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Author's Notes: This is what happens when a GW fan reads too much Angel Sanctuary. This fic has been heavily influenced by AS, mainly in the characterizations of a few of the players involved. It started out as more of a fusion, but then it turned into something else entirely, so the plot isn't at all like AS. If you're familiar with AS (the manga, not the anime), I'll go ahead and say that Solo pretty much *is* Katou in a lot of ways, but is very different in others. (You'll see--if you read the fic, that is.) I'm even basing what Solo looks like on Katou. But fortunately, there'll be NO incest in this fic as is the case with AS. Just some boy-fucking. Can I say that? Yes, I think I can. These are *my* notes, after all. Please don't be offended by how I treat God and the angels in this story. It's just fiction. And if it makes you feel any better, this does not represent my actual beliefs in such things, it's just me on an AS/GW high. The title comes from a Garbage song of the same name. The song kind of sounds like the attitudes of a few of the characters. And it's better than "Untitled GW/Angel fic."

//thoughts//, stuff between ~*~*~*~*~ indicates a flashback, #mind-reading#

As Heaven Is Wide
Part 4
by KM

Wufei sat at his desk, feet propped up on the mahogany surface. He was savoring a rare moment of calm, reading quietly, his nose buried in a book. //It's been such chaos around here these days, no rest at all. I don't remember the last time I had any time to myself. Thank goodness things have settled down some.//

Immediately after those thoughts ran through his head, the doors to his office burst open, revealing a small Chinese girl glaring daggers in his direction.

"Chang Wufei! Where have you been?" she demanded, her tone icy.

Startled, Wufei nearly toppled out of his chair. After righting himself, he gave her a guilty look. "I apologize, Meiran. I didn't realize anyone was seeking me out."

She calmed slightly. "We have been looking for you since yesterday, but you left us no clue as to your whereabouts; it created quite a panic. Did you take an unannounced vacation, Commander?" She eyed him suspiciously.

Wufei colored slightly. "No... I just went on a little excursion."

Meiran was not convinced. "To where, if I may ask?"

He looked up at the ceiling, muttering under his breath, "To Earth..." Counting in his head, he waited for her reaction. //Three. Two...//


The outburst came sooner than he expected, and he winced. "You don't have to shout..." he requested weakly.

The irate girl stomped up to his desk and slammed her hands on the surface, yelling at her superior, "You know very well that we aren't allowed to go to-" She lowered her voice at Wufei's look of warning. "We aren't allowed to go to Earth without permission from the High Council. I checked the records. You didn't even request an audience with the Council, much less receive authorization to travel down there. You do not have that kind of autonomy, General or not. Why would you leave your post at a time when everything is so..." Her voice trailed off, realization dawning in her dark eyes. She stared at Wufei, astonished. "You went to warn him, didn't you?" The girl looked at him sympathetically. "It's finally happened. You've officially lost your mind..."

"I have not!" the Chinese angel retorted, affronted. "He's my friend," he continued in explanation, "not to mention the guardian of Zero-one. And considering his past with Zechs," he continued, spitting out the fallen angel's name in disgust, "he deserved to know. He needs to be prepared to face him again, after all this time." Wufei shook his head. "I can't believe that the High Council did not intend on telling him anything. He's still one of us, nothing has changed."

Meiran pulled up a chair opposite the Commander. "No, Wufei, you are mistaken. Everything has changed. Duo's not the same; he never recovered after what happened to him. We lost him the moment he went into confinement-"

Wufei rolled his eyes and interrupted her. "He did nothing to deserve such a harsh sentence. His only crime was being too naÔve for his own good."

His second-in-command leaned closer. "Are you trying to say that God was mistaken in his judgment? That is dangerous ground to tread on," she warned quietly.

He leaned back in his leather desk chair, massaging at his temples. "I don't know what to think anymore, Meiran. I mean, Duo... He hurts so much, and I know that it all stems back to God abandoning him, it has to. He's been spiraling out of control. And then he's got Heero to worry about..."

"Heero? Who is that? Some human?"

"Heero Yuy is Zero-one's current incarnation." He sighed. "Duo's in love with him."

The Chinese girl was not surprised. "He's always adored Zero-one. That was something I never could understand. Zero-one has been in stasis since before any of us were created. Zechs is the only one to have seen him 'alive.' But Duo went to the Vault every day just to stare at him for hours at a time, even as a child. So confusing... And now he's in love with Zero-one's human form?"

Wufei nodded. "But that's not all. Heero is head-over-heels for Duo, though Duo either doesn't believe it or just doesn't want to see it for fear of the consequences. But-"

"They haven't... you know..." she asked shyly, a hint of curiosity in her voice.

He raised an eyebrow, but answered the strange query nevertheless. "No. Not that Duo doesn't want to, and Heero fantasizes about it nightly, most likely." He shot her a pointed look. "Don't ask."

Meiran rolled her eyes. "What you do in your free time is none of my concern." Before Wufei could comment, she went on. "Surely Duo realizes that he can't ...do anything with this Heero person. It could jeopardize-"


Both Wufei and Meiran were caught unawares by the intruding voice, nearly jumping out of their skins in surprise. Their eyes darted to the tall figure standing in the open doorway, eyes gleaming mischievously.

"I suggest closing the door the next time you two want to have a discussion that involves such sensitive matters," Trowa Barton admonished softly, his smooth voice calming the pair. "You never know who could just walk in on your conversation."

Wufei exhaled audibly. "Damn it, Trowa! Can't you knock?"

The green-eyed angel closed the doors and smiled. "I was going to, but I couldn't miss an opportunity to make the great General nearly soil himself, now could I?"

Smiling, Meiran increased her superior's discomfiture by adding, "You should have seen his face when *I* came in. For a second, I thought his poor old heart had given out on him."

The Chinese angel did not appear to be amused. "I am so glad that I can provide entertainment for the two of you."

"Being the object of ridicule always did agree with you, Wufei," retorted Trowa. "It's amazing how easily you take to it."

They shared a laugh, but soon the mood became somber. "The situation had worsened," the brown-haired angel began. "The High Council has evidence that demons are able to move freely between the Abyss and Earth. This has probably been going on for centuries, perhaps longer, without our knowledge. Even more disturbing is the fact that once the demons leave the Abyss, we cannot detect them. They have created some kind of shield that prevents us from sensing them when they are on Earth." Trowa paused, uneasy. "We know that Zechs is mounting an offensive. But we do not know when he plans to strike. Treize and some of the others on the Council feel that Zero-one needs to return. Immediately."

Wufei folded his hands on his desk. "Do they intend to simply remove his soul from his human body without informing Duo? That seems a bit ridiculous, not to mention thoughtless. Duo wouldn't know what to do if that happened."

Trowa shook his head. "Treize proposed that a few of the Council members go to Earth and inform him. But since _you_ have already done so, I guess that is unnecessary." Smirking, he asked, "Are you planning to inform the High Council of your little field trip? I'm sure they'd all be very interested."

"It seems that I have no choice, especially now that Treize wants to go down there himself." The General furrowed his dark brows in thought. "When was the last time he journeyed to Earth? It must have been ages ago."

The green-eyed angel nodded. "If memory serves me right, Treize hasn't been there since before the Fall, when we could move freely between Heaven and Earth. And once he took over Zechs' position over all the angels after the revolt, he simply didn't have time, and still doesn't have time, to go down to the surface. That is why his suggestion was so ...surprising. For God's second to drop everything and actually travel to Earth, it's truly a momentous occasion."

"Yes, I agree. I shall inform Treize of my visit privately, before the next meeting of the Council. Hopefully he will not admonish me too harshly, since I did have a good reason for my trip. I am glad that Quatre did not let it slip that I was on Earth at yesterday's meeting; that would not have gone over well."

Meiran, who had been sitting quietly listening to the higher- ranking angels' discussion, suddenly jumped from her seat, exclaiming, "You told Quatre?! How could you tell him and not tell me?! I am your second-in-command!"

Wufei slid down in his chair, trying to hide under his desk to avoid her angry glare. "I'm sorry, Meiran," he apologized weakly, "but I didn't intend on telling him; he's a telepath, he knew I was up to something. He nearly pestered me to death before I gave in. He looks so kind and gentle, but the boy is so persistent. I don't know how you deal with him, Trowa."

"I have my ways," Trowa supplied with a smirk. "But I will not go into detail."

Two pairs of dark eyes widened comically as both Wufei and Meiran blushed crimson in response to the other angel's suggestive remark. Unable to keep his amusement hidden, Trowa laughed.

"It appears that I've said too much for your pure minds to handle. I should probably go."

Getting over his embarrassment just as Trowa reached the doors to his office, Wufei called out, "One more thing before you go: You said that the High Council wants Zero-one back soon. How do we get him back? Is there some kind of summoning ceremony that needs to be performed, or can he just come through a portal like the rest of us?"

Trowa turned, regarding his friend with an air of sadness. "Don't you remember? He can't enter Heaven as a human, so the guardian has to separate Zero-one's soul from his human form."

Wufei understood his meaning and sat back in his chair with a stricken look on his face, but Meiran was still confused. "How does that happen?"

"Duo has to kill him."


Heero did not see Duo at school the rest of the day and assumed that the longhaired boy had cut the rest of his classes after their argument at lunch. After school, the Japanese boy walked to the train station alone for the first time in a long while, as Duo almost always accompanied him home. He sat by himself in an empty car, contemplating their strange relationship as the subway train traveled from stop to stop.

//Why am I so drawn to him? I know he's good-looking and smart, even if he doesn't like to show it, and he's a pretty nice guy most of the time, but he's a jerk sometimes, and he's always fooling around with Solo or somebody else, and he drinks and smokes. He's not the kind of person I need to associate with. Definitely not. But... I just can't make myself stop wanting to be around him. Even though I don't know what he wants from me, but then again, I don't know what I want from him. I want him to touch me and kiss me and fuck- make love to me, but do I want him to love me?// Heero thought about it for less than a second. //Absolutely. That's exactly what I want. I want his love more than anything. But how do I tell him? Do I tell him at all? He'd probably laugh in my face. He doesn't need some little kid falling in love with him. I should just try to get over Duo.// He laughed at the thought, the hollow sound echoing in the empty car.

//Easier said than done.//

At his stop, he got off the train and walked the few blocks to his apartment, being careful to avoid the neighborhood gang members since Duo was not there to protect him. He made it home unharmed and after locking the door, he threw his books onto the kitchen table. With a catlike stretch, Heero began to unwind. He removed first his vest, then his tie, and unbuttoned the top few buttons on his dress shirt, sighing deeply. "So glad to be home."

Sitting down at the table, he took out his notebooks from his book bag and started on his homework, wanting to get it out of the way as soon as possible.

He had only been working a few minutes when he heard a strange scratching at the door, like someone was trying to stick in a key, but missing the lock. Before Heero could react, the door fell open, and Duo tumbled in, Solo wrapped around him.

"Heero?!" Duo exclaimed, shocked. "I thought you had detention." He tried to say more, but Solo stuck his hand down the front of Duo's pants, and the words left him.

Heero glared. "Stankovich let me go early." He watched on angrily as Solo pushed Duo toward the bedrooms, his hand moving inside Duo's pants, causing the other boy to cry out in pleasure. "Why did you bring him here?"

Duo did his best to reply, answering between moans and gasps. "I-Aah! I didn't bring him... Mmm... H-he followed me-Oh!" The American then tried to remove Solo's hands, but the taller blonde did not let up, instead pressing Duo against the wall and kissing him fiercely.

Dark blue eyes followed them, stunned as Solo began undressing Duo in plain sight.

Duo was just as shocked, trying to push the other boy away, only to have the blonde boy grab his wrists and pin them over his head. "Solo, wait! Heero-"

"He can watch if he wants," responded Solo, jerking Duo's tie from his neck and ripping his shirt open with his free hand, sending buttons flying across the room. "I want you now..." His fingers moved to the zipper on Duo's pants.

"Bedroom, Solo!" cried Duo, pulling his assailant toward the room he had occupied the night before. He gave Heero an apologetic look and mouthed, "Sorry..." to the boy before the bedroom door slammed shut.

Heero sat down at the table, not quite digesting what he had just seen. However, he was quickly assured that he had not imagined the scene when a loud moan sounded from the guest bedroom. He recognized the deep voice as Duo's. Heero pressed his hands against his ears, attempting to block the noise, but it was no use. He squeezed his eyes shut to keep in the hot tears burning behind his eyelids, but a few spilled from under his lashes, leaving salty tracks in their wake.

Angrily, he rubbed at his eyes and wiped a hand over his face. Determined not to let the sounds of Duo and Solo's lovemaking disturb him, Heero returned his attention to his homework. He managed to stay focused for the most part, tuning out the noise as he would sounds of traffic. However, when he heard Duo cry out Solo's name in completion, the pencil in his hand snapped like a twig under the pressure he exerted.

Shortly after, Heero heard the shower start up, and he exhaled, relieved that the worst was over. His relief was short-lived, however, as the bedroom door opened and Solo sauntered out, half-dressed, and sat down across the table. He smelled of sex and marijuana.

"So, Heero," he asked, fishing in his pocket for something, "did you enjoy the show? I certainly did. And judging from all the noise Duo was making," he smirked, knowing his words would further irritate his nemesis, "I think he enjoyed it, too."

Too furious for words, the dark-haired boy did not reply and kept his eyes on his homework. Seeing through Heero's act, Solo chuckled, putting the contents of his pocket on the tabletop. "Admit it, Yuy. You want him."

At this, Heero looked up, fire in his dark blue eyes. "What if I do?"

"Then I have some bad news for you," he sneered, leaning across the table menacingly. "He's mine, and no matter how much you might want a piece, I'm not sharing. You'd do better to bark up another tree, puppy, because there's no way you're ever going to get Duo. No way in hell." Solo sat back in his chair, the smirk back on his face, taunting. "Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, little boy, but those are the facts. It's better for you to get over your little fantasy now, rather than keep hoping that he's ever going to want you."

Just as Heero was about to respond, Duo walked out of the bedroom dressed in a pair of old jeans and nothing else. Two sets of eyes turned to stare at him, and he actually blushed, looking down at the floor.

"Heero," he began, taking a seat between the other two at the table, "I'm sorry about all this. I-I didn't realize that you would be here." He worried his lip between his teeth, gazing up at his younger friend from under long bangs. "I didn't mean for this to happen."

"I'm sure you didn't, but still..." He looked at Duo with a wounded look on his face. "This was bad, even for you. I don't know if I can-"

He stopped, hearing a strange sound. Looking across the table, he saw Solo bent over, snorting a line of cocaine.

"Solo!" Duo yelled. "What the fuck are you doing?"

Sitting up, the boy in question blinked his watering eyes and rubbed at his nose. "What does it look like I'm doing?"

Duo glared. "You know not to do that around me. And this is Heero's place, not some fucking crackhouse. You shouldn't do that here."

Undeterred, Solo snorted another line before replying. "Duo, I do this every time after a fuck. I'm usually done by the time you get out the shower, but I got a little sidetracked talking to your buddy here," he explained, motioning to Heero. "And besides, you're the one that brought me here, so you have no right to complain." After finishing off the last bit, he grinned at Duo, grabbing the other boy by the arm. "How about another round?"

He did not wait for Duo to accept his offer, but pulled the American out of his seat and dragged him back toward the bedroom.

"Dammit, Solo, no!" Duo jerked his arm free. "I already took a shower."

The blonde shrugged. "So? You can take another." He reached for Duo, but the braided boy stepped out of his reach, shaking his head furiously.

"I said no, damn it! I donít feel like it!"

Solo grabbed for Duo again, this time successfully, and pulled their faces close. "I don't care if you don't feel like it," he whispered dangerously, "I want to fuck."

He began to haul Duo away, but Heero jumped up from his seat and pulled Duo's arm free before slugging a stunned Solo in the face.

"He said no! Leave him alone! I'm not going to let you rape him in my own house!" Heero screamed, furious.

Solo touched his rapidly swelling cheek and glowered at the younger boy, a malicious light in his hazel eyes. In a lightning fast move, he pulled a switchblade from his pocket and held it to Heero's throat, its sharp edge pressing into the sensitive skin. "Then I'll just take you instead," he replied, staring into frightened blue eyes. "I'll fuck you bloody. And after I'm done, I'll kill you. How's that?"

He pressed the blade against the pulse in Heero's neck, grinning when it broke the skin, causing a droplet of blood to trickle down the other boy's throat. Heero winced in pain and Solo laughed menacingly. "Get used to that pain, boy, because it's only going to get worse."

Suddenly, a hand wrapped around Solo's and pulled the knife away from Heero's neck. Duo then brought it up to his own throat, staring defiantly into Solo's eyes.

"You want to cut somebody? Cut me. But if you touch him," he continued, his violet eyes dark with fury, "I'll kill you myself. That's a promise."

Solo took a sharp breath, a hint of fear flashing across his features. He withdrew the knife slowly and looked away. "Sorry, man, I just got a little carried away..."

Duo did not appear to accept his apology. "Get the fuck out of here."

Within seconds, Solo was out the door, and Heero released a shuddering breath, his knees weak.

"Holy shit..."

He felt himself about to collapse onto the couch behind him, but Duo reached out a hand and grasped Heero's shoulder, bearing down with so much force that the Japanese boy could feel the bones grinding against one another.

"That was perhaps the stupidest thing you've ever done," spoke Duo, his tone very serious. "Solo is dangerous, and you should know not to mess with him. You could have been killed."

Heero met Duo's angry gaze. "He was going to hurt you. I couldn't let him do that."

Duo sighed and loosened his grip. "He's done it before and I've survived. He wouldn't kill me, but he would have killed you. I'm not worth risking your life over, Heero." Then a smile brightened his face. "But it was very sweet of you to stand up for me the way you did. I didn't think you had it in you. I should thank you." His smile widened as he pushed Heero down onto the couch. "But first let's see about your wound. Take off your shirt."

"What for?" asked the Japanese boy, but his fingers worked busily to unbutton the shirt despite his questions. He pulled his arms out of the sleeves and handed the garment to Duo, still waiting for an answer.

"There's blood on the collar," replied Duo as he walked to the bathroom. "We need to get that out before it sets, otherwise Odin will wonder what you've been up to."

Heero nodded his head, even though Duo was out of the room and unable to see him. Shortly the American returned with some bandages, a small bowl of water, and a washcloth in his hands. Sitting down beside Heero on the couch, he put the bowl on the nearby coffee table and dipped the washcloth into the water, gently wringing it out before bringing it up to Heero's neck.

"It doesn't look too bad," he spoke softly, dabbing the wet cloth against Heero's skin, cleaning away the blood that oozed from the cut. "You're really lucky, it could be a lot more serious. If he'd have pressed any harder, he would have hit a vein." Duo exhaled deeply, his breath ruffling the fine hairs at the nape of Heero's neck. "Don't ever, *ever* do that again. You really scared me."

"I was just... trying to protect you," replied Heero distractedly, his attention focused on Duo's nearness and the hands that were carefully touching him, and the bare chest that kept brushing against his arm with each movement. //He's so close...//

Duo chuckled wistfully. "That's my job. Guess I didn't do too great this time."

Heero didn't reply, and soon a comfortable silence fell over the two, each immersed in his own thoughts.

//Oh, thank God he's okay, thank God he's not really hurt. Some fucking guardian I am. I can't even keep him from being hurt by humans, so what am I supposed to do about Zechs? He's so much stronger than me; I wouldn't stand a chance. But I'll be damned--well, too late for that--before I stand by and let him hurt Heero.//

Duo pulled the washcloth away from Heero's injury, noting that the bleeding had almost stopped. He dropped the wet cloth back into the bowl and wiped his hands dry on his jeans, then picked up the bandages and began dressing the wound.

He had almost finished winding the long cotton strip around Heero's throat when the younger boy asked, his voice a soft whisper, "Duo, why did you bring Solo here?"

The American's fingers fumbled as he tried to tie off the bandage. "I didn't mean to, Heero, really, I didn't. I was coming to see you, actually, to ...apologize for everything. I know I've been an ass recently--no, I've been a real bastard for a long time--and I wanted to try and make it up to you. I figured you wouldn't be here, but I was just going to wait for you to get home." Duo ran his fingers over the bandage nervously, smoothing out invisible creases. "And then Solo grabbed me about a block away from here, and I didn't mean to come here, but my feet just carried me in this direction. It's stupid, really. I was coming here intending to make things right, and instead, I fuck things up even more."

"Yeah, you did," Heero agreed, nodding his head with a sad smile on his face. Then, "For future reference, just know that I don't appreciate you bringing your boyfriends here to screw around, especially when I'm home."

Duo shook his head, folding his hands together in his lap to keep them still. "Solo's not my boyfriend."

"Hn," snorted the Japanese boy, disbelievingly. "Then what is he?"

"He's..." The longhaired boy thought a moment before continuing, "I don't really know. But he's not my boyfriend. You're more like a boyfriend than he is."

Heero looked down, staring at his hands. "You'll have to explain that one to me."

"Well, it's like this," began Duo, resting his chin on Heero's bare shoulder. "With Solo, it's purely physical; it always has been. We're friends, we like to drink and smoke together, and occasionally we like to sleep together. And that's where it ends. But you," he went on, his smile reflected in his voice, "you're different. I can talk to you, and I have fun when I'm with you, and I feel better when you're around, and I actually care about you. That's a much better arrangement than whatever I've got with Solo, don't you think?"

Taking in a deep breath, Heero turned his head toward his friend, the motion bringing their faces dangerously close together. "But what about what I want?" he asked, his voice quiet and pained. "You never asked me how I felt about anything! You don't know what it feels like to be so fucking conflicted, so tossed around. It's driving me crazy..."

Duo sat transfixed, unable to move even if he wanted to. His eyes were drawn to Heero's, but as the other boy spoke, his gaze flickered between the intense blue of Heero's eyes and the soft pink of his lips. His younger friend's words tore at his heart; he hadn't thought about the consequences of getting so close to this human. //Maybe I made a mistake by not remaining a stranger this time. But I didn't think it would be like this. Why did Heero have to be so wonderful? And so complicated... Humans are so confusing.//

Not seeming to notice Duo's inner turmoil, Heero went on, his hands reaching out for Duo's and twining their fingers together. "I just wish you'd... I'm tired of wondering all the time. I want to know that you feel the same way I do. Duo, what I'm trying to say is that I lo-"

A finger pressed against Heero's lips stopped him before he could say the damning words. Duo shook his head and swallowed the lump in his throat. "No. Please don't say it. I'm not worth the words."

Shaking his head, Heero vehemently denied Duo's statement. "That's not true! You are the only one I want. I've known it for so long. It's like we were destined to be with each other." He looked at the other boy pleadingly. "Can't you feel it?"

Vision blurring, Duo blinked furiously to keep the tears at bay. "Heero, I-" He stopped, his voice hitching in his throat, then whispered, "God, this wasn't supposed to happen..." A single tear escaped, slowly trailing over the curve of his cheek, and he hastily wiped it away with the back of his hand. "I'm sorry..." //I love you, I love you, I love you so much...//

As he watched the American struggling with his emotions, Heero misinterpreted Duo's reaction to his admission as rejection. //He doesn't love me.// Then, inhaling a deep, steadying breath, he slowly nodded his understanding and tried to ignore the feeling of emptiness growing in his chest. "It's alright. Even if you can't give me your love," he whispered as he leaned closer, tilting his head, and brushed his lips against Duo's, "I'll take whatever you're willing to offer."

Ignoring his brain's objections and following his heart, Duo closed his eyes and gave in to the younger boy, accepting Heero's feathery kiss as his breath escaped in a soft sigh. He felt the Japanese boy lean in for another, and he allowed his mouth to be captured once more, this time meeting Heero halfway, pressing his trembling lips to Heero's petal-soft ones, all the while cursing himself for his weakness. //I shouldn't be doing this. This will only create more problems, more than I am prepared to handle. I should just push him away and leave, even though this is what he wants. But I can't do it. I want this, too. I just can't help myself...//

Feeling Duo respond to his kiss, Heero grew bolder, parting his lips in invitation, coaxing the American into deepening their kiss. When he felt Duo's tongue gently caress his own, he sighed into Duo's mouth and imitated the technique, drawing a low moan from the longhaired boy. //Even if he doesn't love me, it doesn't change how good this feels or how sweet he tastes. It's almost heavenly. Oh, God, I want this...//

Heero felt himself slowly being pushed down onto the sofa. Once he was stretched out across the cushions, he pulled Duo on top of him, grabbing handfuls of long, damp hair to keep the older boy firmly in place. But his hands weren't content to remain entangled in Duo's thick tresses, and they began to wander, caressing as much exposed skin as he could reach.

Duo almost cried at the sensation of having Heero's body beneath his, writhing against him, and of hearing Heero's voice whispering his name between kisses, encouraging him to continue. Bringing his hands up to cup the Japanese boy's face between his palms, Duo kissed him hard, desperately, hoping that the passion he put forth in the action would make up for the words that he was unable to say moments earlier.

Heero threw his arms around Duo's shoulders and held on tightly, involuntarily rocking his hips upward. Duo released his mouth with a gasp and looked down at Heero, his eyes blazing with something that made the dark-haired boy shiver. It seemed he was asking for permission.

Nodding, Heero moaned low in his throat. "Please."

The American boy swooped down with a growl, claiming the other boy's mouth once again, running his hands over Heero's body in a sensual caress.

Over the sounds of their activity, Duo heard a series of loud knocks on the door. He broke away from Heero's mouth and propped himself up on his elbows, glaring in the direction of the noise.


"My thoughts exactly," quipped the dark-haired boy, his normally smooth voice rough with desire.

Duo looked down at the boy beneath him and gave him a feral grin. "I couldn't agree with you more..." He ignored the continuous banging on the door and leaned down for another kiss, trailing a hand down Heero's muscled chest until he reached the button of his pants. Before he had the top button undone, he heard a familiar voice call to him from outside the apartment.


//What the hell?!//

Shocked, Duo froze for a moment before pulling himself from Heero's embrace and bolting to the door. Seemingly unmindful of his appearance, he flung it open and stared wide-eyed at the figure standing in the hallway.

"Quatre?! What are you doing here?"

The petite blonde blew his bangs out of his face and looked up at his friend, sparks flying in his aquamarine eyes.

"Stopping you from possibly destroying all of creation, that's what!"

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