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Title: Chibi Gundams: See Ozzie Run…
Part: 1 of God only knows…
Category: Cute…fluffen cute…
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Various Chibi Gundam arrangements…
Feedback: I know you want to! *winks *
Warnings: Barf bags on hand….some bashing of various characters.

Notes: How the hell does this get into my head? I swear I took no painkillers today, and my Dick and Jane books are in the storage closet. Maybe it was the nap. Anyway, for compensation for the extreme cuteness…Heero inspired me while naked.
Duo: That is compensation? I need more alcohol.
Heero: As if your pale butt helps me keep lunch down.
Shut up both of you! Don't make me call on Natira-- *Heero and Duo cover her mouth before the violence muse is summoned *
Heero: Think she heard?
Duo: Hope not…

Chibi Gundams: See Ozzie Run…

The tiny black Gundam outstretched its large wings and sat down with a book on its knee.

"What's that?" Nataku sat down and put her metal head on the chibi's knee.

"Book that Duo wrote and Heero illu- illuistra? Make pictures for!"

Little Wing Zero yawned and nuzzled DS Hell's shoulder. "Read it to us?"

Sandrock and Heavyarms stopped fighting and sat down by the others intently and begged with their little green eyes.

Clearing out his little Gundam throat, Deathscythe Hell opened the book and liked his thumb and forefinger to turn the sticky new pages.

"See the Ozzie? Run Ozzie Run!"

They all crowed to see a picture of a man screaming bloody murder as a dark shadow came over him.

"See the Ozzie? Die Ozzie Die!"

The page was covered in gore and body parts.

"This is so cool! Heero is very good drawer." Heavyarms looked at the details of the pictures.

"Hello Queen. This is the Queen. See her crown?"

It was a picture of Relena, happy and dressed in a white dress waving to the reader.

"See the gun? Pretty gun. Pretty Relena."

A solider was pointing a gun at the little Queen.

"Silly gun, cannot kill the Queen."

Relena was relived and held her chest.

"Just kidding. BOOM! Silly Queen."

Wing began laughing at the picture of Relena dying of a bullet to the head, then turned the page and gasped. "It's me!"

"See Wing? Big ass Gundam. See the shiny gun?"

He turned the page.

"Gun goes BOOM! Die Ozzie Die!"

The chibi's began to laugh at the exploding Aries suits.

"See Deathscythe? See its thermo-laser? See the sexy pilot?"

They scrunched their eyes to see the small print in Japanese, Wing helped with translation.

"I cannot believe that longed haired idiot really put this in here, it was a joke!"

Holding their little sides in laughter, Heavyarms grew impatient. "Turn the page!"

"Alright, what is up your armor shelling? See Heavyarms? Lots of shiny guns that don't work half the time."

Looking at the page it had more inscriptions. "Heavyarms?"

"I will kill you Duo if this is published."


Turning the page there was a picture of Trowa, "See Trowa's bang?

See how sharp it is? Die Ozzie! Die!"

The page showed Trowa cutting soldiers with his hair.

"See Sandrock? Sissy assed Gundam."

Sandrock began to fume "Not my damn fault that pink wearing tea- drinking freak won't let me play nice!"

The orange and white Gundam stopped his laughing long enough to pat the other on the back, "Not your fault, but you are a pansy."

The fight resumed between the two as Altron turned the page, "Look Sandrock! Some more!"

"See the big shiny scimitars? See the Ozzie? Die Ozzie Die! But I am sorry to kill you."

Wing and Deathscythe were laughing as Sandrock pinned the larger Gundam underneath himself. "Say Iron?"


"Say Iron!"

"I'm made of Iron! You happy?"

"No, still here." The desert Gundam got up and smiled. "Last pages! Read more!"

Starting again, "See Shenlong? See Nataku? See Altron? Confused yet?"

Nataku crossed her eyes and shook her head hard. "Sure, whatever."

"See the pilot? Candy-assed, woman bashing, arrogant, over rated, anal retentive, over baring-" He turned the page; "Caring person that is misunderstood."

"That is so sweet!" The Dragon Gundam glomped DS Hell as she sniffled.

The last page had all of them in a watercolor painting.

"See the pilots? They were all young, but became the tightest knit family in the world. The End."

The others looked at Deathscythe and screamed in unison; "Again!"

Looking in from around the corner, "They loved it Heero!"

"Yeah, but that is only five of them. How are we going to entertain about 3,000 of them?" The Asian man looked over his koi's shoulder.

"Not sure, Relena shaved her head and joined that cult. So I guess they stay with us."

Duo felt an arm wrap around his stomach. "I always wanted kids."


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