sprawled out form on the dead leaves while his loose hair picked up in the soft winds creating the fairy image that I first thought he was till I sniffed at the air.

He was human, the term being was. His blood was changing fast and the pain caused him to pass out. My first fear was that he didn't get enough blood from the master of the clan for a full change and second was what were the intentions.

I did the first thing to protect the youth on the ground by marking the trees with my claws and with scent. Vampires and such tend to stay out of one's hunting grounds out of fear more then respect these days.

Looking down, he looked more beautiful then any creature I came across, which gave me more reason to change into my half form to save his life or what was left of it. The longhaired boy whimpered in pain as I picked him up in my large arms, trying to be as careful as possible not to jar him too much or scratch that delicate porcelain skin with my claws.

It is a human joke that werewolves turn on the night of the full moon, which is partially true. All Sabers have three forms, the human, the half and the full. We can only achieve the full on nights of the full moon, as do the shape shifters. Vampires change during Hollow moon, or the new moon and sorcerers change on the Day of Laughing Man (called that because they are crazy and laugh constantly) which is the 24th of every month. During the days of the change, we are either half or full and everyday after that we are human or half. So one day a month we tend to stay in full at all times because it is such a relief. But I was welling to lose some precious time in my fur to save this tender child from the clutches of some form of evil.

I sat on my bed with the cuddling creature in my arms. Really didn't want to let him go, but I needed to get him some nourishment before he woke up and my blood was probably bitter tasting. He looked so sweet, like a tempting morsel. If his maker kept him close to his side and not for games, I would really be jealous of him.

Parting the locks of hair, I shivered at the sheer softness as it caressed my palms. His scent drove me wild, just wanting to devour him myself. As the coffee commercial says, good to the last drop. Getting over my senses, I looked down the slender neck and noted five sets of bite marks that held different characteristic.

Working at the agency caused me to go soft a bit for those who didn't choose to be different or want to be changed. But as I looked at the fine creature, my heart panged for him. Here was a totally innocent who was tortured by the entire clan for days, malnourished by his ribs sticking through the dirty clothing.

The moon was setting down now and to be holding a beautiful boy or bishonen in my language naked would be a bad situation. I let him slide out of my arms and onto the soft sheets as I grabbed a pair of shorts and shirt from the laundry basket and rushed back to his side. What caught my attention was a pair of brilliant cobalt blue eyes that seemed to be more purple then blue. I was pretty much transfixed on them, as if he hypnotized me somehow and drew me closer.

"How are you feeling?"

His eyes softened as a shimmer of bloody tears began to magnify his beauty. "Hurts..."

"I know, I'll help the hurting stop."

Really didn't know how, but I could try my best. What could anyone do in my situation? I wanted so much to comfort him, but not scare him too much either by telling him what happened.

"My name is Heero, do you remember yours?"

"Maxwell, Duo Maxwell."

That was a start, he remembered his name.

"Do you know who did this to you?"

While he gained consciousness, the marks began to slowly fade away. His face became more focused on my words and not the pain anymore.

"It was dark, but I felt their teeth at my neck and something going down my throat! Oh God who art in heaven, hallowed is thy holy name...why me!?" His crimson tears fell onto the pale hands, scaring him further.

My instant reaction was to hold him and soothe his battered being, not noting that he fell into half form and had his fangs rooted into my neck. The pain was for a second, but the overwhelming feeling of warmth that flooded my body and the rest of my blood went to my groin. I felt ashamed to be fully aroused by this creature Duo suckling at my neck, but everything shattered as he lifted his head panting in need and hunger for something else... something more carnal.

"Duo, you need rest!"

His eyes were thick with lust as his pink tongue lashed out at my collarbone causing me to groan out loud. That wasn't going to make him stop and try to think about what he was doing.

Bloodletting was the first step to foreplay by all Sabers, and Duo skipped over making out straight to sex, two things of which I never experimented with in my 212 years of existence.

"Duo..." I pushed his head away as that softened look of ‘I'm sorry' came across. Gently kissing his lips, my eyes caught a hold of his for a brief second. "You need to rest, right now I could hurt you because I am much stronger then you. Please rest."

My body screamed and hit me for the act of kindness, so I ended up going to the bathroom and run a hot bath for the boy that held my heart up on a thin string. The air was thick with steam, caressing my skin and soaking it with sweat, but what felt even better was the soft arms that surrounded me.

I guess the same hold for baby animals, as do vampires, whoever they see first is their master. And by the looks over his body, I was probably the only soul that fell for him and let him into my home.

"Why?" The deep violet orbs shimmered as he batted the thick eyelashes.


A muffled groan made Heero stop working and look over to a sleepy head peeking from under his covers.

"Hn... working again." Duo threw the heavy covers over his head while making an audible snort.

Closing the laptop, the Japanese boy smiled and proceeded to walk over to the bed, dropping articles of clothing on his way. In his sweetest voice, "Oh Duo.."

The covers flipped over to show a staticy mess of hair and ruffled Duo. His jaw dropped at the gorgeous sight of his mate in his natural clothing, nothing at all.

"Reading my romance novels again?"

"No, just having memories."

"Looks like a good one." His mouth watered as he felt a heated tongue of warmth travel down his body. "You're a damn dirty flirt." Duo pulled the darker youth over to the bed and straddled the delicious body tasting each little corner and curve, enjoying the familiar shudder and sound each one made and bit down on the naked hip.

Moaning and arching his back giving more access to the rest of his body, Heero ground his erection into the open air and whined pitifully.

"Still acting the part of the puppy?" The chuckled bubbled out of Duo's throat as he began back up the parted lips. His tongue made a slick trail across the sharp jawbone and dipped into the open cavern.

He loved the feel of the heated flesh entering his mouth, but there was always something sweeter tasting still. Heero nipped the tongue as it retreated back to its own cave and flipped his lover over, towering with a large grin on his face. The reaction of the boy losing dominance was always a treat, as much as being fucked hard and slow.

With his large tongue, the Japanese boy wrapped it around the hard protruding staff the elicited a long howling moan that would make him proud if his mouth wasn't full. Sides of the long pink tongue met and overlapped forcing Duo to buck up only to be held down by strong hands at his hips.

"Heero! IMAAA!!!!" Duo threw his arms over his head and arch into the open smirking mouth milking him of his life energy.

Lapping up the last little bit of cream off the twitching organ, Heero smiled on. "You have the most wonderful taste Duo.....better then a panting doe lost in the woods."

Duo moaned loudly when he finally opened his eyes to see Heero's face only mere inches away from his cock. "Hee..koi?"

"Yes Duo?" His voice was husky with need as he began kissing along the naked thighs to the juncture of soft pubic hair. The scent was always too much for him, it made him feel wild and free.

His fingers danced lightly over the opening of Duo's passageway, still slick from their play earlier.

"Oh please....you evil tease." A long drawn out sigh escaped his lips as he felt a single finger invade him.

"Getting revenge.. told you no collars..." Kissing the crown of Duo's twitching arousal and plopped it in his mouth, circling his tongue around the fleshy treat while its own moaned helplessly for more.

"I will go mad if you don't fuck me soon!" He hissed.

"You were already mad, so I guess it is safe to fuck you then." As the sentence exited his mouth, Duo felt something larger then a probing finger entering him and pressed down to take it all.

Knowing every little spot in Duo's body and hitting them in intricate timing and pace drove the longhaired boy into a frenzy. He was so close yet so far as his mate pressed that soft button of flesh then back off and slam into him harder.

"Please! Heero! I wanna!"

Pumping into the boy's body harder and faster, he prepared for his lover's orgasm and reached over and pumped Duo's erection at the pace of the furry thrusts. The simple touch caused Duo's eyes open wide and glaze over with a thick color of amethyst as he cried out, squeezing tightly with his muscles as he sprayed a thick film of white ribbons on his chest, causing a small bit to fly up into the dark confines of Heero's mane of hair.

His cock was now in a large molten vise, causing him to push in one more time and collapse as he felt Duo's body drain him of his seed and strength.

"You're killing me Duo!"

Sighing contently, "And to think we have eternity of this."

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