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Notes: This came to me after reading another fic that had horses named after the Gundams.. to my horror, no one of yet has written one that had the horses have any emotions or personality. Such a pity.

All the Pretty Little Horses
Part 2

Waking up in a large room, Duo noted his surroundings looked rather nice... rather very rich. Turning his head a little to the left, a large picture with at least seventy people grouped together and smiled there biggest and brightest for the camera. It was hung in an extravagant frame made of some exotic wood curling into crowns and running horses, a true treasure in itself.

While Duo looked at each face in the large photo, his mind became more aware of the extreme pain radiating from his chest. Looking down, his shirt was open as a large trail of bandages wrapped his ribs.

"Their not broken." A low strong voice flowed through the air, "if that is what you are thinking."

Duo tilted his head up to see the young man that helped him out of the pasture seated in a large armchair, his arms crossed and head bowed covering most of his face.

"Um, thanks. I owe ya one." Rubbing idly at the scratchy material and trying to sit up only to have a blood rush push him back down, the longhaired man groaned. "So, that was Devil's Own, seems he plays the name eh?"

A snort was his reply as the dark headed youth moved to look out the window. The palms of his hands were touching the wood softly as he leaned slightly.

"That horse is Shinigami's Toy and I cannot see why you are so inclined to ride such a vicious creature."

Duo looked at the man's back then let his eyes travel downwards. "What is a Shi..ni-"

"Shinigami, the God of Death in my native tongue- Japanese."

"Well, that tells me a lot about you. But why call that horse the God of Death's little plaything? He was scared and alone... reminded me of well, me!"

Heero turned his head to look over his shoulder at the longhaired man that peered over the side of the couch with one pale hand lifting him up a bit.

"He killed my teacher." Looking back out to the training grounds, he watched as Wufei went though the obstacle course of high jumps and tall hills while trying to not get knocked off the large chestnut. "Back when I was learning about horse training, my teacher Jay was using the standard methods of those times, absolute control and braking. He was leading Devil's Own around the track for Winner-san when something spooked the animal.

'Jay took his whip only intending to get the animal's mind on track but it came across his muzzle breaking the flesh. Enraged the horse reared up, knocking over Jay. Devil's Own stomped the ground around him causing the old man to die of a heart attack right there in front of me."

Duo just sat still through what he believed must have been the longest speech the guy had ever told in his life and didn't know a proper way of telling him that he was wrong. "You're an idiot." That was smooth, his mind smirked.

"I am a what?" Even soft tones turned harsh and deadly with the insult.

"An idiot, your anger is so misplace on a poor animal that is definitely scared shitless of any human contact. Yeah, Jay died because his heart popped like a zit, but is it the horse's fault? Something spooked him; his mind went to a galaxy far far away. How the hell would you feel when you got scared-"

"I don't get scared."

"Fine, 'IF' you got scared and some idiot busted your nose. Hell I bet that horse has a vanity thing and was pissed as all hell."

Still leaning on the window, the trainer's knuckles turned white as he processed the information.

"Also, he used a totally different technique then what you use to train the horses, so he must of not been as important as you hold him to be. He died; yeah it was his time. People die all the time buddy," The young man slumped back into the couch, "and it hurts like hell to be left so alone."


The sun began to set throwing an unearthly glow upon the two boys while they soaked in the silence. Like all silence it tends to brake like hand blown glass. The large clock began to chime loudly through the large house, eight strikes on the chime.

"Um?" Trying to make nice after calling the guy he had been ogling since he made it on the ranch an idiot.


Shifting nervously on the couch and trying desperately to get up and actually see the guy who sounded like he was trampled by a pack of wild animals. "Could you... tell me your name?"

Looking over towards the youth peering like a child would around the corner looking for Santa on Christmas, the frown left his face as it took on its normal stoic neutral. "Heero, Heero Yuy."

"Well, I would say nice to meet you Heero, but I think I out warmed my welcome. So I guess I'll be leave-" Duo groaned as he got up but felt something push him back down. Looking up with confused violet eyes, he saw what could have been a small smile, but the light must have been playing tricks with his head but he let everything wash away as Heero sat down close beside him.

"Iie, sit. You are actually welcome here as long as you have a contract or show yourself like family."

Enjoying the closeness of the dusky man, Duo inhaled slightly taking in the soft scents freshly cut grass, sweat and something so unidentifiable but made everything smell like heaven, that he just chalked it up to a 'Heero scent'. "What are you here? I mean, family or employee?"

"A bit of both. The Winner family and mine have been friends for years but I am head of training the horses and teaching the children."

"Oh. Why do you like horses?" He didn't know what he liked more, Heero talking or being so close that he could feel the light waves of heat coming from the exotic body.

"It feels like... your flying almost." Heero looked deep into the softening violet pools as they mixed and tumbled of blues hues and delicate purples. "When riding so fast that the hoof beats are one with your heart, you feel the rumble of the ground as it leaves you and all four feet are in the air." Leaning in a bit closer, he could almost taste the sweet skin merely inches from his own. "How about you?"

"Strength. I think that's what the psychologist snapped it up to, been so weak and alone that I need something strong and durable, something with power and nobility. What could be anything more then that of a... " Breathing heavily and letting his eyelids slip Duo just relaxed and let his feelings push him forward.

All the heavenly scents that Duo could describe were washed to dust as the tender lips touched his own. Electric shock passed though him, igniting every nerve in his body, flaring to life wanting more touches, tastes, and smells.

Braving and setting things straight, Heero could hear his stepfather behind his head with his words of encouragement. 'Act on your emotions son, that is all you need to do.' Letting the aura of the longhaired beauty enthrall him even more then he could think possible.

When he was flattened by Devil's Own, Heero pushed down all emotions and ran up the field to help even if meaning his own death by the hard hooves, but instead he was graced with a gentle smile and an American quark as the creature passed out in his arms. The memories faded into the pure clear stream of reality, the soft lips, a tingling current in his veins and the screaming of lust as the sinewy arms wrapped around his neck.

Pressing his tongue against the shell pink lips, they opened to a treasure inside, nothing could prepare him for the simple succulent taste of the fey being in his arms. Nerves afire, muscles melting and skin flushed from the pure heat of the moment, he never felt more alive then that instant.

Tongues embattled in a dueling fate, twisting, sliding, and caressing. Primal needs forged over conscious as hands slid across bare skin, wanting more and more as they explored.

Lifting up to take in a shaky breath, Heero shuttered in need while staring down at the half-lidded orbs of deep violet fire. "Duo... "

"Hm?" Lifting up and ignoring his bruised ribs, he took a single sweat drop at the protruding collarbone and tracing its winding trail up to the throbbing temple.

"We shouldn't... you're-"

At that moment the door opened to a little blonde haired girl that looked like the feminine exact duplicate of Quatre. Gasping she slammed the door and her little sidesaddle shoes clacked on the tilling floor.

Screaming in her loudest but still cutest voice, "Uncah Kwata! Hewoe is kissin' somebody and goin' to do da hanky panky!"

Hiding his head in his hands and laughing, Heero never felt so embarrassed since he was thrown at a national event in a mud puddle before standing in the winners circle. "Oh, and the kids room is next door."

With the moment broken, the longhaired youth's face was at a droop with utter confusion mixed with a bit of amusement. "We nearly had done something in the boss's office and got ratted out by a five year old."

The door opened again by a crack, "You guys descent?"

"We were just kissing Quatre." Heero leaned back on the couch as Duo just looked wide-eyed and innocent all the while plotting the take over of the cookie jar.

"Oh, I'm sorry about that." Laughing lightly, "I think hanky panky is Selah's favorite word, she sees Wufei's hair down and it's hanky panky. Oh, which reminds me, dinner is ready, Duo, prepared to be doted on by half the females on Earth."

Looking up at the picture again his jaw dropped, "All of those... "

"Well, 29 are my sisters the rest are children and family staff which is just like family to us. We live in different homes but still clustered together and meet here during the summer."

Nearly falling off the couch in shock, Duo lifted his jaw off the floor. "Now, okay, big family... that means a lot of food." A large grin set on his face while he inches his way off the couch holding his ribs, "Like I said, I eat and eat and not gain a pound. Show me to the buffet."

Heero shook his head and began to follow suit, the blonde quirked and eyebrow and let his tongue click as he made his way out of the office.

The long dining table was seated with over forty people talking amongst themselves about their days while a pair of twins were picking on the Chinese man.

"Aw Wufei, I love your hair. It's so soft." The dark headed woman giggled.

"And his skin too, maybe baby brother will let us keep you." Her auburn hair shined while her green eyes danced in delight.

"I am not a pet! Hands off nvren!"

The girls chortled and began to prey on another male.


Turning quickly when her heard laughing behind him, he sighed as he lover took his arm.

"My sisters bothering you love?"

"When don't they?"

A chime of laughter cascaded across the room as a few older ladies raised their glasses and winked at their younger bother's partner. He knew it was just acceptance but poor Wufei couldn't take it most of the times.

Standing at the head of the room the young blonde heir raised his glass and asked for everyone to quiet down. "Everyone, I would like you to meet Duo Maxwell." Pointing to the stranger in the group with a tail of hair.

"He hanky panky Hewoe!" Selah was picked up by her red-faced father as he tried not to laugh.

"Erm, well, now that is cleared out of the way, thank you Selah. Duo will be the trainer and rider for Devil's Own-"

Silence took a hold of the air. The eldest sister leaned in towards Quatre, "Are you crazy!? That horse will kill him!"

"I have the up most respect for Duo and I think he would be the only one to reach him. Today Duo went into his area and wasn't killed, that says a lot doesn't it?"

"You're nuts." The pair of twins said automatically.

Sighing, Quatre sat down with his friends and family while the conversation lifted again and the dinner was served.

Duo suddenly lost his appetite.

to be continued

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