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Notes: Okay, I got in February (2001), and I wrote some of it then, but then I forgot about it. I came across what I'd written and decided to pick up where I left off. Unfortunately, I forgot what's supposed to happen in the story, so I'm making it up as I go along. Here's the gist: I've always wanted to write a fic where Heero and Duo _really_ didn't get along. This is it.

'words' - thoughts, //words// - flashback, [words] - dream sequence

A Hate-Hate Relationship
Part 3
by KM

The safe house was about fifty miles from the base, but the distance was traversed quickly in Duo's airplane. After the short flight, he set the craft down in the clearing nearby, and the pilots moved their meager belongings into the little house.

The cabin was simple and sparsely furnished, but it was equipped with almost everything the two boys would need. There was a living room with a fireplace, a small kitchen with stocked shelves, and two bedrooms with an adjoining bathroom.

Duo moved Heero into one of the bedrooms and then brought in the first aid kit. Setting it down on the end of the bed, he turned to leave.

"Where do you think you're going?" Heero called from behind him.

He turned, a look of false surprise on his features. "Well, you did say, and I quote, 'I'd like to fix myself up.' There's the first aid kit. Fix yourself." With that, Duo turned and left.

Heero glared at the empty doorway for a moment before opening the first aid kit. His wounds had stopped bleeding profusely, but they needed to be cleaned prior to stitching. Heero looked down at his battered body. His tank top was torn in a few places where bullets had grazed his sides. Both arms were covered in blood from the injuries they'd received. The back of his left leg was also oozing blood. In short, he was a mess.

He succeeded in getting his shoes and socks off (one-handed, since his left arm hurt too badly to move), but his success ended there. He could not clean the graze wounds on his sides because he could not lift his arms up high enough to remove his shirt. He could not see the injury to his left shoulder well enough to do anything with it, and he could not use his left hand to clean the gash in his right arm. The bullets were still lodged in the back of his leg, and he could not get in a position to remove them without causing himself extreme pain. He had only one option.


* * * * * * * * * *


The braided pilot smirked from his seat on the couch. 'I wondered how long it would take...' Taking his time, Duo walked to Heero's bedroom. Once he got there, he leaned against the doorframe and shot a questioning glance at the boy on the bed. "...Yes? What do you want?"

Heero sighed. 'Of course he's going to be difficult.' "I... need your... help," he ground out.

Duo gave him a look of feigned confusion. "My help? Why do you need my help, Heero? I thought you'd be able to handle it."

Heero's glare somehow increased in intensity. "I can't do it by myself. I. Need. Your. Help. There, I said it. Are you happy now?" He hoped the situation wouldn't get any more humiliating. He hated feeling so weak in front of anyone, especially Duo.

Duo looked thoughtful for a moment. Then he met Heero's eyes and said, "I'd only be happier if you weren't here."

"Can we just dispense with the pleasantries already? I need your help." It was difficult to keep the irritation out of his voice, but Heero knew that he had to be careful since he was completely at Duo's mercy. It was not a comfortable position to be in, considering their relationship.

"Okay, okay... Let's get you to the bathroom and clean you up. You look like shit."

Heero took the insult silently. He scooted over to the edge of the bed and raised himself into a standing position, balancing precariously on his right leg. Duo then put an arm around his waist and helped him limp to the bathroom. He sat Heero down on the toilet and went back into the bedroom. Heero could hear him rummaging through the first aid kit, but he didn't know what Duo was trying to find. A minute later, the longhaired pilot was back, this time with a pair of scissors.

Seeing the perplexed look on Heero's face, Duo thought fleetingly, 'He's kinda cute that way...' but he quickly banished the thought from his mind when he remembered how much he hated the other boy. Getting back to the present situation, he informed Heero, "You're not gonna get that shirt off over your head, so I'll have to cut it off. You can leave the spandex on for the moment, but they'll have to go so I can remove those bullets from your leg. I'll help you into the shower; it'll be easier to get you cleaned off that way. You'll probably feel a little better afterwards, too. I'll wash you off and then we'll go into your room and get your wounds stitched up."

Nodding his assent, Heero watched as Duo turned on the water and waited for it to heat up. Once Duo seemed pleased with the water temperature, he turned back to the other boy. Heero let Duo help him into the shower stall, but Duo stayed outside. He braced himself against the wall while Duo cut up the sides of his tank top and lifted it over his head. After rolling up his sleeves, Duo helped Heero move forward until he was completely under the spray. Heero flinched, but Duo's hand on his back prevented him from moving away from the water.

"Just stand there for a minute. It's gonna sting like hell, but it's the easiest way to clean you up (1). The water will get most of the blood that hasn't dried off of you. I'll get the rest with a washcloth."

So Heero stood under the shower, and soon the sharp stinging eased to a dull throb. He looked down and watched the blood-tainted water swirled down the drain. It made him recalled a scene from an old black-and-white film he'd watched some time before (2). After he was satisfied that most of the blood was off, Duo began to scrub Heero with the washcloth. He was not particularly gentle (not that Heero was expecting him to be), but he was careful about washing near Heero's injuries. It wouldn't do any good to open up the wounds even more. When he was finished getting the rest of the blood off, Duo handed Heero a clean washcloth.

"I'm gonna help you get your shorts off. Just stay with your back to me, okay? After that, you can clean yourself off, do whatever you need to do. I'll be outside. The towels are on the rack right there, so put one around your waist before I come back in. Are we clear?"

"Hai," replied Heero, quickly adding, "Yes" when he remembered that Duo knew very little Japanese. He turned around and braced himself against the wall, tensing slightly when he felt Duo's thumbs hook into the waistband of his shorts and push them slowly down. It was not an easy task to remove the wet spandex and not do further damage to the bullet wounds in Heero's thigh, but Duo did the job admirably. After he'd pushed the shorts down far enough, Duo let them fall to puddle around Heero's feet. He backed up a few paces and Heero turned to look at him over his shoulder.

Duo held up his hands and desperately tried to fight the blush that was reddening his cheeks. "Stop! Don't turn around. I'm gonna be right out here if you need me. And remember the towel before I come back in, okay? Okay." The door clicked shut as punctuation.

Heero stood motionless. 'Duo...blushing? Because of me?' Heero found it strange that Duo would get so uncomfortable in that situation. It made no sense. Duo was a boy, and he had the same ...equipment as Heero did, so his nakedness should not be a problem. Even more puzzling to Heero was his own body's reaction: he was half-hard, but he didn't know why. 'Is it because of Duo? God help me if it is...' He knew he wasn't even slightly aroused when the other boy was washing him, so it must have happened when Duo was taking his pants off. 'It's just my mind playing tricks on me. It could've been anybody doing that, and I'd have the same reaction...Please let that be it.'

He pushed his thoughts aside and washed himself off, willing his arousal to go away.

* * * * * * * * *

On the other side of the door, Duo was pacing frantically.

'That did not just turn me on! No way. It's Heero. It's fucking Heero! No, don't think about fucking Heero. Dammit!' The pacing sped up.

'This is not how it's supposed to be. I hate him, he hates me, that's how it is. Nothing else. Being attracted to each other is not in the equation. Definitely not. No. N-O. Just remember what an asshole, what a complete jerk he is. There, not turned on anymore by that bastard. All gone. It is completely out of my system...'

"Duo, I'm done, and I've got on the towel. Can you come help me out of the shower now?"

Unbidden, the image of a wet and glistening Heero standing in nothing but a short towel invaded Duo's brain (3). 'Noooooo! I was fine until just now. Okay, man, prepare yourself to see Heero looking...good...enough to eat...Oh, I am in soooo much trouble.' Duo cleared his throat. "Alright, I'm coming in." 'God help me, please...'

As soon as he opened the door, he had to fight the blush once again. The same picture that was in his head was now right before his eyes, except this Heero had bullet holes in him. Duo coughed and grabbed another towel to hold in front of him. He needed it to help dry off Heero, but it served to conceal his rapidly rising member as well. "Well, we should probably dry you off now, huh?"

Heero raised an eyebrow. "How about get me out of the shower first?"

Duo managed to keep the look of panic off his face, but inside he was freaking out. 'Shit! He'll know if I get that close to him. But if I don't go near him, he'll think something's up.' He nodded his head, more along with his inner monologue that agreeing with Heero. "Oh, yeah, let's do that first. Then we can get you off, I mean, dried off." 'Shitshitshitshit...'

Somehow Heero missed Duo's slip, possibly because he was making a valiant effort to keep his body under control. 'This cannot be happening to me. Not me. No...' His feelings of arousal almost overpowered him when Duo's strong arm slipped around his waist and helped him out of the shower stall. 'Try to remember what a loud, obnoxious, ignorant baka he is.' Once he had Heero out of the shower, Duo began the arduous task of drying him off. He was so caught up in keeping his lower body away from the other boy that he accidentally grazed Heero's wounds with the towel.

"Watch what you're doing, stupid!" Heero yelped. "I'm injured, or have you forgotten?"

Duo stopped and glared at the half-naked pilot. "Don't call me stupid. I'm not the one who got shot. So shut up and let me finish." He resumed scrubbing Heero, this time a little rougher than necessary.

'He is such an asshole,' both boys thought in unison.

Fortunately for them both, Heero dried off quickly. But the situation was about to get even more difficult.

"Okay, Heero, now for the fun part. I get to stitch you up."

Author's Notes:
(1) I really don't know if this is a good way to clean wounds or not. It probably isn't. I bet a real person would bleed to death. But this is Heero, and this is my story, so it works. However, I do know that it would sting. Any girl (or boy, I guess), who's cut herself (or himself), shaving in the shower knows this to be true. It hurts like a bitch.
(2) Psycho, anyone?
(3) What's he complaining about?! I'd love for that picture to pop into my head at random times during the day. Except for when I'm driving. I might run off the road.

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