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Children of the Night
Part 1

His voice was already hoarse from crying out that blissful name when he began to feel the light touch of a warm moist tongue invading his lips. A long moan gurgled up as light whispers of fingertips brushed across the firm nipple.

It became harder and harder to be silent while the hands trailed downwards to the aching arousal that begged for attention.


A smile formed on the man’s lips as he daintily kissed the puffy lips and began a long wet trail down-



The hard top of the laptop computer fell across the fine boned fingers causing the boy to jump.

"Damn it Heero! Give a guy a heart attack!" Duo pulled the screen of his hands while glaring up at the chilling eyes.

"Like you would die from it. I have been calling you for five minutes now, what are you doing?"

The features softened to a bright smile that only meant trouble for the other. "Writing... thought you wanted me to be good."

Heero arched his bushy eyebrow up, "since when is you writing behaving?"

"Since it gets me out of your hair." The smile turned rather quickly into a wondrous rainbow of sensuality. "And you got a lot of hair koi. So tonight, can I get a nice studded leash and collar and we can go for walkies later?"


"Aw, no fun." His lower lip protruded in a delicate pout that only Duo knew how to do.

"Don't.." Heero hissed between his teeth, already feeling the effects of the now rising moon. His bottom teeth began to peek over the edge of the shell pink lips, which caused Duo to rise up and take the other by the shoulders.

"Heero..." The deep voice rumbled through the longhaired boy's pale throat, "When you show your teeth, it makes me so hot." Twitching his eyebrows in response.

"We can't... it's too close right now."

Growling in defeat, Duo threw himself on the bed and looked up to the towering form. "You so owe me when you change back."

A faint smile appeared on Heero’s lips as he went down on the bed, his body stretching lazily over the slender form beneath him.

"If I don’t, then I would be really stupid."

Feeling the touch of lips for only a second, Duo looked up to the thick mane of bushy hair as two large ears curved up to top the crown of Heero’s proud head. A whimper shuddered through his chest as the wolf leaped out and stood proudly in his fur.

Looking down with large blue eyes, Heero gave the boy a long lick and giving a light bark.

"I always wanted a puppy... but I get you." He ruffled up the thick fur and laughed, "Guess I get the computer now huh?"

Parting the thick lips Heero growled low and scowled the best he could.

"Now why not! You have it all the time, my turn."

Growling again showing off the huge set of teeth, Duo growled back showing off his set of inhuman incisors. "I can growl too, do that again and it is flea dip time."

Defeated, Heero jumped off the bed hanging his head low as the large tail brushed the deep green carpeting giving off that pitiful air.

"Oh not the 'I'm a bad doggie' gig. And you complain when I do that... "

Shaking his head and grabbing a large bag in the corner, Duo took out a large leather collar with large shiny spikes.

"Now we can take a walk through the park like normal people."

Heero barked loudly and put his large paw in the air.

"I know, we’re not normal... hell we’re not people for that matter."

He slipped the collar on in amazement that Heero didn’t change back for a brief moment or bite him for the demeaning treatment. Duo opened the closet door to a full-length mirror to show how well groomed he looked.

"Now, lets see if Relena is still with Dorothy tonight." His voice was chipper and drove Heero to hide his head under the black paws and whimper till he felt the gentle tug of the leash.


The cool night air was nice on his fur as soft breezes flew by with the smells of everything that happened during the day. Normally the smell of the air sickened him, but being in it with Duo made things lighter and cleaned the smoke, gas, and blood that pilfered through his nostrils.

"Hey! Miss Relena!" With a large grin on his face he plopped down on a large bench with the petit blonde and a large white wolf sitting at her feet. "And not forgetting the charming Miss Dorothy."

The white wolf lifted her head at her name and snorted, lying back down on the woman's feet.

"Wonderful night Duo and Heero." Petting softly behind the beast's ears, Relena smiled up to the longhaired boy, "I am so amazed you got a collar on him. Took me a year to talk Dorothy in it, and plenty of stitches."

"Well, after fussing with him and not allowed to have the computer while he plays around, better to go out and hunt around a bit."

"You missed a nice dinner then. Oh these beautiful firefighters were jogging, still drooling over it, but Dorothy started up as usual. Cannot go out with her like this."

"Aw, she is just as bad human form." The comment got him a snarl as Heero made sharp yips of laughter.

"Well, at least she cares enough, Heero does the same thing, but I end up only taking his blood, but then it ends up being foreplay and all that. Wonder how Wufei does it and survives for so long?"

"Wu? He has not only Meiran, but then there is Quatre and Trowa. How in the world he juggles it perfectly I don't know." Relena leaned back and settled her long corn silk hair to fall over the old worn bench. "I envy him a bit... but they don't have Dorothy's big tongue."

They both sat on the bench laughing as the wolves eyed each other.

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